My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

Knitting Wendys of the World, Unite!

While reading The Bookish Girl’s blog, I discovered a new webring: Knitting Wendys, which was started up by another knitting Wendy, whose blog is here. I, of course, upon learning of this, immediately applied to join. I am now a full-fledged, card-carrying (okay, I don’t have a card) Knitting Wendy. Woo-hoo!

Fellow knitting Wendys, if you happen to stumble across this plea, join the ring. I know there are a bunch more of you. Soon we shall overcome!

Last night was another night of doing necessary but non-knitting stuff. So when I finally sat down to knit, I did exactly two rows on the shawl before Lucy climbed into my lap and demanded some quality time — which she got.

Aside: It wasn’t until some of you pointed it out in the comments that I realized that I clean forgot to post the daily Lucy pic. Sorry! You get two today to make up for it. Assuming I remember to post them.

So I did a couple more rows on the shawl on the train this morning. Lace knitting is not good commuter knitting because I don’t seem able to commit lace charts to memory as easily as I do aran charts. So I have to balance my magnetic board w/ charts on my knee while I knit.

We had a big pow-wow of the big guns at work today. A five-hour meeting. I repeat: A. Five. Hour. Meeting. I wish I coulda brought my knitting to that, but sadly, it’s not appropriate. Oh well. I survived.

I am hoping to have the first half of this shawl completed and have made decent a start on the second half by the end of the weekend. Check back on Sunday night and you’ll see how I did.

Join Together With the Band

So . . . how do you join in a new ball of yarn while knitting lace? A lot of my lace knitting has been done with fingering weight yarn knitted directly off the cone, so there was little or no joining required. This shawl is being knitted from Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply, which comes in skeins. I’m on my 7th (I think) skein.

Here’s how I join in for lace — just knit 4 or 5 stitches with both the old yarn and the new yarn, and leave the ends hanging. After I block, I trim the hanging ends.

shawl060205 Knitting Wendys of the World, Unite!

This method, of course, doesn’t work for everything, but for a fine yarn in a garter stitch shawl, it works for me.

A Russian Join would also work very well here, I think.

What join do you use for lace?


Look. I remembered.

lucy060205 Knitting Wendys of the World, Unite!


lucy060205a Knitting Wendys of the World, Unite!

Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!

We have drawn the numbers, the results are in! Using a random number generator, we have selected the following winners:

Jan F. wins the copy of the book Fishermen’s Knits donated by L-B
Lolly McN. wins the Inishmore sweater donated by me
Linda F. wins the $25 Knit Happens gift certificate
Janice H. wins the ball of qivuit donated by Joanne
Julia M. wins the handpainted handspun donated by Jenny
Shirley G., Katrina T., Mary B., and Catherine K. each win a set of stitch markers, donated by Bob
Tracy H. wins 3 skeins of Holly Spring Homespun yarn, donated by Kathy
Maura P. wins the wool roving donated by Eklectika!

You can see all the prizes on the Prize page, with links to the generous people who donated them.

I’ve sent an email to the winners, to the email addresses they used when donating via Paypal, so if you think you are one of those folks listed above, check your email! The donator of your prize will be contacting you soon via that email address to arrange delivery of your prize.

L-B and I want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. We had so much fun doing this (even though we might have whined a bit about overloaded work schedules, hand pain, and assorted other maladies) and we really appreciated and enjoyed the comments and encouragement from all of you.

The best part is that we will be sending a check within the next couple of weeks for over $3000 to the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, from all of us. As I mentioned before (I think) here is the link to the list of contributors. Please check your name, and email me if you’d like it to appear differently. For example, if the Paypal account you used is in your spouse’s or a business name, and you prefer to use your own name, just let me know.

Also, if you’d like to list your contribution as being in honor of, or in memory of, an individual, let me know that as well. When emailing me, tell me the name that’s currently on the list, and the changes you’d like. Thanks!

And here’s some eye-candy: L-B’s finished Inishmore!

lbinish060105a Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!


lbinish060105 Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!

L-B asked me to point out that is not her husband wearing the sweater!

The Lace Goes On

But just barely. Yikes, I’ve been busy with one thing or another. Clearly, it is a bad idea for me to take a day off work (last Friday) because I return to a mountain of stuff. I’m slowly chipping away at the pile o’ work, and hope to return to “normal” knitting soon.

Here is what passes as “progress” on the shawl. But what an artisitic pose, eh?

shawl060105 Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!

And lookie what I got!

kh060105 Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!

From the Knit Happens online store. Misti Alpaca Lace yarn. Yum.

misti060105 Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!

This is to make the Tina Shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting. Um . . . L-B bought the same pattern, and the same yarn (in the same color, and she bought hers first, so I am the copycat here) so we’ll be knitting it together. Are we going to race?


I’m sorry . . . what? You see something else in the bag? Oh, this:

bluesky060105 Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. Enough for a shawl.

And when I looked at the packing slip, I noticed this at the bottom:

maeve060105 Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!

My Knit Happens order was packed by one of my real-life knit-buds!

I didn’t go to late night at the shop tonight. I stayed a bit late at the office. Why? To party with this lady:

chao060105 Inishmore Challenge Raffle Winners!

This afternoon was the retirement party for the Deputy Director of our agency, who has been with the agency forever. He is well-liked and respected by all of us, and we’re very sad to see him go.

The photo above is of the Secretary of Labor, saying pretty much the same thing.