My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

ISO: A Barn in Vermont

Why did I mention that I want to go live in a barn in Vermont? I am probably being influenced by my current lunchtime reading: The Good Life by Helen Nearing.

I must say, the Nearings’ lifestyle holds a lot of appeal, but I am enough of a realist to know it’s not right for me.

Irrational Knitting Fears!

Thank you all for sharing your irrational knitting fears. Running out of yarn for a project and not having enough WIPs to see you through a trip seem to top the list. And a special shout-out to those of you who mentioned a couple of irrational knitting fears that I had managed to bury deep in my subconscious. 😉

Lucy’s Cat Blanket Kolsva

I did indeed do the ribbing for the v-neck last night — I’m very pleased with how this turned out.

kolsva120105b ISO: A Barn in Vermont

Excuse me, let’s try that again.

kolsva120105 ISO: A Barn in Vermont

I’ve written up my modifications to the pattern for the v-neck, and posted them on my site here. Kindly note that this page describes only how to do the v-neck — you need the pattern for Kolsva to be able to knit the whole sweater.

And I finished a sleeve. Whee.

kolsva120105a ISO: A Barn in Vermont

I’ve got a bit done on the second sleeve. I should have this baby done before Saturday. If the colorwork kit hasn’t shown up by then, I will be forced to start another project.

It will likely be a kitty bed for the little princess.

lucy120105 ISO: A Barn in Vermont


Kelly in New Mexico has two questions (the first of which is spinning related):
I have two questions….
I have never spun yarn and have noticed your yarn after being spun takes on the most beautiful sheen. Does all yarn do this?
Second question….
We took a vac to D.C. 3 yrs ago and rode the Metro, how in the world do you concentrate on a pattern and not make mistakes in your knitting while commuting on the subway?

Funny you should mention the sheen. As I was spinning the BFL/Border Leicester I was thinking to myself “Wow! This stuff has a lovely sheen when spun!” It is definitely “sheenier” (heh!) than the glorious blue/purple Portland that I finished last weekend. So my answer is that I believe it depends on the fiber.

Answer to second question:
The metro is not always a hair-raising experience. My morning commute is very early, so most of the commuters are half asleep and quiet. And there’s always enough room so that I get a seat. My afternoon commute is not as peaceful, but I still almost always get a seat, so I can knit. I will from time to time not knit on the trip home if someone large sits next to me and smooshes me against the side of the train. As for concentration, my iPod is my constant commuting companion, so I block out auditory distractions with ease.

Work Does Get in the Way of Knitting

Kenny commented:
Everyday becomes a bad day at work for me because I can’t knit at work. All day long, I obsess about knitting and all the knitting that I can do if I didn’t have to go to work. Do you do that to?

And as soon as I get home, the needles are out till I have to go back to work the next. Drive me nuts.

We-e-ell . . . I knit on my morning commute, during my lunch break, and usually on my afternoon commute, so I do get a good chunk of knitting time in during a normal workday. It’s probably just as well I can’t knit all day because I’d no doubt have aching hands and wrists all the time.

But I do yearn for more knitting time. This morning when I changed trains, the second train of my commute was ten minutes later than usual. My first thought? “Yay! Ten more minutes of knitting time!”

Heifer International

For the past two years I’ve been worked with other bloggers on a fundraiser for Heifer International.

And each year, the lovely Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review arranges a year-end fundraiser for Heifer International as well. When the Knitter’s Review newsletter hit my inbox this morning, I thought that rather than doing a separate fundraiser, I would point you to Clara’s efforts, documented in her current newsletter here. I’ll be sending my donation to Knitter’s Review, and I encourage as many of you who are able to do the same.

Birthday Month!

Cara, whose birthday is January 1, has declared a birthday month for the month leading up to her birthday. In honor of her birthday, she’s gonna hold a contest on every Saturday between now and her birthday. What a cool idea!

Naturally, I must copy her.

You see, my birthday is one day after Cara’s birthday, on January 2. January 2, 19- ::cough, cough :: So, knowing a fun idea when I see one, I’m gonna have weekly contests too, up until Black Monday my birthday. The contest will be announced on Thursday, the winner picked on Sunday. Hey, it’s Thursday. How ’bout that? I guess that means the first contest starts today.

Here’s what you gotta do — answer this question:

What time of day was Wendy born?

Submit your guess (one guess per person, please) to The Official WendyKnits Contest Email Address by 3:00pm EST on Sunday, December 4 with your guess for my time of birth. The person who guesses closest to the actual time of day wins! In the event of a tie, all winners will get a prize of some yummy yarn!

I just pulled my birth certificate and checked the time of birth. Huh. My guess was off by 3 minutes.

Winner(s) will be announced Sunday afternoon!