My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Stash-i-cab Confessions

I can’t take it any longer. The guilt is too much.

When I look at Spongebob Stashpants’ happy, innocent little face, I have an overwhelming urge to confess.

I enhanced my stash this past Saturday.

I didn’t mean to. It was an accident.

We stopped by Knit Happens for “just a minute.” Before I knew it, this had jumped into my hands:

alchemy081604 Stash i cab Confessions

More Alchemy Resevoir. Enough for another felted hat. Yum! As Kristine aptly pointed out, I’ll stand out wearing this hat!

alchemy081604a Stash i cab Confessions

And a skein of Alchemy Japanese Lantern. I couldn’t help it. Resistance was futile.

You see, I’m almost done knitting the shop sample Japanese Lantern scarf — see?

alchemyscarf081604 Stash i cab Confessions

It’s so much fun to knit, that I had to get some for myself.

By the way, I wasn’t the only one having fun at Knit Happens . . .

Speaking of Felted Hats . . .

Here is my progress on my first Alchemy Resevoir felted hat. Isn’t the colorway wonderful?

bucket081604 Stash i cab Confessions

AbFab Throw

And here is my bit o’ progress on my new AbFab throw. I’m liking the colors a lot!

abfab081604 Stash i cab Confessions

Just for Fun

My Spongebob collection is not limited to my home — no siree-bob. Here are some of my beloved Spongebob office toys.

spongebob081604 Stash i cab Confessions

And these.

spongebob081604a Stash i cab Confessions

Yes, I’m an adult. Why do you ask?

Please To Note:

Our girl Michelle has moved house. Everybody Loves Saturday Night is now located here! I hope you enjoy your new home, Michelle!

Critter Knitters!

Didja make a blanket for our Critter Knitter project? Wanna feel good about yourself?

Read Liz’s blog entry from yesterday.

Lucy sez:

lucy081604 Stash i cab Confessions

Please, dahling! No more photos! I’m feeling quite delicate!

Here-Along, There-Along, Everywhere a Knit-Along!

The knitblog world is teeming with knit-alongs.

However, right now I am making a point to only be involved in knit-alongs with the syllables “lara” in them.

Klaralund-Along News

Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton emailed me the revisions to Klaralund for extended sizing. The errata page is here in pdf format. Ignore that there are bits of text in blue — the file came through to me that way.

Some notes about the knit-along:

It begins at the beginning of September, and Froggy and I are going to have an official kick-off the evening of September 8 (Wednesday) at Knit Happens.

Froggy has a link to sign up for the knit-along over on her blog, by the way.


This one is due to start on October 1, and will be co-hosted by the lovely Kristine of Knit Happens and me.

And the equally lovely and extraordinarily talented Eklectika has made a button for us! Woo-hoo!

lara along Here Along, There Along, Everywhere a Knit Along!

I love it!

AbFab Throw

I finished the Sedona throw.

abfabsedona Here Along, There Along, Everywhere a Knit Along!

In answer to some questions, it’s approximately 40″ by 50″ in size. It doesn’t photograph well for some reason. But there’s a better picture of it folded up:

abfabsedona1 Here Along, There Along, Everywhere a Knit Along!

I started another AbFab, this one in the Sideways Stripes pattern, in my own made up colorway. Here are the yarns:

abfab081504 Here Along, There Along, Everywhere a Knit Along!

Some of the yarn is in the Monet colorway, some in the Velvet Bilberry colorway. And two of the mohairs are not Colinette, but are Plymouth Outback mohair, bought from Elann a couple of months back.

Lucy Sez

lucy081504 Here Along, There Along, Everywhere a Knit Along!

Happy Monday! Ease yourself back into the week!

Go Spongebob!

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s that time again. Time when Spongebob Stashpants goes on camera to display the new additions to the WendyKnits stash.

First up, some representatives from Alchemy Yarns.

alchemy081204a Go Spongebob!

This is Resevoir, 85% wool and 15% mohair in the Montreat Path colorway.

While this may seem like sacrilege to some of you, I’m planning on using this to knit a felted bucket hat.

alchemy081204b Go Spongebob!

And this is Synchronicity, 50% silk and 50% merino wool, in the same colorway, for a matching scarf.

I also have in my hot little hands a WIP being knitted from the Japanese Lantern, which is a boucle composed of 40% mohair, 37% silk, and 23% linen.

alchemy081204c Go Spongebob!

This is a simple little drop stitch scarf which I’m knitting as a shop sample for Knit Happens. It’s quite yummy to knit!

as081204 Go Spongebob!

