My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.


Because I’m an obnoxious twit, I want y’all to go look at this article. Big thank you to Jamie for bringing it to my attention!


Izzy would like to thank all her admirers for their good wishes. Here is a special cheesecake photo she posed for, just for you, her faithful blog buddies:

izzy oct3 TGIF!

As I said, she’s a very good girl. She never messes with my yarn and while she has been known to use my work in progress as a blanket from time to time, she always lies on it very carefully. What can I say? She’s dainty!

Izzy wasn’t always so sedate. Her full name used to be “Isolde, Bitch-Cat From Hell” and she deserved it. She was a terror. Now that she’s an old lady of 16, she’s mellowed quite a bit. She is still very mouthy and talks back to me constantly (and sometimes in a not very pleasant tone of voice), but she is on the whole a very sweet kitty.


And here is the obligatory Valtos photo. Since taking that photo I’ve started the neckline shaping and have completed the shaping on one side. So the front will be completed this evening.

Oh, and Geane? Those travelling stitches are on the wrong side too!

Speaking of Geane, go check out her knitting here. She recently completed Alice Starmore’s Cold Duck cardi — photos here.

Well have a good weekend everyone and may you all enhance your yarn stashes to the maximum allowable by law!


Alrighty then. I changed my time stamp back to EST so y’all don’t think I’m some maniac who gets up at 3:00am to post to her blog.


In today’s entry, we will feature both pop-up and embedded images. So here’s an embedded image:

izzy oct2 Thursday

Yes, it’s the ever-photogenic Izzy, modelling Valtos for you all. It always amazes me how agreeable she is to letting me drape my knitting over her and photograph her. Shes a good girl.

And for all you pop-up fans, here is my early evening progress on Valtos. I believe that I’m now about two inches from shaping the neck on the front.

This is a very straightforward design. Nothing tricky, unless you find having your stitches twisting and travelling daunting. Doing the increases on the sleeves will probably take a second thought — incorporating the stitches into the pattern, that is. But this is a very fun design to knit!

Sock Banter

I’m socking along on the second sock of the pair for my brother Dave. Got about five inches done on the foot, I believe. Miles to go . . .

Oh, and I gave Odie the Mexiko socks yesterday. Today’s her birthday but she’s off work for the rest of the week. Upon receiving them she said, “Wow! they look Mexican!” — so the yarn is well-named, eh?

Yesterday morning on the train going in to work I saw an older gentleman who I used to see every day when I took a later train. (I call him a gentleman because he is one of very few men on the train who actually steps back and lets me exit the train instead of shoving in front of me. A rarity.) He greeted me like an old friend and said he missed seeing me and my socks and enquired about the state of my sock-in-progress.

Allergies — bleah!

Yeah, they are in full force and effect. Today I had a choice of staggering around sniffling and coughing and sneezing or taking allergy meds and shuffling along like a zombie all day. I chose the zombie-like state.

I think I always prefer a zombie-like state.

Special Afternoon Report – In Which I Attempt to Answer Questions

Thanks for all the responses to my “embedded photos” versus “pop-up photos” question. I think the answer is to have both. I’ll embed small photos and pop up big ones. Deal?

And yes, I have my time stamp set on Pacific Time. On purpose. Yeah, I’m odd like that.

Regia Stretch . . . the colors are #85 — mineral on the left, and #87 — jeans on the right. I’ve got #88 — jungle on back order.

The Virgin Jacket is a design from Norsk Strikkedesign. Here is a photo from the book. Ooooh! A pop-up!

Better One? Or Better Two?

Which do you guys prefer? Images embedded in the text, or in a pop-up window? I’ve done it both ways in today’s blog.

Leave me a comment. Make yourself heard. Influence my blog. You know you want to.

Stash Enhancement!

Ah! Yesterday was a good stash enhancement day!

First I got this:

norskyarn Stash Enhancement!

Enough to make the Virgin Jacket, received in a trade with the wonderful Theresa.

And then I got this:

regiastretch Stash Enhancement!

Regia Stretch! This I ordered from an online source (EweKnitKits, in case you wanna know). I haven’t tried this yet and am intrigued. anyone used it? Huh?