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Tawney Sweater,by Jenni Barrett, knit from MadelineTosh Tosh Sock, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.

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Once Again, Alert the Media

Because the shocking knitting I started yesterday was . . .


. . . a sock!

Yes, after more than two years of not knitting a single foot covering, I actually sucked it up and started a sock.


Not because Snow has finally worn me down (as Susoolu suggested) and not because I’ve taken up Theresa’s sock challenge (as Patty D suggested — Patty, I’m not the Wendy listed there — that’s a different Knitting Wendy!)

I am knitting socks because someone I know has been whining for handknit socks for quite a while.

Now, I am usually impervious to such whining. But this whining emanated from the individual who is largely responsible for the existence of my upcoming book: my literary agent, Bob.

So, Bob, shut your noise. You’ll get your damned socks. Sheesh.

Anyhow. This sock is being knitted from Regia sock yarn in color #5166 and it is — wait for it — from my stash! I’m knitting from stash! I’m sorry, but, again, I’m going to need you to alert the media.

I am using my Generic Toe Up Sock Pattern, US 0 (2mm needles), and 72 stitches around.

And hey, you know what? I may have gotten my sock mojo back. I took said sock on the commute today and was quite happy with the portability of the project. It’s a heckuva lot easier to knit a sock on the train than the back of an aran jacket.

Please don’t point out to me that this concept should have been obvious to me. Let me pretend that I just had an epiphany, okay?

So it is entirely possible that I might actually start knitting socks again on a regular (?) basis. I do, after all, have a sock yarn stash of epic proportion.

That would not prevent me from buying new sock yarn, though. Just sayin’.

Speaking of Stash . . .

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment, so of course I headed to Knit Happens post-appointment for a few hours. And I did indeed enhance my stash. They’ve got lots of great new stuff in for Spring and I am a weak woman.

I bought some of the new Jaeger “Roma” yarn, in the color “denim.”


This yarn is 63% Viscose, 22% Nylon, and 15% Angora and has a very nice hand. I was very surprised to find it had Angora in it — I never would have guessed that. I assumed it was a cotton/microfiber blend.

I bought it to make the “Lilly” cardigan in the Jaeger Roma book.


I also bought the new Rebecca magazine, and some GGH cotton yarn “Big Easy” in a lovely shade of chocolate brown:


To make this.


Not a great photo, but it’s a lace sweater.

Now I just need to find the time to knit these.

Teal Hogget

A couple of you have asked if I plan to extend the size range for Teal Hogget to include a 32″ chest. The answer is no. But you are welcome to make adjustments to it yourself.

What can I tell you? It’s a free pattern. You get what you pay for. 😉


Alert the Freaking Media

Because I finally seamed Teal Hogget. Here is a photo of it before I pressed the seams.


And the official in-the-mirror shot:


I did indeed mattress stitch it. And I used the same yarn I used to knit it — my handspun. It worked out fine, as it’s not too heavy a yarn.

I love this sweater. It’s exactly the type of casual comfy sweater I’ve been wanting. The gauge is just right for All Seasons Cotton. Hmmmm . . . I have some All Seasons Cotton in stash. I’m thinking I’ll be making another one!

The pattern is available, free, from the Teal Hogget link in my sidebar. I have options in the pattern for three-quarter length or long sleeves.

I am knitting my second bear. And I started something else. Something so perverse, so unexpected, so startling, that Holly gasped when I pulled it out of my knitting bag today to show her.

I’ll tell you what it is tomorrow.


lv2knit asked:
Is it just me, or is your bear not wearing pants?

My bear is not wearing pants. If Donald Duck doesn’t have to wear pants, neither does my bear. Next question?

Meg asked:
I recently found out that someone in the UK is selling on ebay a free pattern that I wrote that is on my blog. I have asked her to remove it and not sell it again, although she has already sold six copies. What can I do if she doesn’t remove the item?

Well, that really stinks! My advice would be to contact eBay and see if they’ll shut down the auction. What do you all think?


Lucy appreciates that some of you have expressed your displeasure that she will not be accompanying me to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. However, as she is undoubtedly considered a pet by the festival organizers, she is not allowed in.


