My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

More On Comments

Tracy commented on Thursday’s blog post:
How do you manage the comments you receive? Do you just set aside an hour, or two, or three each day to read them all and then respond accordingly? Or do you read them periodically through the day? I have to admit, you seem to be one of the best comment-acknowledge-ers I’ve seen!

Well, I’m glad I give that impression, because I feel that a lot of time I fall down on the job of comment acknowledgment. Comment management is sporadic here at WendyKnits. Sometimes I respond via email, sometimes in a subsequent blog post. Sometimes I don’t respond at all, if it’s been a particularly busy day and I’ve had a lot of email to respond to as well.

I’ve been blogging for a long time (um, for 5 years as of TODAY, actually) and have never really been sure of blog etiquette on comments. Are you supposed to respond to each one? Do the commenters think you’re a pest if you do?

As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of the time when I respond to a comment via email, it bounces back to me as undeliverable. (I’ve noticed this particularly with hotmail email addresses.) Sometimes if the question is asked several times, or it’s one that I think would be of interest to many, so I answer it in a blog post. I’ve gotten email from people who tell me they like this, and I like it too. I like hearing what other people think, and I like the back and forth exchange it seems to foster. So I’ll continue to do so.

And Speaking of Comments

Here’s a good one from Judy:

I bought drop-dead gorgeous lace-weight yarn at Stitches East. It’s a single100-gram ball of 2400 yards of stunningly variegated 100% merino thread, practically. The colors are deep plums and auburns and blues–very autumnal.

I want to challenge myself and make a stunning lace project with this yarn, yet I’m so overwhelmed by the choice that I haven’t been able to do anything but stare at it.

The vendor is a Russian couple and the name of the booth (and site) is Skaska Designs, if that helps place it. I’ve looked for a photo of the yarn online and can’t even find it on their site.

Anyway–I’m nervous about ruining the yarn, but also about choosing just the right lace pattern to show off the variegated yarn. The color changes are slow from what I’ve seen so far.

Any ideas? I’d love to see/read what your readers might suggest, or to learn if anyone else has used this yarn.

You might not like this answer (grin), but depending no how variegated the yarn is, it would be better suited to a simpler lace pattern. The more the variegation, the more it will hide intricate lace.

Has anyone used this yarn? Judy, could you mebbe post a photo of it on your blog?

Speaking of Lace

The Alpine lace:

alpine040107 More On Comments

I’ve got 25 more rows to knit on this. I’ll likely not block it tonight, though. In fact, I may wait a bit. I ordered some interlocking foam squares to aid in the blocking process and I might wait til those arrive before finishing this off.

Book Giveaway

The recipient of the Peter Robinson mystery is Nina S. Nina, I’ve emailed you!

Five Freaking Years

As I mentioned above, today is my five-year blog-i-versary. Wheeeeee! In celebration, if you leave a comment on this post by Thursday April 5, noon, EDT, you will be put in a random drawing to win a fiber-y prize. Yup, this time, leave a comment (as opposed to sending an email). Yes, you may call this “blatant whoring for comments” if you like. Carry on.

And Another Milestone

My car’s odometer last week:

odometer033007 More On Comments

The Lucy Report

We’ve spent the weekend pampering her and catering to her every kitty whim. Clearly this agrees with her.

lucy040107 More On Comments

She’s still limping, but I think she’s feeling better.


  1. Katherine C says:

    Happy anniversary!–I’ve been following your adventures since before you had a blog! I was on a Norgi sweater list you were on. You had a webpage back then.

    I’m also a neighbor–work at 12th & Penn and live in suburban Maryland.

  2. Man, did it take me forever to scroll down to the bottom of this page! I can’t even imagine how long it’ll take you to read all of the comments you get!

    Happy blogiversary!

  3. Congrats on the anniversary!

  4. Congrats on the anniversary!

  5. If you’re a comment whore, so am I. I also elicited comments for a prize for my blog’s anniversary and was overwhelmed with respones. Apparently there are also a lot of yarn whores out there and here I am one too.

    I read your blog daily but seldom post a comment. I really enjoy your knitting adventures! It’s fun to see what others’ are up to in the fiber department. I also have to blame you a bit for being an enabler. I’ve often had to check out your latest fibers and yarns to buy for myself 😉

    I have a question about the Rockin’ Sock Club pattern that came with the latest shipment of Monsoon. I haven’t started them yet and was wondering if they are bumpier underfoot than regular stockinette soles? I have diabetes and my feet are very sensitive.

