My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Fri . . . gasp . . . day

lucy070804 Fri . . . <i>gasp</i> . . . day

How is it that short work weeks are always the toughest?

But lookie here, kids, we’ve made it to Friday. High fives all ’round!

Smoochy Pagan

Here’s my progress on Ms. S-P — coming along nicely, I must say.

pagan070804 Fri . . . <i>gasp</i> . . . day

Thanks to All You Bad-Ass Knitters . . .

. . . who have ordered Bad-Ass Knitter merchandise from the Wendyknits Store (link to the store in my sidebar). There is a small mark-up of a buck or two on all items over the Cafepress base price that gives me a little bitty profit. This money will be helpful when it comes to mailing out the raffle prizes for the Critter Knitters project. Several people donated money to help with postage and I thank you all. The Wendyknits Store profits will also help a great deal.

So all you Bad-Ass Knitters out there . . . doncha need a t-shirt? 😉

Speaking of Critter Knitters

We have received over 600 blankets! There’s a very good chance we could break 1,000 by the end of the project (July 31) — I know some people are waiting til towards the end to send in their contributions.

And we have a couple new prizes! Head on over to the prize page and check ’em out.

Liam Design

A question about Liam — is the center cable difficult?

liam070804 Fri . . . <i>gasp</i> . . . day

I don’t think it’s any more difficult than any cable. You just to follow the chart and pay attention. I personally think multi-strand cables are a lot more fun than simple cable twists — there’s something different going on every right side row. And I think it’s great fun to watch the cable develop before your very eyes as you knit!

Have a good weekend. Teach someone to knit, eh?

sbknits070804 Fri . . . <i>gasp</i> . . . day

How’d It Get To Be Thursday?

Sleep? What’s that?

Yes, gentle readers, my site was down yesterday

As I’ve mentioned in the past, there’s no need to email me to tell me this. My website statistics package includes a monitoring agent that checks my site every fifteen minutes and sends me an email if the site goes down.

For those who care, the problem was with my hosting provider’s DNS name server. Apparently there was nothing wrong with my site, just with its link to the rest of the internet.

Or something like that.

So if you didn’t read yesterday’s entry, you get a two-fer today, ‘nkay?

Yesterday was a very busy day, but I did squeeze in a few minutes of knitting here and there. A bit of progress on Liam:

liam070704 Howd It Get To Be Thursday?

There was a question the other day if Liam is a man’s sweater. I think of it as a unisex design, suitable for either man or woman. I’m working out the pattern for several sizes so it should work for a variety of people.

Smoochy Pagan Tank

I started knitting my fuschia Hana Silk. I had to. The yarn made me do it.

pagan070704 Howd It Get To Be Thursday?

This photo so does not do this yarn justice.

The bottom is from Smooch and the rest is Pagan, both Rowan patterns. So this is now officially the Smoochy Pagan. Just the ticket for a Bad-Ass Knitter, no?

I was whining to Kristine how I didn’t like the bottom edge of Pagan as it rolls, and she suggested that I do the Smooch edging on it. Isn’t she brilliant?

I went to Knit Happens apres work and started her there. A good time was had by all and I stayed up way past my bedtime. Say hello to some of the gang who were there:

kh070704 Howd It Get To Be Thursday?

Hi guys! My site’s back up! My site’s back up!

Lucy doesn’t care, as long as her dinner is on time.

lucy060704 Howd It Get To Be Thursday?

Meow, baby.

No Apologies

In my current mode of Bad-Ass Knitter, Make No Apologies, I present to you something you have never seen before on this blog.

Wait for it . . .

Presenting . . .

(Are you still reading?)

Knitted dishcloths!

dishcloths070504 No Apologies

Knitted here and there over the past few months in various stitch patterns and various cottons. Don’t remember what is what, as my brain is turning to mush faster than a tissue dropped in warm water. Hee-yuck!

But there you have it. Proof that Bad-Ass Knitters knit dishcloths!

Guess where I spent the day?

kh070604 No Apologies

At Knit Happens!

