My current work in progress:

Newlyn Jacket, by Jane Gottelier, knit from Rowan Original Denim, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.

No Time to Blog — I’m Busy Bohus-ing!

But it occurred to me that I had not posted a Bohus photo in a while. I finished the back and embarked on a sleeve (do alert the media, would you?):


The k1 p1 ribbing in black on a 2mm needle was not fun. just sayin’.

When I was picking up the stitches for a sleeve, I noticed a boo-boo in the yoke!


See that errant white stitch there? That’s supposed to be black. Hmmmmph.

I can certainly duplicate stitch over it in black, but I’m thinking I’ll leave it as it is. You know . . . just because.

What would you do? Fix it to make it look perfect or leave the flaw? I’m just curious.

Lucy thinks that flawed or not, it does make a most excellent blanket.


Okie dokie, back to the Bohus. I’ll be back on Sunday with a year-end wrap-up!


  1. Laura Murphy says:

    fiiiiiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ittttttttttttt… (laughing at myself now ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I first started reading the comments, I was in the leave it category, but now I suspect it will keep ME awake if you leave it. How silly, I know-especially from an avowed freeformer like me!

    Regardless of my own neurosis, your work is beautiful and I am tickeled to have found your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. leave it, makes it a one of a kind, right??
    btw, got my bohus book friday and reading thru it. Excellent.Am really getting into the history of the knitting, w/bohus, scandinavian, estonia, latvian, fairisle.. fascinating.. Bringing allot of meaning to knitting those types of sweaters and mittens. thanks for sharing your knowledge w/us fellow knitters. Happy new year!!

  3. If it was me, assuming I could even knit something so complex and beautiful, I would probably leave it or duplicate stitch over the errant stitch. It’s a gorgeous sweater, Wendy.

  4. Beautiful work. Being a perfectionist (my burden to live with) I would fix it, because after all that precise and difficult yet fun work, my eye would constantly go to that point where I made the boo-boo. Lucy is adorable!

  5. If it were me, I’d just drop that stitch down and work it in black. Easy, quick, and then it wouldn’t niggle at me. My 2 cents.

  6. We all had a good laugh at The Yarn Lounge today when L-B came in for her last yarn purchase before 2007. Good luck with Knit from Your Stash from one who wouldn’t even pretend to try.

    And I says, it’s your sweater, do whatever you want about that stitch. (I would leave it if it were mine but I tie knots in yarn sometimes.)

  7. Love the Bohus! I think I would leave the error. I sometimes like the small errors in my knitting. Helps you remember that it is hand made!

    Happy New Year!!!

  8. Happy New Year, Wendy and Lucy! Whatever you decide, the Bohus is stunningly beautiful. Enjoy it. May you have many happy knitting hours in 2007, and may Lucy find a flock of baby chicks who need adopting.

  9. Ann Carpenteer says:

    There is a quilting superstition that one should always make one mistake to prove that only God can make a perfect thing. There is also the story of Arachnae who was turned into a spider for challenging the goddesses to a spinning contest. That said, I am such a crippled perfectionist that I would probably paint over it with permanent fabric paint and THEN duplicate stitch over it so there would NEVER be any way anyone could tell. Then, I would never wear the sweater anyway because I could tell and would never be happy with it. Just me.
    Ann in Dallas, Texas

  10. I’d leave it, justify it with the Arachnae story, but really and truly because no one else will see it, and I’m not a perfectionist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Is it in the front or back? Will you look at it every time you put this gorgeous piece of knitting on and bemoan the fact that it’s not perfect? If not, then it’s a design feature – you meant to do it…
    Happy 2007!

  12. I would leave it, as we used to say at fashion college, ‘make it a design feature!’
    Happy Knitterly New Year!! Love Jacinta x

  13. Please leave it! It doesn’t mean the work is or not perfect… just proves you’re human, like the rest of us… although you’re a heck of a speedy knitter! Beautiful, beautiful work! My cats like to sleep on (or under) my knit projects too!
    Happy Knit Year! luv.m.

  14. I’m all for leaving it as is too. It is going to be absolutly amazing.

  15. Louise in Maryland says:

    What would Elizabeth Zimmerman do?

    I’d leave it, unless it bothered me, then I’d drop stitches down and fix it. The entire enterprise is entirely for your amusement – no one is paying you and able to demand perfection OR adherence to a time schedule, you don’t NEED to get it done to keep from freezing to death. There are no knitting police able to beat you with sticks for leaving in a mistake. One of the few areas in life where you need please no one but yourself.