  6. Holy comments, batman! I feel compelled to break out of lurkdom because after breaking my yarn diet this week the only way I can possibly get my hands on new fibre is to win it.


    Lucy might need to limp more often! I would.

  7. Comment. Comment. Comment. 😉

    Seriously, happy anniversary and mileage whateverness.

  8. Giving away prizes is an excellent way to ascertain exactly just how many people read your blog. Maybe I should start giving away chocolate and seeing how many people respond…

    Happy blogiversary!

  9. hi —

    i taught myself to knit about 1960, knitted intermittently until the mid-’80s, when a combination of carpal tunnel problems, arthritis and heavy kid-sponsibilities led me to give it up.

    about a year ago, i resumed knitting — cautiously at first, and found that it actually helped my arthritic thumbs and wrists, without making my tunnels carp. now i’m about to try my first pair of socks.

    i read your blog faithfully, following your adventures and lucy’s. my 5-year-old granddaughter loves the video of lucy playing with her toys.

    we have a thursday-night knitting group, and you are among our favorite authors, whether we’re veterans or newbies.

    happy blogiversary!

    ellen in indianapolis

  10. happy bloggiversary!!!!!

  11. Happy Blogiversary Wendy and Lucy, may there be many more!!

  12. Congratulations! I love to see the kitty pics, and your work brings me inspiration.

  13. Happy Anniversary! The lace is looking WONDERFUL!

    Sweet Lucy…hope you feel better.

  14. Five Years! How time flies!
    You must be the longest running knitting blogger.

  15. Marie-france says:

    Happy anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog,it’s always the last thing I do before going to bed as I am in the UK. Hope you continue for many years to come!

  16. Hi Wendy – congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. I’m loving the Alpine Lace.

  17. Wow! Five years! Congratulations, and here’s to five more!

  18. Happy Blogiversary! Here’s to another five years of fiberlicious fun!

  19. Happy Bloggiversary!!!!!

    You may be “blatant whoring for comments”, but the rest of us are “blatant whoring for fiber!!”

    My cats and I enjoy your blog.

  20. Happy Blogoversary! Congrats on reaching 5 years. That’s quite a milestone.

    Hope Lucy feel better soon.

  21. Shirley, in PA says:

    Happy anniversary! So this makes 5 years I’ve been reading your blog. I remember when you used to post to the Knitlist, and when you started the Fearless Fair Isle knitalong. That was my first knitting fair isle, but I never finished the sweater, just turned it into a purse (my gauge was just too tight for anything else). Wendy, you are so generous with ideas and advice and help on so many aspects of knitting. Keep blogging and I’m sure you will attract even more readers. Give Lucy a kiss for me.

  22. Anne S. says:

    Congratulations on your Blog anniversary! You are so inspiring!

    I have 2 questions:

    I’ve been wondering, since you are so good at designing, why are so many of the things you knit designed by other people?

    How do you keep Lucy from stealing your yarn? My cats are well supplied with catnip mice but still feel the need to take my yarn whether it’s in plastic bags or loos as balls or skeins.

  23. Well, your anniversary is reason to leave a comment, I believe. So – happy anniversary and I’m happy to see Lucy is feeling better!

  24. Debbie D. says:

    Congratulations on 5 years! I started reading blogs in the summer of 2003 and your blog was one of the first I discovered. I’m normally not much of a commenter, but I certainly enjoy reading your blog!

  25. Mellanie says:

    Congratulations on the blogiversary! Five years is really quite a committment, especially given how consistently you post. I really enjoy your blog and how you handle the comments.

    Wonder if Lucy will be expecting this level of pampering from now on. Although I expect she gets a lot of pampering all the time, anyway.

  26. Here I am! Way down here! #226, I think! See me? Happy Blogiversary!

  27. Well, as with everything else you do, I stand in awe. This time I stand in awe of you completing five years of blogging. Congratulations. I don’t know how you find the time or energy. Glynda

  28. You may be “blatantly whoring for comments” but I’m blatantly whoring for a fibery prize! I love your blog: when I have only a few minutes to catch up on my Bloglines, yours is always one of my choices. Carry on!

