My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

Do It For Lucy


A lot of you out there are cat lovers. I’d like to ask for your help.

Some of you might recall that I posted a while back that Lucy’s foster mom paid us a visit. She was quite taken with the catnip mouse I had knitted for Lucy and offered to sell them for me (she works in a pet shop), saying that people would snap them up. I said I’d rather donate mice to her rescue organization, Capital Animal Care, for them to sell at fundraisers.

Well, I can only knit so many mice.

Here’s what I propose: a raffle.

I have the Heilo, pattern and Dale patches to knit Norge 2000. There is enough wool to knit the XL (approx 50″ chest) size in the dark teal colorway. Pictured here:



Everyone who sends me a catnip mouse will be entered in the raffle for the Norge 2000 kit. You will get as many entries as the number of mice you send me. Five mice, five entries. We’ll put an ending date on the raffle of . . . say . . . September 30.

What do you guys think? I’d like some idea of how many of you would make at least one mouse and send it, before I commit to the raffle. The kit is worth over 100 bucks so I’d hate to raffle it off in return for 5 mice. Not meaning to sound greedy here, but it’s for a very good cause and my purpose is to donate more mice than I can make to raise as much money for Capital Animal Care as possible. To help other kitties like Lucy (and not just cats — they rescue all sorts of animals). I’d love to send them a whole boatload of mice!

If the Dale kit is not to your personal liking, you could always auction it off on eBay. 🙂 Or trade with another knitter. (I’ll post a better photo and more full description of the kit later.)

If we do this, I’ d ask that all mice be knitted from wool or wool blend yarns, and of course stuffed with catnip, and be approximately 3 inches long, for the sake of consistency of quality. Other than that, anything goes. You can use the pattern we used in the Mouse-Along, or make up your own.

So let me know what you think, ‘k?

(By the way, Capital Animal Care has a Lucy-look-a-like up for adoption right now (as well as a lot of other adorable cats and dogs.)

More on Frogner

I was asked about button loop spacing yesterday.

According to the pattern for Frogner, you are supposed to make the button loops in three sets of three, with extra space between each set. I didn’t like the way that looked in the picture — I prefer my button loops to be evenly spaced.

The directions call for nine buttons and button loops. I marked with a pin on the button band where I wanted the top button (about half an inch down from the top) and where I wanted the bottom button — a coupla-three inches up from the bottom.

Then I marked the space halfway between those two pins. That’s the middle button loop. Then I marked halfway between the middle and the top pin, and halfway between the middle and the bottom pin.

I’m now up to five pins. I marked halfway between each of them and I’m up to nine — which is the number I need. No fuss, no muss.

I’m still working on the first sleeve, though closer to the end than the beginning. I think I’m moving a bit slower on this because I’ve been feeling not great lately.


Though I’m feeling better now, thank-you.

Whatever Happened to Beadwork?

As y’all know, I abandoned Beadwork because it caused my repetitive stress injuries to flare up.

Shortly after I stopped work on it, Peter, of Knitting Naturalist fame. emailed me and offered to knit it for me.

To once again quote one of my favorite actors playing one of my favorite characters (Christopher Walken as The Continental on SNL):

“Wow! Wowie, wow, wow!”

So of course, I bundled up Beadwork and dispatched it to Peter post-haste. He’s got it, he’s knitting it, and he quite possibly might be cursing the day he made such a generous offer. 😉


  1. I think Wool-ease would be fine 🙂

  2. I just went to PetSmart last night and bought a tub o catnip, so I know you’ll get a bunch of mice from me. I don’t have cats- two dogs. My hubby thought I was nuts buying catnip til I told him what I was doing(okay, he still thinks I’m nuts). These mice are a perfect lunchtime at work project! Thanks for doing this Wendy. You are so inspiring to all of us!

  3. I’m in! I’ve got a ton of superwash wool left over from some multi-colored baby sweaters I made last year… Dale Superwash, even. What a great idea, Wendy! (Granted, one or two of those I make might have to stay here with my kitties….)

  4. Count me in. I’ll send you at least one. My boy Toby (formerly known as Taz) doesn’t like catnip so I didn’t bother making one for him. I’m sure he’d like me to help out since he knows what it is like to spend time in a shelter. His previous owner must have been ok though, he had a detailed resume that helped me decide that we were a great match. We’ve been together for five years now.

  5. troiscoquettes says:

    Count me in — One of the neighbors works for a rescue group — I own two cats that were rescued feral kittens when the moms were trapped and fixed (well, they caught one litter earlier than the other, so one is people friendly and the other — well, let’s just say it’s devoted to the people-cat and is kinda more his pet than ours)…. but what a great group project! I’ve done cagewarmers for their group in the past from scraps and roped a couple other newbie knitters in (everything looks great when you felt it) — but it’s nice to have another scrap project for a good cause!


  6. Re: catnip mice and customs. Now why didn’t I think of putting them in Ziplock bags? Duh! Apparently, catnip is having an effect on me, too.

    Do let me know where to send them. I’m going to fire up something dumb on the DVD player and start knitting TONIGHT! However, I will have to wait for Riley (my furry man) to take his usual evening nap in the bedroom or my progress will be severely impeded…

  7. This project has me making catnip mice for my friends who own cats, and sending you the leftovers. What a great cause.

  8. I’m in for anything that can be a tangible way to say thank you for your great blog and your advice and inspiration. A few mousies will help me work on my cables and will make great summer fill-ins. thanks for the opportunity!

  9. To the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell:”
    A knitting we will go
    A knitting we will go
    Hi Ho the mousie-O
    A knitting we will go

    (Sorry – should have resisted a little harder.)

    Count me in.

  10. Dearest Lucy, I must apologize for destroying the first two mice my Mum knitted for your cause. I have been banned from the knitting room now, but I hope you won’t hold this against me! You’re still my hot kitty girl and she is busily knitting more as we purr! Meow!

  11. Count me in for a couple of catnip mice! It’s a great idea!

  12. Dear Wendy, I was sitting here reading Lucy’s blog and saw the catnip mouse thingie….hard to do as I’m hard-of-seeing…but I whapped my person on the arm and got her attention. She claims that she will _try_ to make some mice – as long as I promise to keep my snout out of them. I reminded her that the DOG got the last mouse….Kotton

  13. I’d be glad to knit mice and will send as many as I can. The pattern was fun, and my cats loved them. I can’t promise 50, but I will do what I can.

    Great idea!