My current work in progress:

The Throwback by Andrea Mowry, knit from Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Worsted and Spincycle Yarns Dream State, using 4.5mm and 5mm needles.

Serpentine Socks

The Serpentine Socks, they are done.

1908263727 72a1c2f1aa m Serpentine Socks

Serpentine Socks 110707

They are knit from Fiesta Boomerang in the “Painted Desert” colorway on 2.75mm needles. I love knitting sportweight socks — they just fly off the needles.

And I find that I really like wearing sportweight socks. They are perfect wear with “athletic-type” shoes instead of cotton crew socks.

A Book Review

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Kaffe Knits Again book jacket

A while back I got a review copy of the new Kaffe Fassett book: Kaffe Knits Again: 24 Original Designs Updated for Today’s Knitters. I just recently sat down with it to have a look.

The book contains 24 patterns that have been “re-invented” by the author. If you are a long-time fan of Fassett’s work you’ll recognize these designs. A lot of them have been reworked into other items that newer knitters might find easier to knit. They use yarns that are currently available, making it easier for people who want to re-create one of the designs exactly.

Back in the day, when I got his book Glorious Knits, I used it as a jumping off point for my own ideas. I knit the Tumbling Blocks sweater — but in my own choice of yarns and colors. I also knit one of the coats, again in my own choice of yarns and colors.

You can use his new book as a similar jumping off point. But for those who want to, it’s a nice option to be able to knit the designs exactly as written. For me, it doesn’t have quite the “oomph” of the original Glorious Knits, but it is a lovely book all the same.

Lucy Sez

1909100148 df1ab18bbb m Serpentine Socks

Lucy 110707

“Momma turned on the heat!”

Second Sock!

I started the second Serpentine Sock yesterday:

1894388536 934f74e80d m Second Sock!

Serpentine Sock 110607

Mama Cat had a question about the heel:

I like the serpentine sock – looking at the heel that doesn’t look like one you usually use, am I right? I’ve seen a heel like that before – I call it the “fleegle heel” as fleegle ( has directions for something that looks like that. I think it’s similar.

What are your thoughts on the various ways to turn a heel? I know your generic pattern uses a short-row heel but I have some of your patterns that use a gusset & flap, and now here’s the fleegle heel. Do you have a favorite?

This is the heel I usually use for sportweight socks.

1893546001 47552253e2 m Second Sock!

Heel 110607

I simply refer to it as a “gusset heel” and it is indeed quite similar to the one referenced in Mama Cat’s comment — on Fleegle’s Blog, here.

Lately I’ve been using the slipstitch heel for my fingering weight socks — I like that one best, at least visually. But I don’t use it for sportweight socks because the padded heel that results from the slipped stitches makes too thick a heel for my liking in sportweight yarn. Hence the “gusset heel.”

Like most of my original designs, this sock will be available at some point in the future. But not for a while. I need to concentrate on other things right now, so no new patterns for sale for a while.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Alice sent me the link to this site — a cool little word game that helps feed people. Go play — it’s fun!

Much Better, Thanks

Yes, I am feeling better, thank you. However, I still have some remnants of whatever respiratory crud took hold of me over a week ago. It hung on longer than usual, no doubt due to my post-surgical weakened state. I’m doing half days at work and that’s plenty to make me a weary buckaroo at the end of the day.

So I’m still on a self-imposed reduction of computer time, meaning I’m not available for much in the way of free help and question answering via email. Thanks for understanding.

Lucy Sez

1894387360 f0322044ac m Second Sock!

Lucy 110607

“As long as she realizes I’m a priority . . . “


I got home yesterday from my weekend away with a few other knitters. I, of course, never took my camera out of its case, so you’ll have to depend on others for photos.

We had a great group — Sheri, Janice, Alice, blogless Julie, blogless L-B and I headed down to Graves Mountain for some knitting, spinning, and  general trouble-making. 😉

I finished my Diamond Gansey Socks before we left.

1876147213 efb69922d6 m Home

Diamond Gansey Socks 110507

And I finished a new sock as well:

1876974324 21c5e55d88 m Home

Serpentne sock 110507

This is knit from Fiesta Boomerang in the “Painted Desert” colorway, on a 2.75mm needle.

Pardon, my brevity, but  I need to get back to other things here.

Lucy sez:

1876973526 59798c3fa1 m Home

Lucy 110507

“I’m going to curl up and sleep since Auntie Sheri and Auntie Janice aren’t here to play with me!”