My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

So Far, So Good

It’s 10 or 11 days into the Summer of Socks and I’m not sick of socks yet. That’s a good thing. 🙂

Courtesy of insomnia, I got a lot done on my second Solstice Slip Sock.

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Solstice Slip 070207

I did not do a huge amount of knitting Sunday afternoon and evening, but late Sunday night/early Monday morning found me knitting along while vainly searching for something on television that would put me to sleep.

I like this sock with a plain gusset heel. Fortunately I guessed right on the first sock so the fit of the foot is just right.

Over the past week or so I’ve gotten some comments asking me if the number of pairs of socks I knit over the summer will be influenced by my “how many socks will Wendy knit” contest. I don’t think so. The guesses really ran the gamut from the easily do-able to the impossible, so there is not one specific number I’m trying to reach or surpass.

And as I mentioned at the get-go — my plan is not to try to cram as many socks into the summer as possible. In fact, I’m not entering the “total number of socks” contest at the official Summer of Socks knit-along.

My goal for the summer is to stretch my sock horizons — do something other than a plain stockinette toe-up sock. I wanted to come up with a few sock designs and knit a few patterns by other people. I think I’m off to a good start.

Switching Needles

Several of you mentioned that when you switch needles while sock knitting, you tighten up on the second stitch on the new needle to avoid ladders. Interesting!

When I paid attention to how I was knitting, I realized that I unconsciously do this too.

Debi asked:

I know you have quite the Addi collection (like me) so I wonder how KP circs compare to the addi’s in the 16 inch length. I rarely use my addi’s because I find the actual needle length on the 16″ is so short it makes my hands cramp! Are the KP circ needles longer? That’s probably the #1 reason I don’t like knitting with 2 circs….I find with magic loop the longer circs have correspondingly longer needles = less cramping!

I measured a Knitpicks 16-inch circular against an Addi Turbo 16-inch circular — the actual needle length is pretty much the same. Go figure.

698109257 9c325471d6 m So Far, So Good

Addi Versus Knitpicks 070207

The cable on the Knitpicks needle is about a third of an inch longer than that on the Addi needle.

698976880 6cecb9578e m So Far, So Good

Addi Versus Knitpicks Cable 070207

Lucy Sez

698979766 24408c0adc m So Far, So Good


“Enough with the photos!”

Lazy Sunday

Presenting . . .

685970330 44537db72c m Lazy Sunday

Double Eyelet Rib Socks 070107

A completed pair of Double Eyelet Rib Socks.

These socks were knitted toe-up on size 2mm needles using All Things Heather merino/silk yarn in the “Passion” colorway, purchased from The Loopy Ewe. My own pattern, it will be made available as a freebie in the near future.

685102955 4af6d2b476 m Lazy Sunday

Double Eyelet Rib Sock Heel 070107

I can’t say enough nice things about this yarn — I loved knitting with it. It’s beautifully soft and has fabulous stitch definition. And I love the colorway.

I might have bought more in other colorways . . .

The Great Circular Debate

Thanks y’all for weighing in with your opinions about circs vs. dpns vs. magic loop. There were so many great comments to Thursday’s post. If anyone is on the fence about what to use for socks, go read ’em — lots of great info there.

And thanks for voting in the poll. Is the in-blog poll plug-in not the coolest thing ever? This was installed by Knotty Daisy of course. She is the purveyor of all blog coolness as far as I’m concerned.

An interesting comment from Rebekkah:

My problem with the 2 circular technique is that when starting the new needle, you end up pulling the last stitch on the previous needle tight around the skinny cord (not another needle, as with DPNs). This can make it difficult (sometimes frustratingly so) to slide it onto the needle later, and can be visible in the finished fabric.

I’ve mentioned this to other people, and have never heard a response on it. Do you not have this problem? I think it’s an awfully clever and convenient technique, except for this one glitch. A glitch which caused me some major tension and blocking headaches when I used the technique for sleeves on a fair isle sweater. I suppose it’s possible to very carefully tension your yarn at those joins, but tensioning the yarn between needles on DPNs is so easy (I just give a few tugs, and never get ladders) that they win out every time. I can’t be the only person who has experience this phenomenon with the technique, but I never see anyone mention it. Maybe I *am* the only one…

I found this interesting because I have discovered that I do a better job of tension between the needles with two circulars than with dpns. I give the yarn a gentle tug before I knit the first stitch on a needle, and that seems to do the trick. With dpns I consciously pull hard n the yarn to ensure there are no ladders between needles. It’s sort of unconscious for me to tension the yarn properly on two circs.

This no doubt makes me odd. 😉

New Sock

Next in the line-up after the Double Eyelet Ribs was the latest kit in The Rockin’ Sock Club. The pattern is called Solstice Slip, and the lovely, lovely yarn is in a colorway called Firebird.

I am generally not a fan of these colors but this yarn is so glorious I can’t stop looking at it. So of course I had to cast on. And finished one sock.

685978402 02eb4f167c m Lazy Sunday

Solstice Slip 070107

With some mods — I’m doing the Magic Cast-on for the toes and a plain gusseted heel instead of the short-row heel. But the stitch pattern is the same as written in the pattern. It’s great fun to knit. A heel close-up:

685118473 b0f068245f m Lazy Sunday

Solstice Slip Heel 070107

And a close-up of the rib:

685122135 efaea267ac m Lazy Sunday

Solstice Slip Rib 070107

And Teddy wanted to model the toe of the second sock. What a ham.

685125073 6f569ea840 m Lazy Sunday

Teddy Models the Sock Toe 070107

Book Giveaway

The Random Number Generator chose Laura DeF. to receive my copy of Take No Farewell. Laura, I’ve emailed you. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Lucy Sez

685108951 196cff6040 m Lazy Sunday

Me and Lucy 070107

Even though I am an international superstar, I’m a homebody at heart. I love to just hang around with my Momma!