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Toorie, by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Felted Tweed, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

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Cough. Sneeze. Sniffle.

Normal blogging will resume next week when I have regained good health. Or something close to it.

I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

More accurately, not a bad blogger, but a bad blog reader.

I had an email conversation with Norma yesterday about leaving comments. As you know, Norma had a contest where all you had to do was to leave a comment and she’d award a prize to the individual who left comment #1690. Great idea! I left a comment, as did a lot of other people.

But it made me realize how infrequently I leave comments on the blogs I read. Usually my blog reading is done in a tearing hurry (as is everything in my life). And, as Norma pointed out, using Bloglines to read your blog list makes it a lot easier to read through a lot of blogs in a minimum of time. Which is great for those among us who are spare-time-challenged. But it makes it easier to not leave comments.

So my pre-New Year’s resolution is to try to leave more comments on the blogs I read.

Spinning News

Last night I finished spinning up all my singles of the yummy blue Coopworth, see?


Plying will commence soon. But since I’m sick (cough, cough) not tonight.

I actually left work early because I felt ill — something I almost never do. Sinus issues and I lost my voice as well. I’ll probably stay home tomorrow and try to rest.

With Nurse Lucy.

Speaking of Lucy

A message from Lucy to Eklectika: she would like you to know that she still loves the mouse I made for her from the fiber you sent.


ScandiHOOvian Confessions

Our wonderful knitting blogring leader Julie (and thank you for everything you do in keeping the ring going) commented:

Okay, if we’re talking about Swedish Christmas, I have to ask about Glogg! Do you drink it? My mother-in-law makes it every year and I love it!

And then there’s lutefisk — she makes that too, and I have eaten it. Although mercifully last year she forgot to thaw it, so none was available 🙂

Next week I’ll have to show my Tomtes on my blog!

1. Glogg. How I love thee! The only time I have glogg is when my parents have a holiday party. Of course, glogg is served there. It’s been a couple of years now, though. ::cough, cough, hint, hint::

2. Lutfisk. Why, thank you for bringing up this topic, Julie! It’s the perfect excuse for me to haul out yet another aged blog entry, The One Where Wendy Waxes Lyrical About Lutfisk. Sorry, Dad.

3. Tomtes. Yes! Please show us your tomtes, Julie! I do so love me a good tomte! And this is the perfect place for yet another segue — into my Jultomte blog post from two years ago.

Julie, I really need to put you on the payroll.

Spinnin’ and Plyin’

(sung to the tune of of Bobby Lewis’ Tossin’ and Turnin’)

I didn’t knit at all last night
Got to thinkin’ of you
Baby things weren’t right
Well I was spinnin’ and plyin’
Plyin’ and spinnin’
a-spinnin’ and plyin’ all night.

Well, okay, I also baked scones.

But it’s true — last night I never did get around to knitting. A rarity here at Wendyknits. By the time I finished baking my scones it was getting late, and Katarina looked so forlorn, that I did a bit of spinning instead of knitting.


I have, however, made a bit of progress on the Koigu Kersti sweater. The back is completed and I’ve started the front.


Three guesses whose tail that is in the photo.

Speaking of Baking

Dianne asked if I had made any pepparkakor. Ummmmm, errrrr, no. There will be no baking of holiday cookies here at Wendyknits. I am SO over the whole holiday cookie baking thing. Just say no to holiday cookie baking. (Hands over ears, chanting “lalalalalalala.”)

Don’t ask.

But fortunately, L-B sent me some pepparkakor! They are even made in Sweden. *sigh*


(We are not over holiday cookie eating chez Wendyknits.)

Three guesses whose head that is creating a chocolate blur in the photo.

She also sent me this adorable Scandinavian Santa.


I love the wistful expression on his face, and the little straw reindeer he’s holding. Margene, that photo is for you!

Another St. Lucia Heard From

Kerry sent me this photo of her dog, Oakley.


She says:

I had to share my Christmas card picture this year…

The outside of the card tells the story of how the crown of candles signifies the light of the sun defeating the dark of winter and the biscuits are in remembrance of how she fed the poor. The inside says, “But not all Swedish girls are this cute.”

Lucy was unmoved. In fact, all she had to say was:


“Where’s my stinkin’ homespun shawl??!!”

St. Lucia Day

Today, December 13, is St. Lucia Day. Long-time Wendyknits readers may remember this story.

Yes, I’m hauling out old blog entries and offering them up again. To all you ScandiHOOvians (to quote Share) out there, Happy St. Lucia Day!

We Are Amused

So said Lucy. She is pleased that you all noticed how nicely the cat blanket shawl complements her coloring. So much so that she consented to pose for another photo.


What we will not show is the brief but ugly power struggle that ensued. I won, and the shawl is now hanging over the back of my desk chair at work.

Lucy is not nearly as amused now.

Not too much knitting tonight. Baking scones for the office party tomorrow, dontcha know.

I did, however, spin up some yummy Coopworth roving. It drafts and spins like a dream. As easy as pie.


Pronounced, of course, as Eric Cartman would: “Paaaaaaaaaaah.”

Reader Q&A

Margene asked, about my Koigu Kersti:
Are you knitting with two skeins at a time?

Um . . . er . . .um . . . no I’m not. *blush, blush* Busted!

I’m throwing caution to the wind. And so far, so good. More than I deserve.

Emily said:
That shawl design looks like a wonderful solution for showcasing a few different sorts of handspun yarn together. Did the gauge match exactly between the different yarns?

Pretty darn close in gauge, I’d say. No appreciable difference.

Fun Giftie!

From L-B, chocolate penguins!


I adore penguins.

Living on the Fringe

In a surprise move, I decided that my homespun shawl would look best with fringe, after all. Lookie here:


Not only did I finish my shawl, but I have my own spokesmodel to pose with it!

I’m quite please with it. I steamed the living daylights out of it, then attached the fringe. I found it difficult to cut up my handspun into small pieces for fringe. I kept thinking “all that work . . . ”

But I have to admit, the shawl looks good with fringe. So now I’m happy. For now.

And in celebration, I spun up a couple of ounces of 100% silk in a colorway called “Autumn Splendor.” Darned if I can remember where I bought the fiber, though.


Koigu-y Goodness

Mmmmmmm! Love my Koigu Kersti! Here’s the ribbed pullover in progress. I’ve got a good bit done on the back:


And a close-up of the 2×2 rib:


Reader Comments

Thanks to Leslie for suggesting I check out the David Gilmour live DVD — I’ve put it on my Amazon wishlist.

Mary asked:
Question: I searched the archives but didn’t find any reference to this. If you are putting a zipper in a sweater–do you put it in by hand or machine?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned zippers in knits in my blog — I haven’t made a sweater with a zipper in ages. But if I were to put a zipper in a sweater, I’d sew it by hand.

Erin asked:
Kind of a random question, but is there any Spongebob merchandise that you you don’t have?

Well, I don’t have the Spongebob edition of the 2005 Jaguar XK . . .

Knitbloggers Knitting Basket Project

A few more donations over the weekend. Thank you! If you want to donate, the info is in my sidebar . . .