My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

You just knew I was gonna use that as a blog title when I finished the Tiger socks, right?

tigersocks050306 Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

Because finish them I did, while watching The Maltese Falcon on TCM yesterday evening. Now the KOARC doesn’t have to hop around on one foot, wearing one lonely tiger sock.

Speaking of Tigers

I did indeed let Lucy sniff the tiger fur I pictured in yesterday’s blog entry. She seemed mildly amused, but was more interested in the plastic bag the fur is in, wanting to chew on it. That’s my girl.

So . . . Whazzup?


sock050306 Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

I immediately dived into my Lisa Souza Sock! yarn in the mahogany colorway and started a sock for moi. It is slow going, because I have to keep wiping away the drool as I knit. To say that I like this yarn would be the understatement of the year.

It’s slightly finer than Cherry Tree Hill or Socks That Rock and softer than the Opal that I was just using. It is delightfully soft and I love that it has the nylon content, which will make the resulting socks more durable. I also love that it comes in 4 ounce skeins with 450 yards/skein — plenty for a large pair of socks.

I understand from Lisa that the new version of Sock! yarn is just a tad heavier than this version so I’ll be interested to see how it compares. Because I . . . uh . . . already ordered some more from her.

Of course if I’d thought about it, I wouldn’t have used the rosewood dpns with the mahogany colored yarn. Not my brightest move, you know?

sock050306a Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

In fact, last night when I was executing the short rows for the toe, I had to go stand in the bathroom where the light is the brightest in order to see the wraps to pick ’em up.

Still, I did not switch to the bamboo needles til I got home today.

sock050306b Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

Ahhhh, that’s better!


I abandoned poor Deirdre last night in favor of finishing up the Tiger socks. So there’s not a lot of progress here.

deirdre050306 Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright


In yesterday’s photo of Lucy you might have noticed the little blue thing in front of her. That’s her new favorite toy, a catnip pillow given to her by L-B last weekend.

lucy050306 Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

She never strays very far from it.

Old Dog? New Trick?

Is it possible to teach an old dog a new trick?

I might have mentioned once or twice how much I hate doing ribbing. I hate ribbing because I hate switching the yarn back and forth between knits and purls. So I have wondered from time to time about Norwegian purling.

But usually when I Google Norwegian purl, I happen not to have a piece of knitting in my hands (inconvenient, no?) and can’t try it out on the fly. And I read the instructions and go “Wha–?”

During my lunchbreak today, with unfinshed tiger sock in hand, I once again Googled “Norwegian purl” and started checking out the links. There are a number of pages with instructions, some of them with photos. But the site that really did it for me was, which has videos of techniques. Be still, my heart! This page has the link to the video showing the Norwegian purl technique.

I played the video approximately 4,572 times and actually figured out how to execute a Norwegian purl. And did a couple of rounds on the ribbing on my sock. Successfully Norwegian purling the purl stitches, I might add.

Okay, for the record, I am not continuing to Norwegian purl on the sock ribbing. The Norwegian purl technique requires a little extra movement per stitch. I’m doing a 5 by 5 rib. If I were doing a k1 p1 rib, I would use the Norwegian purl, because the little extra movement on each stitch is still quicker than moving the yarn from back to front and front to back between each stitch. But with 5 purls in a row, I find it quicker to purl in my usual manner, because I’m only moving the position of the working yarn once every 5 stitches.

It’s all about economy of movement, ya know?


So yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. You just have to show the old dog the new trick over and over and over again.

I’m sooooooo close to being done with the second tiger sock. Sooooooo close . . .

sock050206 Old Dog? New Trick?

I ought to be able to finish this baby tonight (provided I don’t pass out early like I did last night).

The tiger socks remind me of something I purchased (via eBay) a while back. Lookie here:

tiger050206 Old Dog? New Trick?

This is Siberian Tiger fur. I bought it from this eBay seller. And this is the description that accompanied the auction:

1 ounce of beautiful Siberian Tiger – yes, it’s true. This is definately an exotic!!! It’s just beautiful. It’s very cool to spin on a spindle. Tiger is quite short (1.5″ – 2″). No vegetable matter. It’s fun to spin. This has to be the most rare exotic. Who the heck would chase a tiger around?? I am fortunate enough to know a couple in Western Washington who has raised 2 Siberians as pets, and they do shed occaisionally … if you want to get in there and touch them. These people have a zoo permit, wonderful high fenced in acreage for them to roam free, and most likely nervous neighbors! They are just gorgeous, huge animals, who are alive, well and happy. This fiber resembles Chiengora in that it fluffs out when knit. Softness resembles Malamute dog but they are definately BIG CATS. Siberians are carmel, black and white so this fiber is all of that mixed up. Treat yourself to this unusual and certainly one of a kind fiber from one of the most endangered species of BIG CAT.

Will I ever spin it? Am I capable of spinning it? Who knows? But I did know that I had to have it.

tiger050206a Old Dog? New Trick?

(FYI: At the time I bought the fiber, the seller stated she had 6 ounces of it and was putting it up on eBay an ounce at a time — I purchased one ounce. I don’t know if she’s sold the rest of it at this point.)

Tour Dates

Okie dokie — the last tour date has been scheduled: Knitty City in NYC on May 21. The upcoming dates are listed over there in the sidebar. I’m removing past dates as they . . . uh . . . pass.

Lucy seems impressed.

lucy050206 Old Dog? New Trick?


How’s that for a whiz-bang exciting blog title? Woo-hoo!

Not surprisingly, I did not get a lot of knitting done this past weekend, but I did a little.

Deirdre’s back is now done past the armhole shaping. I ought to be able to have the back done in the next couple of days.

deirdre050106 Monday

The edges now sport a half cable — I really like how that looks.

deirdre050106a Monday

But I confess that I spent a fair amount of time yesterday afternoon working on the second Tiger sock.

sock050106 Monday

I want to get this done asap, because I am pining for socks made from this:

sockyarn050106 Monday

This is one of the skeins of Lisa Souza’s Sock! yarn that I showed you last week, in the Mahogany colorway. Must . . . have . . . socks . . . made . . . from . . . this . . . yarn . . .

I plan on doing a lacy ribbie thing on the leg, so that will be exciting!

My Official WendyKnits Wristwarmers

I said I’d post a better photo of them, and I am a woman of my word. Are they not lovely? Thanks, Johanne!

wrist050106 Monday

The yarn is Rowan Wool cotton, which was perfectly comfortable for spring wear!

wrist050106a Monday

My Official WendyKnits Banner/Scarf/Table Runner

L-B used the letters from the Debbie Bliss The Baby Knits Book that Amelia used when she made her alphabet blanket a while back. Here’s a fun close-up for you!

banner050106 Monday

New Stop on the Wendy Knits Tour

Please note that on June 3, we’ve added an appearance at Carodan Farm, 12 – 2pm. This is coinciding with their SoXperience 2006 event, which you can read about here. Looks like fun to me!

Lucy agrees.

lucy050106 Monday