  29. Happy Blogiversary. As a blogger for a mere few months, I stand in awe of your verbocity! And I thank you for all the insights, tips and tricks you’ve shared along the way.

    How old is your car?! I thought I had low mileage (5 years, 32,000 miles) but you are clearly a testament to the wonders of public transportation!

  30. Thanks for sharing your knitting life with all of us. Congrats on five years blogging!! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  31. marcela Hanford says:

    Happy 5 years!!!
    I am glad Lucy is feeling better!

  32. Happy blogiversary! 5 years, wow! That’s commitment 🙂

  33. Margaret says:

    The Alpine lace is gorgeous. I love how classic white lace looks.

    And Happy Blogiversary!

  34. Happy Blogiversary! I wonder if I’ll still be blogging in 5 years….I’ve made it 4 months. 🙂 Glad to here that Lucy is doing better.

  35. Happy 5th. Glad Lucy is getting better. Happy knitting.

  36. Awww, Lucy – I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    Yay you for 5 years! Oooo, blocking foam blocks? Coool, this I have to see. Much better than my bed for blocking, by the sounds of it.

  37. Kelly Primmer says:

    Happy 5th blogiversary! Today is my 14th anniversary!

    I LOOVE reading about what your doing and what Lucy is up to. Your socks make my hands itch to knit some. I am soo creepy…

  38. Happy Blog-a-versary! And happy 7500 miles to your car! Wow, mine is 4 years old and just had it’s 50,000 mile check-up.
    Get better soon wishes to Lucy.
    Sheri in GA

  39. Hi Wendy. I’ve been perusing your blog for quite a while and I just love it. Thank you (and congrats) for 5 years of thoughtful, funny, and educational entries. As a new (and sporatic) blogger, your blog is inspiring.

  40. did someone say fiber-y prize…yummy
    My 17 pound cat Deputy loves to help knit, which usually doesn’t present much of a problem until the 25 pound dog thinks the two of us are knitting too slowly and she decides to dispense yarn. Lucy looks much too well mannered to help with knitting unless invited.

  41. Happy Blogiversary!!!! : )

    Barkley and I hope that Lucy gets well VERY soon!

  42. Congrats on your big blog jubilee! It’s been a pleasure and an inspiration to share some of those years with you 🙂

  43. congratulations and thank you! It’s got to be an enormous time commitment and it’s a great piece of work. I’ve made several kitty beds and toe up socks and couldn’t have done it without you. Reading your blog has become a daily ritual and I miss it on the weekends. I noticed that’s its just a few hours since you announced your comment random give away and it’s already up to 235. What are the chances of reaching 7500 to match your odometer by Thursday’s deadline?

  44. Thanks for your website, Wendy. It’s very useful.

    Like Judy, I bought some variegated yarn for a shawl that turned out to be cobweb weight. I’m going to try to use it for a Leaf Lace Shawl, and if it’s too fine, I’m considering getting a solid color yarn to double the weight.

  45. Happy Blogversary Wendy!!! I wish that I had discovered you (and the whole blog-sphere in general) sooner, but better late than never!

  46. Hi Wendy,
    Happy Blogiversary – and glad Lucy is improving. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now – and have read all the archival entries too – love them and the info you give.

  47. Kathleen says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!
    I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years and really enjoy it. Glad to hear that Lucy is feeling better.
    Looking forward to another 5 years.

  48. Five years! I still can’t make up my mind to do a blog. What a daunting task to do it for 5 years — congrats for all you do to support knitters.

  49. congrats on five blogging years!
    And I’m sure you know you have the prettiest cat ever!

  50. Thank you for 5 years of generosity! Congratulations.

  51. Melissa Magee says:

    I love your blog! Happy blogger-versary!

  52. I noticed the penguin in the pic of Lucy. Do you collect? My 16 yr old daughter has collected penguin things for a few years now. It’s amazing how much penguin stuff is out there, especially since the movies and cartoons. Actually, that has somewhat discouraged her collecting – it’s just not as unique now that every 5 year old in North America has a stuffed penguin or penguin lunch box or whatever.
    I like different blogs for different reasons. I check yours every day except Friday and Saturday, and it really feels like just checking in with someone I ‘know’ to see what she’s up to. I know there is always going to be something interesting – new yarn, new sock, new information…Keep on bloggin’!

