My current work in progress:

1. Ropewalk, designed by Norah Gaughan, knit from Berroco Indigo in the "6410 Relaxed" colorway on U.S. size 6 and 7 needles.
2. Myriad stealth projects.

Pompeii Hat

In between all the other small projects I have been working on, I managed to finish the back of Ropewalk:

WIP032915 240x135 Pompeii Hat

I’ve started the front and have the ribbing done, but I set it aside this weekend to work on this:

Hat032915 240x175 Pompeii Hat

This is Pompeii, a hat designed by Laurie Gonyea, knit from Silverspun Sport yarn from the Feel Good Yarn Company. I purchased this as a kit from the company’s website, here. Note that you can download the pattern free of charge — according to the Ravelry pattern page, that offer is good through March 31.

This looks like a complex knit, but it is not — it is mosaic knitting, so you are only ever knitting with one color per row. You slip stitches to form the pattern, pulling the second color up from the previous row. So it is much easier to knit then it looks.

All this stitch slipping does make for a compressed row gauge — this is knit on size 6 needles and the row gauge is 10 rows to the inch. Still, I will finish this hat today, and will be able to give it to my friend who is undergoing chemo tomorrow. The yarn is a dream to knit, so I am loving working with it.

I think the Silverspun yarn is a perfect choice for a chemo cap. The yarn is 87% Combed Cotton, 5% Silver, 5% Nylon, 3% Spandex. I lifted this statement from the website:

The silver content in SilverSpun makes it therapeutic and conductive. Silver inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, has excellent thermal properties, is nontoxic and is perfect for those suffering from diabetes, arthritis and sensitive skin.

Often the skin becomes extra-sensitive when one is undergoing chemotherapy. This is a good thing to remember when knitting chemo caps — my friend told me that she is unable to wear  some caps that other people have given her because they are knit from acrylic and that irritates her skin. I made a point of choosing the softest natural fibers I could find for the hats I knit for her — after confirming that she is not allergic to any of the fibers.

And now I need to get back to this knitting. After I play with this little guy, that is!

Loki032915 240x181 Pompeii Hat


Meet Horace.

BoyBunny032515 235x240 Horace

Last Sunday I felt the need to knit another bunny, a brother for my bunny girls, Dottie and Inga.

Bunnies032515 240x179 Horace

They seem to be getting along fine!

Horace is made from one of Julie Williams brilliant toy patterns: Boy bunny with a piebald patch. Her bunnies are addictive: you can’t make just one.

I started knitting Horace around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday and finished him by 8:00 p.m. that same day, at which time I started making his outfit. I finished up his outfit on Monday night.

He is knit from Cascade 220 in two colors, and his clothes are knit from the Loopy Ewe Solid Series fingering weight wool. I used the suggested needle sizes to knit him and his clothes: 3 mm for the bunny and 2.75mm for the clothes.

The only way I deviated from the pattern was to turn his shorts into overalls.

I knit the shorts according to the pattern, then picked up and knit 13 stitches on the top front edge and worked a bib, keeping the 2 outermost stitches on each side in garter stitch to keep the piece from curling, working the rest in stockinette. I knit until the bib seemed almost deep enough, then finished off with a couple of garter stitch ridges, then bound off.

I worked the straps by casting on 26 stitches, and knitting a few rows, then binding off. I sewed the straps to the back, criss-crossing them, and attached to the front bib with a button on each strap.

I did not do buttonholes for the buttons because I figured they’d continually come un-done. The overalls can be put on and slipped off pretty easily as they are.

And I did not forget that Horace needed “tail accommodation” for the back of his shorts!

BoyBunnyBack032515 211x240 Horace

I purchased a supply of tiny buttons online a week or so ago because I knew I was going to make a boy bunny, and I knew that I wanted him to have overalls sporting buttons. While I was shopping for tiny buttons, I came across something tremendously useful: easy-to-thread sewing needles!

Clover makes some, as do some other brands. These are regular hand-sewing needles with a slot cut into the top of the eye so you don’t have to be able to poke the end of your thread through a tiny eye — you can pull it down through the top.

Since the last time I tried to thread a regular needle it took me approximately 1,782 tries before I actually got the thread through the eye of the needle, these were a very welcome sight indeed. Here’s a close-up drawing of what the eye looks like:

needle032515 Horace

If you pull the thread down into the bottom “chamber” there is very little chance of it pulling free.

What a great invention! By googling “easy thread needle” I found that they are readily available at lots of online outlets and I’m sure you can find them in fabric stores as well. These may have been around for years, but I’ve not done much sewing in quite a long time so had no need to buy new needles. So it’s a revelation for me!

And I am back to working on Ropewalk — I am into armhole shaping on the back.

WIP032515 203x240 Horace

And Loki wants to show off his very fluffy cat pants!

Loki032515 228x240 Horace

A Hat and Then Some


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Cats in Hats


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Sous Sous, C’est Tout!


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