I was tough — I forced Kristine to rip out half the back of Grace because of a cable faux pas. When she was done, she was exhausted!

kristine070604 No Apologies

And I (cough cough) bought a mess o’ Noro Hana Silk in fuschia to knit a tank.

hana070604 No Apologies

And I knitted on Liam.

liam070604 No Apologies

And when I got home. Lucy said “Where the hell have you been all day?”

lucy070604 No Apologies

Day Off Work. It’s a Good Thing.

Hoo-boy, there’s nothing like a holiday weekend! And taking the Tuesday after a holiday weekend? Pure brilliance.

(By the way, my t-shirt in yesterday’s photo read “I’m blogging this.”)

Not that I did anything terribly exciting yesterday. Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. And off course I plunked my not inconsiderable butt down in front of the teevee and knitted.

Here is Ingrid, reclining gracefully as she always does.

ingrid070504 Day Off Work. Its a Good Thing.

But I cheated on her yesterday.

I started yet another project. Meet Liam.

liam070504 Day Off Work. Its a Good Thing.

Liam is my own design that I’m making from Dale Freestyle is a very pale greyish green. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday knitting little cable swatches, charting cables, and finally casting on. Ahhhhhhh . . .

Bad-Ass Knitter’s Kitty Manifesto

Lucy would like to thank Igor for asking about the Bad-Ass Knitter’s Kitty Manifesto.

1. Sleep on whatever the hell you want . . . whenever you want.

2. Play with as much yarn as you want, whenever the hell you want.

3. Never, ever, apologize for sleeping on knitting.

4. Never, ever, apologize because you think your playing with yarn isn’t “good” enough.

5. Never, ever, apologize about how you tangle yarn: with your left paw, your right paw, or with your teeth!

6. Sleeping on traditional knitting is timeless.

7. Barf on your owner’s stash with pride!

8. You don’t have to tangle yarn exactly like other kitties do — make changes if you wanna.

9. Never apologize for your fur working its way into the knitting. It’s all the warmer!

10. Whenever a knitter tries to remove you from his/her knitting, remember that you have sharp, pointy claws.

Lucy sez

Now that we have all that clear, can we go shopping?

lucy070504 Day Off Work. Its a Good Thing.

The Bad-Ass Knitters’ Manifesto

You know, the positive response I’ve gotten to this really warms my widdle heart. Bad-Ass Knitters of the World, Unite!

I’ve put the Manifesto on a separate page, here. Feel free to download my Bad-Ass button and link to this page.

And there are Bad-Ass Knitter items for sale in my Cafepress store — link over in the sidebar. I’ve ordered myself a t-shirt.

Sisters and Brothers, let’s take back the knitting!

Not that we ever gave it away in the first place . . .

July Contest

To enter the July contest, you must answer a question.

“Where is the most unusual/creative place you’ve stored yarn?”

Email your answers to the Official WendyKnits Blogcontest email address:

Submit your entry by 5:00pm, Eastern Time, on Friday July 9, to be included in the drawing for this prize:

july04contest The Bad Ass Knitters Manifesto

This is fours skeins of Lana D’oro wool/alpaca blend yarn, and three books “From Watch to Sweater,” “Stranded Color Knitting,” and “The Aran Sweater” donated by the extremely generous and talented Nanette of Knitting in Color. And “Stranded Color Knitting” is written by Nanette. Thanks from all of us, Nanette!

Holiday Weekend

This was (and still is) a holiday weekend in the U.S. We spent Independence Day at my brother’s beachhouse, where I, of course, knitted.

wendy070404 The Bad Ass Knitters Manifesto

And I’m taking Tuesday off from work as well (we already have monday off), to make it even longer.

Just for grins, here’s a new suit I bought on sale from Banana Republic:

brepublic The Bad Ass Knitters Manifesto

This is my Emma Peel look:

brepublic1 The Bad Ass Knitters Manifesto

And this is because Ian was taking the photos:

brepublic2 The Bad Ass Knitters Manifesto

Lucy was scandalized!

lucy070304 The Bad Ass Knitters Manifesto

And lest we forget . . . here’s the Big-Ass Bucket Hat!

bigassbucket070304 The Bad Ass Knitters Manifesto