“Peasants! Don’t they realize that I am an international superstar?”

You Guys Are Bear-y Smart

Because, yes, that start of the project I showed you yesterday was indeed a bear!


The poor little guy looks quite deflated, doesn’t he? Well, I’ll fatten him up!

I mentioned the bears a little while back when Phyl blogged about them, here. Note that Phyl is going to do a drawing and give away some exceedingly nice yarn to one lucky bear knitter.

These little guys are fast and fun to knit. My bear is made from Plymouth Encore worsted weight. I ordered some polyester fiberfill for stuffing, so I can’t finish him til it gets here (which should be soon, I think). But I’m thinking I’ll be making at least one more bear.

In other knitting news, I finished the neck on Teal Hogget. Do alert the media, would you? All that remains is to put the thing together. I may actually do this.


Sheep & Wool!

Jes commented:
Yay, MD sheep and wool – It’ll be my first time there and I’m so excited. =)
Will you be selling the book there, or should we get a copy in advance?

Jennifer of Spirit-Trail will be selling copies of my book at her booth, so you can buy a copy from her. I’ll be available outside at a pre-determined location at pre-determined times to meet and greet and sign. If you buy a copy of my book before the festival, you can bring it along and I’d be delighted to sign it.

Lucy Sez


Hmmmmph! I won’t be there to sign books, so what’s the point?

Saddle Up, Buckaroos!

I finished the first Dungarvan sleeve, complete with saddle.


And then switched over to my second Teal Hogget sleeve.


Whoa! Did that make anyone besides me dizzy?

I’ve got a few odds and ends I want to work on, so I think I’ll hold off on my second Dungarvan sleeve for a little bit.

Can anybody guess what this is going to become?


It’s Q&A Time

Several of you asked over the past few days if I have any plans for the 4-ply and DK weight Rowan Scottish Tweed I pictured in my blog last week.

Yes, I do.

I’ve got a couple of designs taking form in my head, but they are not ready for prime time as of this writing. But . . . eventually.

Mary asked:
I’ve been thinking about your book. I see on Amazon that the release date is late in April. Any word about an earlier release date? And will you be doing a book tour?

Earlier release date? No. My publisher tells me that books will ship to retail outlets before the release date, April 25. So some places may put them out on the shelves a day or two before the release date. (My response to that information was “I guess it’s not like the way they release a Harry Potter book, huh?”) I don’t know how Amazon works it. But count on April 25.

As for a book tour, there is one in the works. I don’t have any information of where and when yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to post it. I can tell you that I will be doing a signing at Knit Happens shortly after the book comes out, and that I will be at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival the first weekend in May.

Lucy needs to take a nap. The thought of it just wears her out!


Greetings From Sleeve Island

Here is the first sleeve of Dungarvan.


I’m having an extended stay on Sleeve Island — because I had half this sleeve done and ripped it out yesterday morning. I didn’t like the rate of increase I was using, so I ripped back to the ribbing and started over. Now I’m happy. Well, relatively.

kelly in new mexico asked:
I have a question about the yarn you’re using….
You say it is a bit rough on the hands from the constant rubbing while knitting. Will it be uncomfortable to wear? I know some yarns feel wonderful for short periods and not so good for long.

Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran is very definitely not a “next-to-the-skin” yarn. But, considering I’m using it to make an outerwear jacket, that’s not an issue for me.

A number of you have asked if I plan to publish this pattern. If I like how it turns out, then yes, probably.

But on to more important things . . .

Lucy did some mountain climbing this weekend.


I’ve gotten questions from time to time, asking if I’ve seen the “Stuffonmycat” web site. I have seen it, but I’m not a fan. Some of the photos are cute and harmless, but some of them I find disturbing. For example, I don’t think a photo of a cat with a pile of books on top of it is funny. There are a number of photos posted there that I wonder about — the stuff piled up on the poor cat looks too heavy. I went over to the site today and read the submission guidelines and could not find anything about not causing physical harm to the cats in the photos.

I hope I’m wrong about some of the photos there, but that’s my opinion.

So I’ll stick to, where none of the little critters in the photos look abused.