My current work in progress:

Corrugated Shawl, designed by Cecelia Campochiaro, knit from Crave Caravan in the Tilly colorway, using U.S. size 4 needles.

Welcome to November

izzy oct31 Welcome to November

Izzy, in a rare, playful moment.

That’s one of her old catnip mice, one of many I’ve knitted for her over the years. I’d cast on 20 or so stitches in worsted weight wool and work in stockinette stitch, decreasing evenly on each side to make a triangle. Then fold it in half, sew up the long edge, stuff with catnip and sew up the end, leaving a yarn tail.

Some kitties love ’em!

And here is my Regia Stretch sock, about an inch before I completed it.

sip oct31 Welcome to November

And I had enough in the first skein to finish the sock, with a few yards to spare.

Yesterday I was talking about making some fingerless gloves. I’ve got some Cherry Tree Hill handpainted sock yarn and I think I’ll use that. The colorway is “Rivers Run” and it’s very yummy!

I think about 7 st/inch will be about right for gauge.

Thanks to everyone for your ideas about fingerless gloves. I plan to make some plain ones — no “pop-up paws” or lace patterns, just plain old gloves. 🙂

Haven’t cast on yet for Fulmar, but I probably will this weekend.

Have a great one, everyone!