My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

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Back In the Saddle Again

I did survive my first day back at work. But it wasn’t pretty. But still, nothing too horrific happened today (or during the two weeks I was out, for that matter), so I count myself lucky.

I spent very little time online last week due to back pain and other various maladies, several self-inflicted. I’m a klutz. (Please note that I’m not looking for sympathy or medical advice, just stating facts. Last week was a bad week.) So I spent very little time reading blogs or responding to emails. And then I accidentally deleted a whole bunch of unanswered emails last night.

I did finish the first sleeve of the Lucy sweater:


So I shall cast on for the second sleeve tonight.

A Wee FO From Last Week


This is a triangular scarf, knitted from the Kollage Wildflowers that Kristine gave me for Christmas. I love it! I made up the pattern as I went along using L-B’s shawl formula and completed it in just one evening.

Please note in the bottom left corner of the above photo Lucy’s tail. And a Knit Happens bag in the lower right corner.


I refer to it as my “Dead Kermit the Frog” Scarf. And I love it!

Totally Non-Knitting-Related Question

Jenny asked:
Do you name all of your electronic devices? And if so, are they all male names? Just something I noticed…

I don’t name all my electronic devices. My Canon SLR digi-cam is nameless. And my little Canon digi-cam I just call “Elph.” Because it’s an Elph.

But I do name a lot of things. My cellphone is Victor, my iPod is Irving. My laptop is Daisy. My dearly departed desktop computer was Ms. Dell. So I don’t always use male names. I think all my cars have had female names. My current car is Xena. My last car was Ms. Honda.

Okay, so I don’t get points for originality.

Like most things in my life, there is no rhyme or reason to the naming schemes. Quelle surprise.

Whenever we’d leave the house to go somewhere, Ian would always ask, “Have you got Victor and Elph?” (Actually I think Elph is named Elph due to him calling it that.) Now he has to ask: “Do you have Victor? Elph? Irving?”

It’s not easy keeping track of me.

‘Fess up now. How many of you have named your iPod, and what is his/her name?

Knitting-Related Question

In the same comment, Jenny also asked:
Do you find you have more satisfaction of a job well done with the handspun?

A resounding yes! If I were knitting with yarn of this quality that I bought, I’d be thinking “they have a nerve selling this crappy uneven yarn.” But since I spun it myself, it takes on a magical quality.

My current handspun knitting:


A hat, being knitted from some nice dark grey wool on size ten (U.S.) needles. I’m using my own hat pattern I posted a few weeks back.


Lucy loves the AbFab throw I have. She lies on it every chance she gets. But will she pose for a photo on it tonight? Why, no.


She has a new favorite toy: a helium balloon. I brought it home this weekend and she grabs the ribbon tied to it in her mouth and actually carries it from room to room. She was not amused this morning when I shut the balloon in the guestroom. I don’t want her chewing on and possibly ingesting the ribbon in my absence. You should have seen the look she gave me. She was clearly thinking “Killjoy!”

Back to the Grind

It’s back to work for me tomorrow, after a nice long vacation. I hope I remember how to get there.

Despite feeling crappy all last week, I did get some things done.

Here is the front of my Lucy sweater.


I’ve started a sleeve, so the end of that is in sight.

I think next I’ll knit something from my Corriedale handspun. I plied another 8 ounces this afternoon:


That makes a total of two and one half pounds spun. I’ve got another half pound left of this fiber, which I’ll finish spinning up this week. I’m mulling over design ideas now.

And I need to show you the little seed stitch bag I made from some handspun. I showed it to you in progress last week — it’s done now.


But wait — who is that peeping out of the bag?

It’s Irving, my new iPod!


Happy birthday to me. 🙂

Irving has a nice leather case to protect him from bumps and bruises, but he agreed to model the little bag, just this once.

Here’s another tiny item:


It’s a cellphone cosy, being modelled by my phone, Victor.

This is knitted from my handspun silk. I pictured it in my blog a while back.

I’ve got another small project to show, but I’ll save it for tomorrow’s blog fodder!

I think Lucy will be relieved that I’m heading back to work. She’ll have some peace and quiet at last!


Regular Blogging

. . . will resume next week. See you then!


While Lucy lolled about at home yesterday:


I was at Knit Happens, helping with inventory. Hence, no blog entry.

We worked really really hard, but we did take a break for chocolate cake!


That would be my birthday cake, baked from scratch (and I understand there was a double boiler involved) by Kristine. And it was great!

I fondled a lot of yarn yesterday and did not knit a single stitch.

Work, Work, Work


As you can see, we’re hard at work here at WendyKnits.

The truth is, I’ve been particularly slothful today.

Thanks for all the the great comments and emails. I had a very nice birthday and managed not to maim myself in any way.

I spun a bit more Corriedale. I’ll spare you a photo because — guess what? It looks the same as the stuff I showed you yesterday.

What am I gonna do with it? I have three pounds of this fiber and I plan to attempt to knit a sweater from the resulting yarn. This ought to be interesting. I’m still mulling the pattern over in my head.

In the meantime, I did finish the back of the Lucy sweater being knitted in Rowan Calmer.


I got a bit done on the front last night when I . . . uh . . . stayed up half the night watching “The Towering Inferno.”

Pathetic, ain’t it?

Today I knit with some of my handspun:


This is the handpainted merino I showed in the blog last week. I’m knitting a little bag from it.

And today was a good mail day. I got this:


Chocolate shetland roving, purchased via eBay. I can’t wait to dive into it!

And I got this:


Handmade soap, and an adorable little cowboy boot stitch marker from Christina! And judging from the postmark, she mailed it the day before a very important date! Wow! Thanks Christina!

And last but certainly not least:


A surprise from Andrea. Thank you! Lucy likes this best.