And a big thank you to Katie, who thoughtfully brought me this lovely Scottish Campion shetland wool!

Moving right along . . .

db081204 Go Spongebob!

This is the new Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk (which is totally droolworthy!) in Coral. I have jumped on the bandwagon and am going to knit Lara from the Debblie Bliss Silk Alpaca book.

lara Go Spongebob!

As a matter of fact, I’ll be co-hosting the Lara-Along with Kristine. We plan to start October 1. Any other Lara-Alongers out there?? Huh??

Lucy sez

lucy081204 Go Spongebob!

Happy Friday the Thirteenth. Have a good weekend, all!

The Stash Room

Yesterday Michelle made a good point in the comments:

You know, I realize I am about to make some enemies here, but I don’t
think you should post a picture of your stash room, or the Sock Yarn
Cabinet (of Shame? Shame for the Stash? Blasphemer!). I think not
seeing it adds a layer of mystery–no matter what our collective
imaginations could come up with, it’s probably nowhere near the reality of your
stash. At this point, your stash of yarn has reached mythic proportions.
It’s enough to know that you have a Room, and that…THE ROOM IS NOT

Now, a picture of your Spongebob collection…is an entirely different

The Stash Myth. As a medievalist, I like that. Like the Grail Legend.

Besides, if I show any part of my stash, it will so detract from the stash room tour for which Becky is willing to pay good money.

People, I’m not stupid.

But because I love ya, Michelle, here’s is a photo of the Spongebob collection.

spongebob081104 The Stash Room

But please note, it’s not the whole collection.


Lucy spent the day relaxing in my desk chair.

lucy081104 The Stash Room

Three-fifths of my AbFab relaxed on the couch.

abfab081104 The Stash Room

Wendy relaxed at Knit Happens.

Kristine’s mom sent her a Knit Happens clock!

kristine081104 The Stash Room

Then the Alchemy Yarns order came in.

alchemy081104 The Stash Room

Words cannot adequately describe it. Some of it did come home with me, along with other stuff, which will be blogged about on the morrow.

And Wednesday night was show your sock-in-progress night!

First up, Erica!

erica081104 The Stash Room

Then we have Holly!

holly081104 The Stash Room

And Shelley!

shelley081104 The Stash Room

We were teasing Shelley about wearing a short skirt and sticking her leg up in the air. But I guess she showed us, huh?

shelley081104a The Stash Room

“Get a grip, people, there are shorts under the skirt!”

And here is our dear Phyl-Phyl, with her swatch from the Sasha Kagan workshop. She is using it as a coaster.

phyl081104 The Stash Room

You gotta love her. You gotta.

And a big thank you to my Secret Pal, who sent me a note via Kristine. How delightfully sneaky of you!!

Stash report tomorrow, ‘k? Spongebob was off-duty when I got home last night.

Off With Their Heads!

Those of you who have seen me in person may have noticed my obscenely long fingernails. I let them grow about 8 years ago and have kept them long ever since then. Mainly because I’m too lazy to file ’em down. They are very strong and rarely break.

However, they have gotten on my last available nerve. I can’t type decently. I can’t button buttons. I can knit, but that’s about the only thing I can do.

So last night I chopped those bad boys off. All off. I can feel my fingertips again. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!

A photo, in remembrance.

hand081004 Off With Their Heads!

You know I’m really grasping for blog-fodder when I post about my fingernails.

The tips of my fingers feel weird. Numb and sorta tingly. I guess because nothing has touched them in years with those claws protruding.

Stash Room

Yes, I have a Stash Room. A Room devoted to Stash. You wanna make something of it? Huh? HUH?

Those who see it seldom live to tell the tale.

But L-B has seen it. So has Kristine.

I also have stash in other parts of my condo as well. Taking up more than half the linen closet. Stuffed in part of my livingroom wall unit. And in the master bedroom, in the Sock Yarn Cabinet of Shame.

Lucy really doesn’t care.

lucy081004 Off With Their Heads!


Yah, more knitting on AbFab.

abfab081004 Off With Their Heads!

I’m half done. Ten of twenty squares. There are four different squares done five times each. This one:

abfab081004a Off With Their Heads!

This one:

abfab081004b Off With Their Heads!

This one:

abfab081004c Off With Their Heads!

And this one:

abfab081004d Off With Their Heads!

I’m not that crazy about the squares throw, but I expect it’ll look better when completed. Besides, I’ve got at least two more AbFabs I’m gonna make, so I can do those in different patterns.

No work today. Going to the dentist (boo!), then to Knit Happens (yay!)