My current work in progress:

1. Hats!
2. Myriad stealth projects.

Rainbow’s End

I finished knitting my rainbow last weekend.

AuburnWave020816 240x240 Rainbows End

The pattern is Auburn Wave, and the yarn is Silky 350 from Violet Lynx Dyeworks, a silk/wool blend in a glorious rainbow gradient.

AuburnWave021016 240x115 Rainbows End

I used 3 skeins (at 350 yards each) and knit from red to violet on the first skein, violet to red on the second skein, and then red to violet on the last skein.

AuburnWave021016a 240x223 Rainbows End

The pattern is a very simple one, perfect for showcasing a lovely yarn. My mods to the pattern:

  • I slipped the first stitch purlwise at the beginning of each row.
  • Wherever directed to k2tog, I worked k2tog tbl.
  • I bound off with an applied i-cord instead of a rolled edge.

AuburnWave021016b 226x240 Rainbows End

To block, I just steamed the whole piece carefully.

While there may not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, it just makes me happy to look iat it. The perfect antidote to a grey winter day.

Loki’s idea of bliss:

Loki021016 240x144 Rainbows End

He’s pretending to be a kitty rug!

Knitting Ephemera

This landed in my mailbox last week:

Book020716 240x227 Knitting Ephemera

(The book, not the kitty.)

This is a review copy of Knitting Ephemera: A Compendium of Articles, Useful and Otherwise, for the Edification and Amusement of the Handknitter by Carol J. Sulcoski. Published by Sixth&Spring Books, it is due out on February 17, 2016.

What is “ephemra?” The dictionary definition:

  1. anything short-lived or ephemeral.
  2. ephemera, items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, especially pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc.

So . . . did you ever wonder how WEBS managed to snag the domain This book has the answer. Do you need to put your hands on a list of celebrity knitters from Hollywood’s Golden Age? This book’s got it. Why is an afghan called an afghan? The answer lies within the covers of this handy volume.

I am in awe. I cannot begin to comprehend how Carol  researched this book, let alone wrote it. It is crammed full of trivia, lists, definitions, tips, historical references, et cetera, et cetera. I would also like to applaud the individual who did the page layouts.

Pages020716 240x163 Knitting Ephemera

I have been spending a lot of time reading through Knitting Ephemera. You could start at the beginning and just read your way through. (Easy to do: this nice hardcover book is a neat little size, 8″ x 5″, so you can pop it in your bag and take it with you, and it has a ribbon bookmark built in to the binding so you can easily mark your place.) You can also open it at random and start reading and become instantly immersed.

So on February 17, run don’t walk to your nearest book seller and grab a copy of this book as soon as it hits the shelves. You might want to buy two copies so you can give one to the knitter on your gift list.

Loki sez:

Loki020716 240x220 Knitting Ephemera

“Prior to the 17th century, the merino industry was so important in Spain that exporting a merino sheep was an offense punishable by death.”

Have a Heart


A knitted heart, that is: This is an afghan square (and an unblocked one), the very start of the Martin Storey Knit Along 2. I read the announcement of the KAL in December and decided it would be a fun project to use as fill-in and commuter knitting. The project is an afghan that consists of […]

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During the blizzard last weekend I cast on something to brighten things up: The pattern is Auburn Wave and the yarn is Silky 350 by Violet Lynx Dyeworks. I have three skeins of the lovely rainbow gradient, so I started the first skein at red and knit through violet, the other end of the skein. […]

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Snowzilla 2016


We survived the first snow of the year, and it was quite a storm. I believe in my area we got about two feet of snow. The city has doen a great job of snow clearance, though. Here is what my street looks like, late Sunday afternoon. I don’t think I can go to work […]

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