My current work in progress:

Aspen, designed by Michele Wang, knit from Elsa Wool Woolen Spun Worsted Weight Cormo

We Interrupt This Knitting Blog

I have done some knitting, but my progress is less than usual:

WIP021217 240x202 We Interrupt This Knitting Blog

I have taken a bit of a detour lately. Sewing!

Dress021217 145x240 We Interrupt This Knitting Blog

This little dress is made from vintage Liberty of London cotton and lace. I sewed the entire dress by hand, in two evening last week. No knitting took place.

And today I made this:

Jammies021217 182x240 We Interrupt This Knitting Blog

Doll jammies! The fabric is a sweet cotton print I found on Etsy, and they are trimmed with lace and red soutache braid. I used my sewing machine to make the jammies.

This evening I return to knitting. But there is a lot more sewing in my future.

Loki doesn’t know how he feels about that.

Loki021217 240x200 We Interrupt This Knitting Blog

Mega Cables

My love affair with big chunky cables continues!

WIP020817 240x167 Mega Cables

The photos here have a golden glow because I took them last night without a flash, and the artificial light has wreaked havoc with the actual color of the piece.

mediumgray020817 240x240 Mega Cables

This is the actual color of the yarn (photo lifted from the Elsa Wool website — it’s the medium grey woolen-spun worsted weight Cormo here). It is grey, but a grey with a brownish cast to it, and I think it is a lovely color. It shows the cables nicely, too. If you look at the photos of my work in progress from the last blog post, you’ll see that they are far more true to color.

This project is called a robe, but I am going to use mine as a coat. It is a bit longer than knee-length on the model, and I’m lopping a couple of inches off the length. I started by doing a bit less ribbing, and I am doing my a-line decreases at a slightly faster rate. Right now my back piece measures around 21″ and I think I will knit to 29 or 30 inches before the armhole shaping.

While I knit, the Little Prince relaxes.

Loki020817 240x134 Mega Cables

I love this photo of him, basking in a golden glow.

Super Bowl Knitting

The Super Bowl takes place tonight and I have what I think is the perfect Super Bowl knitting project: This is the start of Michele Wang’s Aspen — a project that the designer calls a knitted robe, but I am calling it a knitted coat. Either way, it is a riot of complex cable motifs! I […]

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Twice As Nice

We are seeing double! No, nothing wrong with your vision: I knit two of them. From the back: These are Bohus cardigans for an 18″ doll: this pattern. I knit these using a gradient set of yarns for the colorwork — all shades of blue — and added some leftover tan yarn I had on hand. The gradient […]

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Dragons and Bohus for Dolls, Oh My!

I finished my Azure Dragon Cowl: I did not even bother taking a photo of the knit side since the purl side is so far superior in appearance. Here’s a close-up of the purl side: So very dragon scaly, right? I did do a fair amount of steam blocking upon completion because the knitted fabric […]

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