  53. Happy blogiversary!! Hmm, I wonder if Lucy’s made the connection between the extra special treatment and the limp….

  54. Happy Blogiversary Wendy! I had just such an “issue” where I turned my comments to moderate (with no memory of doing so). I thought I was blackballed from the community (silly me). Even though it may be considered rude not to answer comments, (I don’t beleive that’s in Post’s manual though), one has to consider where they’re leaving them. In a very popular blog (like yours) it shouldn’t be considered rude, due to the fact that you do knit, have a life and you do teach and share much through your blog. If constant interaction is what we seek, we need to do it with like-minded time-enabled folks. I love comments and back and forth bantering very much, but I do read some (OK many) blogs where the owner does not respond, but hey, there’s the choice thing. I read because I enjoy the reading, not because I expect something in return, which simply reading gives that anyway. I’m happy Lucy is feeling better and wish you a very Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for all you have taught me. (Your book helps alot too) 😉

  55. Wow. Five years! Congrats. That puts you right there in the early days. I’ve been at it almost four years–but it really doesn’t seem that long. What did we do before blogging?!! 🙂

    I always enjoy seeing your works in progress, as well as the completed ones. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  56. Hi hi. I don’t think I’ve commented before, but I’ve been reading for awhile. I love all your knitting and Lucy pictures. Happy blogiversary! =)

  57. chelsea says:

    YAY Blogiversaries. I find it amusing the anniversary is on April 1st. I’ve been tricked too many times today though, so I’m more suspicious than usual. 😀

  58. Happy Blogiversary! Lucy is gorgeous as always, and I’m glad she’s feeling better!

  59. Happy Blogiversary! Yours is one of the best, a must read. And I love prizes.

  60. Happy Blog-i-versary! I’ve been enjoying your blog for the past 2 years(a little late on the blogging train). Happy Knitting!

  61. I certainly don’t expect a response to every comment I leave on a blog. It’s nice if I get one, but it’s not strictly necessary. It would also be nice if the commentee went over to my blog and commented too, but again, not necessary….

  62. Congratulations from a long-time lurker! I’m not posting just because of the prize, I swear! Ok, maybe a little…

  63. Woo Hoo! 5 years! That’s pretty cool! Congrats and I look forward to another 5 years of reading.

  64. Cynthia says:

    Way to go, Wendy! Congratulations on the blog-iversary. It has only been a few months since I “found” you, but I have been inspired to try your toe-up socks (thanks!), and I am even contemplating LACE. Oooohhh….scary!

  65. Glad Lucy is feeling better. Kitties always seem to get better faster after some pampering. And as a new blogger (11 months) I’m glad to not be the other one to not know the proper etiquette for comment responses!

  66. Happy Blogiversary!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing that shawl blocked. It’s already beautiful.

    Glad to hear you’re paying proper attention to your poor, damaged kitty. Hugs to Lucy.

  67. Happy Blogiversary!!

    I’m anxiously awaiting your next project! Give Lucy hugs from me and my crew.

  68. Happy anniversary! I love reading your blog – it never fails to inspire me to actually leav the computer desk and go pick up my needles. Thank you! Snuggles for Lucy, too.

  69. Happy Blog-a-versary!!

  70. Happy anniversary! I’ve only recently discovered knitting blogs, and yours is an inspiration! I’m hoping to have one up and running soon. I hope Lucy continues to feel better, and your knitting is gorgemous. I can only hope to glean from a master! 🙂

  71. Hey, congrats lady! 5 years is awesome!

  72. I’m new at the knitting and the blogging, but yours was one of the first sites I started stalking — thanks for everything! My cat Lucy hopes your Lucy feels better!

  73. I hope Lucy continues to feel better. I’m sure the pampering is helping and that she is enjoying it immensely. Happy blog-a-versary!

  74. Happy fifth!

    The Alpine Lace is looking great…can’t wait to see some photos of it once it’s blocked.

  75. Heather Hagen says:

    Congrats on your 5th year. I’m just sad that it took me until 2006 to discover you.

    In regards to the comment from Judy: I am knitting Rona, a circular shawl from Knitpicks in a very varigated purple color way of Helen’s Lace (I can’t remember the name of the color way). The shawl, to me, has a rather intricate lace-design (however, it is my first big lace project), but the varigation doesn’t detract from the lace itself. It is comming along wonderfully and the lighter shades of purple are actually accentuating the lace patterns. It may be that the pattern is just great and can show off both the yarn and the lacey beauty.

