My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

And the Knitting Mojo is Still in Place

I’m booking right along on Keelan. Here is the finished left front:

keelan100406 And the Knitting Mojo is Still in Place

I’ve started the right front. At this rate, I may have it completed early next week.

A number of you have asked if I’m going to make the pattern available and I keep forgetting to answer. The answer is yes, eventually. 🙂

Roseann asked:
Do you ever knit both sides of a cardigan at the same time? or sleeves at the same time?

Never. And I never knit two socks at the same time. I just prefer doing things one at a time. 🙂

A couple of you asked which wheel I’m using to spin up the BFL. It’s the Lendrum. I find the Lendrum the easiest and most fun to spin on and as an added bonus, I’ve got a Woolee Winder on the Lendrum.

lendrum100406 And the Knitting Mojo is Still in Place

Kris asked:
What kinds of things have you knitted with your handspun? Have you ever knitted a sweater or something…um….big? If so can we see a picture? I’m a new spinner and I love seeing finished objects made from the knitter’s own handspun.

I’ve knitted scarves and hats and mittens and fingerless gloves . . . and a couple of sweaters. One sweater is Teal Hogget, and you can see a photo of it here. The free pattern for the sweater (in pdf format) is here.

Lucy sez:

lucy100406 And the Knitting Mojo is Still in Place

It’s Wednesday! Wiggle for all you’re worth!

Crikey! I’ve Found Me Mojo!

My spinning mojo, that is.

I had some lovely Lisa Sousa BFL roving in my stash, and pulled it out today. The colorway is “Beach Stone.”

roving100306 Crikey! Ive Found Me Mojo!

I didn’t do much, but I did spin a bit of it.

singles100306 Crikey! Ive Found Me Mojo!

It’s lovely stuff, and it will be very interesting to see what the yarn looks like once it is all spun and plied.


Here is the left side front.

keelan100306 Crikey! Ive Found Me Mojo!

In the photo, I’m at the point where I start decreasing for the v-neck. Shortly thereafter, I start the armhole decreases. Then things go quicker and quicker because, of course, the rows get shorter and shorter due to the decreases.

Washer and Dryer Hijinks

Many of you cleverly figured out that my hypothetical washer and dryer situation was, indeed, real. Jeez, you guys are smart.

At this point, I have the new 30 amp outlet installed. And I have been granted special dispensation from the Pope condo board president to have the new appliances delivered as scheduled, early next week. (Not only is sucking up a useful job skill, it works in these sorts of situations as well.)

My old washer and dryer owe me absolutely nothing. They were bordering on elderly when I bought my condo in May 1994. They have given me almost twelve and a half years of faithful service until last Sunday when the washer gasped its last gasp. So I don’t begrudge them a decent burial. They’ve served me well.

And if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be doing a lot of laundry next week to make up for being without a washer & dryer for a little over a week.

Lucy is exhausted just thinking about it.

lucy100306 Crikey! Ive Found Me Mojo!

Serenity Now

Have you ever noticed that when something goes wrong, it usually goes wrong as dramatically as possible?

Here’s an example: when one’s washing machine dies, it will do so before the spin cycle so that not only does one have a tub of completely soaked laundry out of which one has to attempt to wring the water, but as a bonus, one also has to manually bail the water out of the dead washer.

Why do I use this example? Oh, no reason . . .

Further escalating the situation would be the fact that the old dryer is hard-wired into the wall and one has to get an electrician to come out and disconnect it and install a plug before one’s sparkling new “laundry center” can be delivered, And then one has to fight with the condo office about the delivery date of said sparkling new laundry center. Apparently one needs an act of Congress to be allowed to sully the sacred loading dock and actually having something delivered. Cripes.

But like I said, this is all just a hypothetical situation.

Lucy has reason to bitch and moan, because she was subjected to a trip to the vet today (just a check-up). She spent a good part of the rest of the day doing this:

lucy100206 Serenity Now

And despite hypothetical homeowner hijinks which have diverted my attention away from knitting, I did manage to finish the back of Keelan.

keelan100206 Serenity Now

Alert the media.

No Time to Blog

Because we are busy here. Lucy is busy napping:

lucy100106 No Time to Blog


lucy100106a No Time to Blog

It’s a tough job!

lucy100106b No Time to Blog

But someone has to do it.

lucy100106c No Time to Blog

Me? I’m knitting on Keelan.

keelan100106 No Time to Blog

I’ll be back tomorrow or Tuesday.