My current work in progress:

Kenmare, by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softknit Cotton, using 4mm and 4.5mm needles.

The Vortex of Doom

Getting into beads is like being sucked into the vortex of doom.

Thank-you, Susan, for putting it so eloquently.

For those of you who are willing to be sucked into the vortex of doom, check out Purse Paradise, a source Susan recommended on her blog for supplies for making beaded purses. They have patterns, kits, beads, threads, purse frames, needles, etc. In short, everything you need to make a beaded purse.

In a rare fit of self-restraint, I did not order anything when I checked out the website. Must be something wrong with me. Maybe I’d better take my temperature and see if I have a fever.

Seriously, though, I went through a bead and jewellry-making period a number of years ago, and a few years ago gave away all my supplies and tools to a friend who was just embarking on the obsession. I am doing my best to resist the temptation to start all that up again.

Questions from the comments:

Alysa asked:
Does the pattern actually have the beads in (-like curves, or is it just the angle of the photograph?

The beads curve a little because at some points in the pattern you are slipping several beads between stitches — so the weight of the beads make the curve. Very clever, I thought.

Knittingnurse pointed me to another website where you can buy kits for beaded purses:
Ho boy! If you enjoyed THAT one, you really need to check out They have some really nice beaded bag pattern/kits. These are big enough to use as actual evening bags, etc. Most are just big enough to carry a girls “MILK” – Money, Identification, Lipstick and Keys!

Thank you. I’m averting my eyes from that site as well.

Shirley offered a link to a site with beaded fish for Lucy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lucy sez:


Now you’re talking!

TeriP asked:
Do you like knitting with that fine stuff?

I do. I’ve always liked very fine work and miniatures. Now I’m not sure I’d want to knit a 15 by 15-inch purse on size 000 needles with seed beads, but the tiny amulet bag was a quick and satisfying project. And really quite easy to make — honest! Not as fiddly as you might think.

Dave commented:
What I liked the most about the one and only beaded knit piece I’ve seen — a bookmark — was the feel of it. Very slinky. I totally didn’t expect that, and it was totally cool.

Excellent observation, and that’s exactly how this little bag feels — slinky. Because the beads can move slightly, it gives it a slinky feel when you handle it. And the little bag is surprisingly heavier than it looks — the weight of the beads.

Ellen commented:
I have a suggestion: if you’re picturing something small, could you please include a familiar object — a quarter or a business card, for instance, to give an idea of scale.

I photographed it on my laptop computer, so you could see the size next to the keys on the keyboard. But just for you, here’s a pic of the bag with a quarter! ๐Ÿ™‚


State of the Sock In Progress

The first sock in Opal Handpainted is coming along nicely — see?


Getting Serious for a Moment

A reader emailed me last night, chastizing me for not “remembering” the 5th anniversary of 9/11, telling me it was my “duty” as a blogger to mention it. I was going to ignore the email (as I often do with thoughtless and/or idiotic emails), but I find that this time I can’t.

Five years ago, as I do today, I worked in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol and lived in the shadow of the Pentagon. Not a single day has passed since then that I have not thought about the events of 9/11 and the people murdered that day. Life changed that day. Forever.

Every day as the subway stops at the Pentagon, I think about the kind-looking Army officer I used to see get off there every morning, who I last saw on the morning of 9/11.

Every time someone who acts nervous gets on a train I wonder if it’s a terrorist.

Every time I pull my knitting out on a train I wonder (possibly irrationally) if I’m making anyone else nervous by wielding sharp pointy sticks.

Every morning as I go through airport-like security to enter the federal building where I work, I wonder if someone with a weapon will slip through the screening process. (It has happened once that I know of.)

Every time a plane flies through the no-fly zone over my office, my heart sinks.

Every time our evacuation alarm goes off, my heart sinks.

Et cetera. Dear reader, rest assured that I do remember. I don’t see how I could ever forget.

So no, I watched no memorials or 9/11 “specials” on television. I did not watch the news. I did not feel the need to do anything to mark a five year anniversary (apart from feeling horrendously sad all day), because it is something that is with me every single day.

This is just me. I am in no way trying to tell people how to feel, what to say, or when, or where to say it. And I respectfully ask that people extend me the same courtesy.

My blog is predominantly about knitting and I will keep it that way.

There. End of rant. Let’s not speak of this again. ๐Ÿ™‚

But lookie here. Can you guess what this is?



  1. Hey Wendy!
    Check out my mock LUCY socks

    Let me know what you thinkg!

  2. I understand your feelings perfectly and understand also how isolating it feels when so many others want to make a show out of something that practically smacks you in the face day after day. Gather strength from your own dignity and try to ignore the idiots.

  3. Love your amulet bag! Is that your pattern, a kit, a pattern from some other source, i.e., where can I find instructions to make one? I never thought I would be interested in beaded knits, but, well, never say never : – ). BTW, I agree that no adult (or child?) who was alive and conscious on 9/11/01 needs reminding of the events of 9/11; if some people want to wade in the muck of memories, that is their choice but why in heaven’s name do they insist everyone else do the same?*&!
    P.S. I heart Lucy; she is indeed a “doll.”

  4. I could not agree with you more. I live in Annapolis and know people who were in the Pentagon that day as well. You are right, it never goes away. God bless you–thank you for your blog–come visit mine–I just started.

  5. Kidsilk Haze?

  6. Wendy,
    I totally agree with your comments about living with September 11. I lived on the Jersey shore close to the ferry terminal where the survivors were to transported for medical treatment. Well it was depressing when no one came. Living with September 11 everyday is my tribute. My health has suffered since 9-11. The asthma is out of control and I was on disability for quite some time. My husband and I moved to Utah a year ago and are making a new life. The memorial may help some people but living with Sept. 11 is how I have tribute for those who died.

  7. Thanks for summing up how many of us in DC feel. IT will always be a part of our everyday lives, not a once a year thing…

  8. Repeats over and over to herself “Just say no to beads, just say no” LOL

    We all deal with the loss and sadness of that day in our own way. This was actually the first year I was able to write about and watch it on the news without breaking down. We all have our stories and it’s up to each individual when how and if to make it public.

    Every morning I think Carpe Diem.

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