My current work in progress:

The Throwback by Andrea Mowry, knit from Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Worsted and Spincycle Yarns Dream State, using 4.5mm and 5mm needles.

Can I Have That With Hollandaise Sauce?

Work on the Asparagus Cable Sock continues.

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Asparagus Sock 070907

Mary commented:

I noticed that you’re doing the cabling on the foot. I tend to knit a plain stockinette foot because of the bulk factor of some of the stitch patterns. Do you find patterning on the foot to be uncomfortable when worn with shoes?

I tend to knit a plain stockinette foot too. But I opted for a cable all the way down to the toesies on this because it is a very flat cable, really more of a texture stitch than a cable. So it really doesn’t add a whole lot of bulk.

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Asparagus Sock Foot 070907

There was actually a lot of winkling around involved in the creation of this pattern.

I started with a 72-stitch sock because I figured the cables would draw it in enough that it would fit snugly against my foot, which is used to a 64-stitch sock. Actually, the photo in yesterday’s blog post is of the 72-stitch sock, moments before I ripped it out. It was way too loose. So I went down to 64 stitches and was pleased with the results.

However, after turning the heel, I added 2 stitches at each side to facilitate the putting on of the sock and the getting it up over the heel. So on the leg, there’s a total of 68 stitches. On each side there are two baby cables facing each other that are halves of the whole cable, with a purl gutter in the middle. I’m kinda fond of those baby cables.

764221684 277068bece m Can I Have That With Hollandaise Sauce?

Asparagus Sock Side 070907

I’ll go ahead and keep the 72-stitch version of the sock in my head, and write up the pattern for two sizes — medium and large. The larger size would be great for a larger woman’s foot and would also make an appropriate manly sock, I think.

Jenni asked:

Are the cables slowing your sock knitting progress (even though I know you cable without a needle)?

I actually think I knit faster with a pattern of some sort, because I find plain stockinette boring. I am cabling without a cable needle, and it is particularly easy to do so on these socks, because each twist is only 2 stitches.

I Keep Forgetting

A number of people have asked me if I’m involved in the Mystery Shawl project that is apparently the new hot thing in the blog-o-sphere. At first I hadn’t a clue what they were talking about, but I googled, and now I am in the know. Since then I’ve seen about a ga-jillion Mystery Shawls in progress on blogs.

But no, I’m not doing it. Given the number of shawls-in-progress I have seen, the whole “mystery” aspect of the project holds allure for a whole lot of people, but I am so not one of those people. You’ll never catch me knitting something sight unseen. I wanna see what something looks like before I’m gonna knit it. Lace in particular. I am extraordinarily and arbitrarily picky about the lace that I knit.

That said, what I’ve seen of the Mystery Shawl so far looks really lovely. 🙂

Lucy Sez

763364287 b653b26ffb m Can I Have That With Hollandaise Sauce?

Lucy 070907

“Look at the angle of this photo. Is Momma tipsy?”

Awwwww, You Guys . . .

I mean, seriously!

Thanks so much for all the comment-y and email-y love you’ve sent me over the past few days. Even though I haven’t been able to email you back, please know that I really appreciate it!

I’m trying to be a Brave Little Toaster about all this, as I said that to the KOARC the other day. This started a discussion about who the heck the Brave Little Toaster was. I only had the most nebulous of ideas, so it was googled. Wikipedia to the rescue. After reading the article, I really have no desire to see The Brave Little Toaster, even if it does have Jon Lovitz in it. But seriously, it does make me wonder how these concepts leap into my consciousness.

Speaking of the KOARC (well, we were, sort of), he’s been busily making avatars lately. He made a Southpark avatar for me using the Southpark Character Creator thingie. Here it is:

754813026 ee2152e97d m Awwwww, You Guys . . .

Southpark Wendy 070807

Considering some of the choices he could have made when creating it, I think this is very complimentary.

But I digress. Due, no doubt, to lack of sleep.

Hey, I finished the S(p)ocks.

754815060 920d731b8c m Awwwww, You Guys . . .

Spocks 070807

To recap, these are knit from Lime & Violet Vampyre Sock Yarn in the “Ensign Kim” colorway on 2mm needles.

753964817 6427c4f9d2 m Awwwww, You Guys . . .

Spocks closeup 070807

So I’ve knitted four pairs so far in the Summer of Socks.

754812938 7027e0f52c m Awwwww, You Guys . . .

Socks 070807

And of course I started another sock.

Check out this lovely sock yarn:

753956403 60b99257d1 m Awwwww, You Guys . . .

Sockpixie Yarn 070807

This yarn is from Sockpixie and the colorway is Asparagus. This is gorgeous sock yarn! It’s got a nice firm twist and the colorways are wonderful. Here’s the sock I started:

753947553 a9091d6eb0 m Awwwww, You Guys . . .

Asparagus Sock 070807

I’m calling these socks “Asparagus Cables” because I think the cables kinda sorta look like asparagus stalks. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I did buy some more Sockpixie yarn . . .

Nurse Lucy

Lucy has been a good little nurse. Sometimes she acts silly to distract me.

754807142 f5d932067e m Awwwww, You Guys . . .


She is very good about keeping track of my heating pad by sleeping on it.

753950341 a95499186e m Awwwww, You Guys . . .

Lucy on Heating Pad 070807

She clearly knows the importance of keeping up her strength with plenty of naps.

S(p)ocks It Is

You have spoken. The new socks will be named S(p)ocks.

And I finished one S(p)ock.

