My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

More On Comments

Tracy commented on Thursday’s blog post:
How do you manage the comments you receive? Do you just set aside an hour, or two, or three each day to read them all and then respond accordingly? Or do you read them periodically through the day? I have to admit, you seem to be one of the best comment-acknowledge-ers I’ve seen!

Well, I’m glad I give that impression, because I feel that a lot of time I fall down on the job of comment acknowledgment. Comment management is sporadic here at WendyKnits. Sometimes I respond via email, sometimes in a subsequent blog post. Sometimes I don’t respond at all, if it’s been a particularly busy day and I’ve had a lot of email to respond to as well.

I’ve been blogging for a long time (um, for 5 years as of TODAY, actually) and have never really been sure of blog etiquette on comments. Are you supposed to respond to each one? Do the commenters think you’re a pest if you do?

As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of the time when I respond to a comment via email, it bounces back to me as undeliverable. (I’ve noticed this particularly with hotmail email addresses.) Sometimes if the question is asked several times, or it’s one that I think would be of interest to many, so I answer it in a blog post. I’ve gotten email from people who tell me they like this, and I like it too. I like hearing what other people think, and I like the back and forth exchange it seems to foster. So I’ll continue to do so.

And Speaking of Comments

Here’s a good one from Judy:

I bought drop-dead gorgeous lace-weight yarn at Stitches East. It’s a single100-gram ball of 2400 yards of stunningly variegated 100% merino thread, practically. The colors are deep plums and auburns and blues–very autumnal.

I want to challenge myself and make a stunning lace project with this yarn, yet I’m so overwhelmed by the choice that I haven’t been able to do anything but stare at it.

The vendor is a Russian couple and the name of the booth (and site) is Skaska Designs, if that helps place it. I’ve looked for a photo of the yarn online and can’t even find it on their site.

Anyway–I’m nervous about ruining the yarn, but also about choosing just the right lace pattern to show off the variegated yarn. The color changes are slow from what I’ve seen so far.

Any ideas? I’d love to see/read what your readers might suggest, or to learn if anyone else has used this yarn.

You might not like this answer (grin), but depending no how variegated the yarn is, it would be better suited to a simpler lace pattern. The more the variegation, the more it will hide intricate lace.

Has anyone used this yarn? Judy, could you mebbe post a photo of it on your blog?

Speaking of Lace

The Alpine lace:

alpine040107 More On Comments

I’ve got 25 more rows to knit on this. I’ll likely not block it tonight, though. In fact, I may wait a bit. I ordered some interlocking foam squares to aid in the blocking process and I might wait til those arrive before finishing this off.

Book Giveaway

The recipient of the Peter Robinson mystery is Nina S. Nina, I’ve emailed you!

Five Freaking Years

As I mentioned above, today is my five-year blog-i-versary. Wheeeeee! In celebration, if you leave a comment on this post by Thursday April 5, noon, EDT, you will be put in a random drawing to win a fiber-y prize. Yup, this time, leave a comment (as opposed to sending an email). Yes, you may call this “blatant whoring for comments” if you like. Carry on.

And Another Milestone

My car’s odometer last week:

odometer033007 More On Comments

The Lucy Report

We’ve spent the weekend pampering her and catering to her every kitty whim. Clearly this agrees with her.

lucy040107 More On Comments

She’s still limping, but I think she’s feeling better.