  76. I think I have read all your posts to your blog for all five years, and still open it first when I get on line. I am glad you are choosing a winner via comments as my internet provider doesn’t want to conect me to your “contest” address. So far this year I have resisted buying any yarn, but I did buy a few knitting books and yesterday some crystal beads and some sweater wash made locally.

  77. I have been reading your blog for about a month and find it very fun as well as having lots of good knitting information and pictures. I just started a blog in January, and I never get any comments, so it blows my mind when I see all of the comments you receive. I wonder . . . could it be because your blog is better/funny/more interesting/well written?

  78. Margaret says:

    Five years, wow! I always enjoy reading your blog. Congrats!

  79. Debra in NC says:

    Happy blogiversary! Wow, five years, eh? That IS a milestone. And celebrate that odometer reading! Mine reads 169,000! I’m glad to hear that dear Lucy is enjoying the easy life, I sure hope that the limping ends soon.

  80. Happy Blogversary!!!

  81. Happy 5 year anniversary, Wendy. I love reading your blog each day.

  82. I’ve seen so many April Fool’s jokes today, I thought at first perhaps this was another one. Even if it is, happy blogivesary anyway, and thanks for all the knitting help along the way!

  83. Happy anniversary! I’ve enjoyed your blog as well as knitting socks from your instructions. Best wishes to Lucy for a speedy recovery, and to you for many more years of blogging fun!

  84. Steph B. says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve been reading for about a year now and enjoy it very much. Glad to hear Lucy is enjoying the pampering, but really, when don’t they?! Enjoy your day!

  85. I also love your blog! Congrats on keeping it going for 5 years. You are an inspiration to us all! And Lucy? Milk it sweetheart….you can get away with it!

  86. Happy Happy Wendy (and the lovely Lucy) !!

    You continue to inspire me as a fiber artist! I love looking at your work and appreciate this wonderful blog. It’s always upbeat and, as another fan stated, consistent. I love the pics and stories about Lucy almost as much as the pics and stories about your knitting projects. I am in awe of the superb craftsmanship of your work !!

    I loved the blog “A day in the life”… maybe once a month you could do a blog like that — it was fabulous!

    Keep blogging! So glad kitty is feeling better! She’s a lucky little girl! luv.m.

  87. happy blogiversary!

    this is my blatant whoring for fiber-y goodness 🙂

  88. Penny T says:

    Happy Anniversary. Yours is the blog that I feel I must read when I don’t have time to read more. It’s the most instructive and inspiring, while somehow light and witty, of the knitting blogs I’ve read. Thanks!

  89. Happy Blogging for another five! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Lucy.

  90. Congratulations! And I’m so glad my namesake is feeling better. =)

  91. Michelle says:

    Many congrats. I love your blog. You’re such an inspiration. I can never wait to see what will be next on the needles. Because of you – I have knit socks for the very first time (am now hooked!).

    Three cheers for Wendy Knits and here’s to the next 5 years…

  92. Happy 5 Years Wendy!

    Your daily writings inspire me on many levels – both knitting an otherwise. My husband and kids have also become big fans of Lucy and her hijinks!

  93. am enjoying the info you share..prompted me to buy your book…when is next one coming out? Jane

  94. Happy Anniversay to your blog. I think you do a wonderful job replying to comments! I really enjoy the pictures of Lucy. I hope she recovers quickly too. I’m curious as to how old your car is.. I just purchased mine last September, it is a 2007. My hubby and I car pool to work and it’s over 10,000 as of March!
    Happy Knitting!

  95. Juliette says:

    U R the Best. And I love a good Comment Whore..

  96. Happy Blogiversary Wendy – thanks for sharing your knitting experiences and your Lucy pics with us.

  97. Happy Blogiversary!

  98. Happy Blogiversary! And get well Lucy!

  99. Happy Blogiversary! As a relative virgin (i.e. <1 year), I appreciate reading the more seasoned blogs!

  100. Happy Blogiversary! Five years is VERY impressive. I certainly couldn’t keep it up for that long. And happy 7500 miles to your car, may it putt happily for thousands to come.