730533232 54bc9b3e40 m S(p)ocks It Is

Spock Sock 070507

A heel shot:

729675089 d615ad8283 m S(p)ocks It Is

Spock Sock Heel 070507

Teddy took the opportunity to model the toe of the second S(p)ock.

729664823 2cb45c9463 m S(p)ocks It Is

Sock Toe 070507
(Teddy has a new polar bear pal.)

We had a lovely Independence Day celebration. The KOARC made a great meal — oven-fried chicken, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and this for dessert.

730543264 23a1e094fb m S(p)ocks It Is

Strawberry Shortcake 070507

Strawberry shortcake. Yum.

Speaking of yum, I got something exciting in the mail today.

730544796 ad775fe097 m S(p)ocks It Is

Tess Sock Yarn 070507

Tess’ Designer Yarn sock yarn, from Michelle and Christy — a prize from their Arthritis Walk. I’ve never tried this sock yarn before so I am very excited to have it. It feels wonderful, and this colorway makes me hungry for berries. 🙂 Thanks, Michelle and Christy!

Not So Yum

I’ve hesitating mentioning this, because I don’t write a whole lot about my real-life issues on this blog, and I don’t want to use it to whine about my health. (That’s what emails and phone calls to my friends are for — heh!) However . .  .

For the past two weeks I’ve been having health issues that have caused me pain that ranges from bad to agonizing. I’m in the process of wading through the idiocy that is our health care system to get some resolution and relief, but it’s clear that this situation is going to continue for a while.

My point in telling you this is not to whine for sympathy. Rather, to let you know that my online time is by necessity lessened. I have good days and bad days — some days I can sit at the ‘puter for a while, others I just can’t. I habitually get lots of emails from people asking for knitting help. I always do my best to answer these, but right now I can’t keep up. I’m conserving my online time for blogging, because I enjoy writing the blog and would miss it if I stopped.

Don’t feel too bad for me — I’ve got lots of sick leave accrued, some very good drugs, and an MRI scheduled for early next week. I go to work when I feel up to it, stay home when I don’t.

So if you email me and I don’t respond, please cut me some slack, ‘nkay?

I’m having good days and bad days when it comes to knitting too. Some days I can get a lot done, others, not so much.

That is all.

Lucy Sez

730562032 3e84e08b31 m S(p)ocks It Is

Lucy 070507

“I have to keep up my strength. I’m Momma’s chief nurse! Well, Daddy helps too, but I’m in charge.”

Happy Fourth of J’Christmas

That’s something my grandmother used to say. She had an idea for one all-encompassing holiday and referred to it as “the Fourth of J’Christmas.”

(No doubt Frank Constanza’s Festivus was inspired by my grandmother.)

Y’all came up with some fun ideas for names for my new socks.

I think we should vote. 🙂 So I selected a few of my favorites among the suggested names and made a poll.

What Should I Name This New Sock Design?

View Results

loading Happy Fourth of JChristmas Loading ...

Speaking of the yet-to-be-named socks, here’s the the state of the first one.

717183793 11d87765c2 m Happy Fourth of JChristmas

Sock 070407

I’ve turned the heel.

718060880 91de1515ef m Happy Fourth of JChristmas

Sock Heel 070407

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get ready to celebrate Independence Day with the KOARC.

Lucy is already celebrating in her own manner.

717181203 edc9ccb23b m Happy Fourth of JChristmas

Lucy 070407

Slip Sliding Away

The second Solstice Slip sock is done.

708343903 44270baee6 m Slip Sliding Away

Solstice Slip 070307

This pair of socks brought to you by insomnia. 😉

To recap, this was the June kit from the Rockin Sock Club. The yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight in the “Firebird” colorway. I made my socks over 60 stitches with a 2.25mm needle. I deviated from the pattern to work a different toe and heel than was called for.

I really love these socks. When I opened my sock club package and saw the yarn, I fell in love with it.

708334621 908cdcde43 m Slip Sliding Away

Firebird 070307

The colors that make up this colorway are all totally not my colors, but I absolutely love the colorway. So go figure.

708336803 5bd6bd5ff6 m Slip Sliding Away

Firebird Unbound 070307

There is, of course, a new sock on the needles.

709214588 5c6f54ef40 m Slip Sliding Away

New Sock 070307

The yarn is from Lime & Violet — it is their Vampyre sock yarn (which is 100% wool). The colorway is called “Ensign Kim.” Very very yummy yarn. It’s soft and smooshy and lovely to knit.

709219170 af87650e90 m Slip Sliding Away

Vampyre Yarn 070307

The pattern is my own, in the process of being winkled together. Just obedient little rows of lace “vees.” Nothing alarming.

I don’t have a name for this sock pattern yet — any ideas? Since the colorway is a Star Trekky name, I’m thinking a Star Trekky name for the socks. Like “Voyager socks.” Yeah, I know, that’s kinda lame. What do you think?

On to a question from the comments . . .

Kelli asked:

I knit socks toe up w/ short row heel. My problem is this, I have a high arch and the last two pairs of socks I have knitted both contained cables, and it is really hard to get them on around my heel. So how do I compensate for this? I guess I need a deeper heel? Instead of measuring around the ball of my foot for circumference, should I measure around the instep?

Yep, you need a deeper heel. There are several things you can do.

You can forgo the short row heel and knit a sock with a traditional gusset heel.
You can do a short row heel with a gusset.
You can work your heel over more than half the total stitches to give you a deeper heel.

Anyone else got any ideas?

Lucy Sez

708338613 f92a4cd40c m Slip Sliding Away

Lucy 070307

“I know exactly how cute I am.”