My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

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I rearranged my knitting books over the weekend, and discovered two copies of Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. I’m offering one in trade — brand new condition. The person who offers me the coolest thing in trade by the end of the day next Tuesday (November 19) gets it.

Fulmar Update

Here is a nice dark photo of Fulmar.

I was asked about the advisability of knitting Fulmar in the round. Yes, you could adapt the pattern to do that. But I wouldn’t. The front of the smallest size of Fulmar is 236 stitches. Double that and you’ve got almost 500 stitches. More for the larger sizes. And heavy cabling. That’s a heckuva big piece of knitting to haul around on your circular needle, especially when you get near the top.

Another reason why I prefer to knit arans in pieces is that the sewn seam adds stability to the finished piece. Even knitted in a fine gauge wool, this is a heavy sweater.

And the last reason is that having wrong side rows helps you keep track of the pattern. On the wrong side rows of arans, you generally just work straight across, knitting the knit stitches and purling the purl stitches. If you’re always on the right side, which you are in the round, you have to remember more carefully where the non-patterning rows are.

Just my two cents.

Wendy’s Old Knitting Stuff


Today’s entry is a cat vest from The Sasha Kagan Sweater Book. I knitted it from Jamieson & Smith jumperweight shetland wool in the mid-1980s. I changed the colors, and instead of doing the back as directed, I put one cat from another of her designs on the back:


While I was in the middle of knitting it, my aunt coincidentally sent me the perfect buttons for it. She just saw them and thought I’d like them. Cool, huh?


Super Hush-Hush Project!

I cast on for a project I’m designing for Knitty, and I plan to use that as my commuter knitting for a while. So there will be no socks made until that is completed. I only hope my fellow commuters can handle this change . . .

Speaking of Knitty, see the link in my sidebar — you can help support Knitty by contributing to the running costs. It’s a good thing!

Hey, thanks to everyone for all the compliments on my new haircut. You guys are very good for my ego! Mmmwhaaa! I’ll be taking my new head to work today for the first time — I’ve been off work since Friday. Don’t wanna go back. Wanna stay home and knit.

But at least it’s not raining.


A very big thank you to everyone who answered my survey yesterday. Nope, it’s not a project for Knitty. I was interviewed recently by an individual who is considering starting a retail knitting business. I was asked similar questions to those I asked you. I wanted to know your ideas, too.

Guest Kitties!

Izzy has graciously stepped aside to allow a couple of guest kitties to appear in today’s blog entry. Meet Koko:


And Sami:


These little sealpoint Siamese brothers belong to my parents. They will be seven years old next month. Aren’t they adorable?

I was away from my computer most of the day, as you probably noticed by my lack of participation on the tag-board. I went over and had lunch with my parents yesterday. Which brings me to today’s entry for:

Wendy’s Old Knitting Stuff


I knitted these gloves for my mother a number of years ago. They are from Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting and are made from Jamieson & Smith jumperweight sheland wool. The book also has patterns for a matching tam and mittens. I also knitted those, and sent them to my aunt in Seattle.

I didn’t do a great deal of Fulmar knitting yesterday, but I do have two sock FOs to report: the Green Regia Ringel, and the Regia Stretch. Check them bad boys out.

Oh, I got my hair cut over the weekend, partly because Kate cut hers and I admire her and want to be like her. And partly because my layered cut had gotten straggly. Wanna see? Click here. Yeah, I have thick hair!

And I’ll close for now with a view from my window.


Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day. And thank you to all veterans who have fought to preserve our freedom.


A good weekend, though the weather could have been a bit brighter. Still, it was unseasonably warm, and bright enough to actually get a decent photo of Fulmar. Will wonders never cease?

Here it is!

Wendy’s Old Knitting Stuff

Here is the old sweater du jour.

Caister Gansey

This is called “Caister Gansey” and it is a traditional design by Rae Compton. It is from a book titled The Traditional Sweater Book by Madeline Weston. I bought this book in the U.K. in 1987. I believe it was published in the U.S. under another title. I’m pretty sure this is the same book.

Of course out of print.

I knitted mine out of one of my old favorites — Bovidae Farm sportweight wool. See my November 7 entry for more info about Bovidae Farm.

Anyhow, this is knitted in the round to the armholes, when you divide it and knit the front and back separately. Then knit the shoulders together and pick up stitches around the armhole and knit down the sleeve.


Okay guys. Big favor. Would y’all think about a few questions and answer them in my comments (the comments below this entry, not the tag-board)? I’d be ever so grateful. Ta!

If you could design the perfect yarn shop:

1. What would the inventory of yarns be like?

2. What patterns/kits/tools would it offer?

3. What would it look like physically?

4. What hours would it be open?

5. In what type of area would it be located?

6. What type of services would it offer?

7. Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for you input. (No, I’m not opening a LYS!)

Woo-hoo! Friday!

Transit Terror Revisited

Okay, for those of you who want to hear the story about the guy changing his clothes on the train, here it is. I went back through my archives to find it for you. Ain’t I sweet?

Of course, Jenny found it too, and posted the date in my comments. Thanks, Jenny!

Izzy . . .

. . . thoughtfully had worked up a few surprises for me when I arrived home last night. Several little piles of cat puke. She looks very proud of herself, doesn’t she?


Wendy’s Old Knitted Stuff

Russian Fair Isle

This sweater is from an issue of Vogue Knitting from the early ’90s. It’s knitted from Harrisville Shetland and is supposed to depict the Moscow skyline. It’s knitted in pieces and sewn together, not in the round. Hmmmmm, two-color rows on the wrong side. Nevertheless, it was great fun to knit. But I haven’t worn it in at least five years. I think it deserves an outing, don’t you?

Have a great weekend, everyone! It’s a long weekend for me Yay!


Okay, the old sweater whose photo I posted yesterday? I erroneously attributed the design to Meg Swansen.

Judy just sent me the following comment:

I found the pattern! Knitter’s 32, fall 93. It is by Jean Frost, though. Wendy, I like your colors much better. And of course keep posting older works!

And I could have sworn it was Meg Swansen and I used the colors called for in the pattern. That’s it. No longer will I rely on my failing memory for anything.

Thanks so much for finding the info, Judy!