My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

Bad-Ass Knitters, Unite!

I seem to be fixated on the phrase “Bad-Ass Knitter.”

Yeah, I’m a Bad-Ass Knitter. You wanna make something of it. Huh? HUH?

It’s the day before a long weekend. It’s been a long week. That’s my excuse. Yeah.

But anyhow . . . I think being a Bad-Ass Knitter is something to aspire to!

How to Be a Bad-Ass Knitter

1. Knit whatever the hell you want . . . whenever you want.

2. Buy as much yarn (and books and needles etc.) as you want, whenever the hell you want.

3. Never, ever, apologize for knitting.

4. Never, ever, apologize because you think something you knit isn’t “good” enough.

5. Never, ever, apologize about how you knit: right-handed, left-handed, or with your toes!

6. Traditional knitting is timeless.

7. Display your stash with pride!

8. You don’t have to follow a pattern exactly — make changes if you wanna.

9. Never apologize for knitting cat/dog hair into your sweater. It’s all the warmer!

10. Whenever a non-knitter asks you a stupid question, remember that you carry long, sharp sticks.

Whaddya say, guys? Join me in being a Bad-Ass Knitter!

badass Bad Ass Knitters, Unite!

But only if you want to. 🙂


All good things come to those who wait.

Lizzie was such a good, sweet, patient girl that I rewarded her by sewing her up last night.

lizzie070104 Bad Ass Knitters, Unite!

I love her. Love, love, love her. And I love that she took about 500 yards of bulky yarn to complete.

Oh, and she’s a Bad-Ass Sweater.

And here’s a seriously bad photo of her being worn.

lizzie070104a Bad Ass Knitters, Unite!

Lucy sez

I think my Mommy has gone whacky.

lucy070104 Bad Ass Knitters, Unite!

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to everyone who celebrates it. And while you celebrate, send good thoughts to Americans spending the 4th in dangerous places away from home and family, eh?

Tune in Monday for the July contest!

Big-Ass Bucket

Yesterday Lizzie was waiting patiently to be seamed and neckband knitted. Ingrid was draped seductively on the coffee table, just begging to be knit. And the Lana Grossa tank? It’s been sitting in a forlorn heap on top of the microwave. Ignored for days.

So what do I do?

Knit a bucket hat, of course. And not only do I knit a bucket hat, but I knit one in an oh-so-totally inappropriate yarn that makes me have to make serious adjustments to Bonne Marie’s most excellent pattern. Which of course was written for sane people to follow.

The Big-Ass Bucket Hat

Miz Big-Ass Bucket accompanied me to work yesterday. I gamely knit the bottom band on the train going into work, with surprisingly little trouble. I gamely knit on her during lunch, and gamely knit on her on the train ride home. As I mentioned yesterday, the Tabitha yarn is a slubby cotton/rayon blend and it knits to a gauge of 3.5 st/inch on a 5mm needle.

When I got home I ignored my worthy WIPs and finished her.

So here she is in all her slubby (that’s slubby, not slutty) glory, still damp from blocking.

bucket063004 Big Ass Bucket

I quite like her. Official on-head portrait to come when she dries out (the lush!).

And then I gave in and knit poor neglected Lizzie’s neckband.

lizzie063004 Big Ass Bucket

I bet there’ll be an FO picture tomorrow . . .

A Story

Once upon a time there was a good little knitter named Wendy. She only bought yarn for her next project when she was halfway through her current project — she never hoarded yarn. She knit one project at a time. She finished everything she started. She was a good girl.

Then the internet came along.

Our knitting heroine discovered that there were people out there who stashed yarn. So Wendy started to stash yarn. She now has yarn everywhere. Her guestroom is filled with yarn. Yarn stuffed in bureaus, yarn stacked on shelves, yarn stored inside coolers. Her linen closet houses even more yarn. There is a cabinet crammed full of sock yarn in her master bedroom. There is yarn in the wall unit in the living room, yarn on top of the microwave in the kitchen, yarn in hanging baskets, yarn in a gold wire cage on her coffee table. Yarn dangling seductively off a sofa table. And yarn in a pretty porcelain milk pitcher on her dining room table.

And still, she buys more yarn.

And that one-project-at-a-time deal? Out the window. Wendy now starts knitting new projects whenever the heck she feels like it.

I feel so . . . so . . . naughty.

What’s the point of this sad story, you ask? I dunno. I guess that I’m a bad-ass yarn hoarder and I like it that way.


By the way, I laughed out loud at Jenifleur’s comment yesterday:

Ingrid is going to be all mint chocolate chip ice creamy! Yum.

Because everytime I look at Ingrid I think “Mmmmmmm! Mint chocolate chip ice cream!”

Great minds, eh?

In answer to a coupla questions about Ingrid over the past few days: she will be a long-sleeve pullover — the collar band and cuffs will be the same as the bottom band.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. For now.

Yes, I’m in an odd mood. If you’re lucky, it will pass quickly.


Allyson asked in yesterday’s comments if I take a new picture of Lucy every day or choose from a gallery of photos.

I do take a new photo every day. Actually, I take several photos every day and select one from those. I keep all Lucy photos, no matter how lousy they are. As you can imagine, I have quite a few by now! I think it’s time to start archiving them off on CDs!

Lucy sez:

lucy063004 Big Ass Bucket

It’s exhausting being an international supermodel. You think Naomi Campbell gets mobbed on a photoshoot? Honey, she ain’t got nuthin on me!