My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Those Pesky Heel Holes

Last week we were talking about ways to avoid the hole that often forms at the top of the heel. When I was working on my second Six-Pack Sock, I took a few ictures of how I deal with this annoying problem.

In this photo, I’ve turned the heel and I’m ready to resume working in the round:

heel052608 240x177 Those Pesky Heel Holes

(Remember, as always, you can click on the photos to see larger versions.)

As you can see theres a bit of a gap between the top of the heel and the instep stitches. So I pick up a stitch:

heel052608a 240x178 Those Pesky Heel Holes

I pick it up from the center of a stitch so it looks more natural. I knit the stitch.

heel052608b 240x173 Those Pesky Heel Holes

Then I continue and knit across the instep stitches. Then I pick up one stitch at the other side of the heel. On the next round, I knit each picked up stitch together with the heel stitch next to it.

heel052608c 240x161 Those Pesky Heel Holes

In the comments, a few of you mentioned that Charlene Schurch recommends picking up 2 stitches on each side. I used to do that, but I’ve found that once I got adept at it, I only need to pick up one stitch and that closes the gap nicely.

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the Six-Pack Socks. I’ll be sure to let you know when the pattern is available.

I’m working on another sock, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow. 🙂

Un-Official Start of Summer Giveaway!

Here in the United States, Memorial Day (which is today) is the un-official start of summer. In celebration of summer, I’m giving this away:

ipodshuffle052608 234x240 Those Pesky Heel Holes

A brand-new still-in-the-box 1GB iPod Shuffle. This iPod was donated by my mom. She won it in a raffle, and offered it to me for a blog giveaway. Thanks, Mom! 😀

To be entered in the iPod contest:

1. Write a summer-themed Haiku. A Haiku is three short lines. The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables. For example:

Summer-time is here

heat and humidity now

turn the a/c on.

Yeah, T.S. Eliot I ain’t. But I wrote that on the spur of the moment, so do cut me some slack.

Okay, write a summer-themed Haiku and leave it in the comments for this post. If it is not summer where you are, you can still enter — it may be the start of winter for you, but you can still write a summer Haiku, right?

2. One Haiku per person, please.

3. Leave your Haiku comment by midnight Eastern time, Thursday, May 29, 2008. The WendyKnits panel of judges will select several finalists. These finalists will be published on Sunday June 1 for everyone to vote on, and the winner will be selected by popular vote.

Okay? Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away. My spam filter does not appreciate fine poetry, so your entry might be ensnared in its net. Not to worry, I’ll go in and release comments from time to time.

Lucy is clearly trying to come up with a good entry.

lucy052608 240x160 Those Pesky Heel Holes

I’ll have to break it to her gently that she is ineligible to enter.


  1. Mary Morrison says:

    Here’s a middle school teachers lament:
    Last bell please do ring
    Kids making me crazy again
    Will June never end?

  2. Anne from Norcross says:

    Mosquitos buzzing,
    Picnics at the park, ice cream,
    Fireworks at sunset

  3. Here’s my haiku!
    sun glinting off sand
    the scent of the salty breeze
    seagulls scream, “summer!”

  4. shimmering streets steam
    air conditioning shivers
    knit silk lace buy yarn

  5. When it’s hot outside
    I go to Ben & Jerry’s
    and order ice cream.
    : D

  6. Here’s my haiku….probably won’t win the popularity contest, but here goes!

    Unlike most, I do
    Not look forward to summer.
    I live in Phoenix.

    Thanks for another contest.

  7. Gotta shave my legs
    and those high electric bills
    All because it’s HOT

  8. Rain, rain go away
    We want to see the sunshine
    Please come out and play

    Marla in Oregon

  9. Humid and sticky
    For six months out of the year
    Summer in Houston

    seedless grapes last blog post..Fits and starts

  10. As we are knitters,
    Summer heat is no challenge.
    The sticks click through it.

    Carolyns last blog post..Weekend at the Farm

  11. jennifer t says:

    I homeschool my children, and thought this would be a fun thing for them. Here are their entries:

    Lazy little breeze
    Now singing, but soon bringing
    Gently waving trees
    by Lucy

    Eating cold ice cream
    Munching on watermelon
    Makes a great summer
    by Michael

    I love eating it
    Eating huge watermelon
    it is delicious
    by Emma

  12. Here’s my haiku – what fun!!

    Summertime means lighter yarn
    Wool is too hot now
    Small projects are good to go

  13. Desiree says:

    Beautiful Basking
    Bumble Bees Buzzing Between
    Bountiful Boucles

  14. Knitting basket, full.
    Flower garden blooms all day.
    Fresh colors abound.

    Heidis last blog post..Beyond Leap Day

  15. Here’s my shot:

    It’s summertime now.
    I really don’t like the heat.
    I’m ready for fall.

    KatyaRs last blog post..Rendezvous 2008–or "As My Wallet Gently Weeps"

  16. Dandelions flower
    Lawnkeeper digs them all day
    Bubble bath

  17. Summertime is here
    Kids are home, and knitting slows
    But their smiles do not

  18. When it’s summer
    we can hold hands in the park
    I’ll be glad you’re here.

    Saffrons last blog post..hats, yarn and fiber, oh my!

  19. Summer in Houston
    Hotter than I can abide
    Humid, too — it sucks!

    Have fun picking the winner. It was fun reading these (though I didn’t read nearly all of them) and writing one.

  20. Jo Ann Norman says:

    A good book in reach,
    Knitting cotton by the sea…
    Summer at my beach.

  21. um. I can’t count. please disregard previous entry and replace with the following:
    oh, god, I’m melting
    and gas is so expensive
    margarita, please

    susans last blog post..whooo whooo

  22. Jo Ann Norman says:

    OK – I had TWO HAIKUS in me, WHO KNEW?

    A tiny contest
    Poetry about summer
    I hope mine is best!

  23. Ouch! Thighs are on fire
    Leather interior lets
    Me know its summer.

  24. daydream in the shade
    silk stitches glide on needles
    this is summer bliss

  25. cool breeze off water
    submerge to escape the heat
    can’t knit with wet yarn

    dobarahs last blog post..Newness all around!

  26. Jasmine says:

    It’s too hot to knit.
    I have no central AC.
    Wool sweater? No thanks.

  27. Amusement park rides
    The theater under stars
    Feels like summer here

    Andrea in KCs last blog post..Coffee

  28. I tried twice to have the pattern names be links, but it never showed up in the comments. So here’s my haiku with the pattern links after it (all Ravelry links):

    Searching sock patterns…

    Ocean, Shell Lace, Pebbled Sand –

    Summer beach knitting!

  29. Little boy in just
    His diaper runs wild, yelling
    While his Mama knits.

    Annikas last blog post..Where does your poop go?

  30. Here’s mine!
    Hot, sunshiny days
    Yummy, drippy, popsicles
    Great summer relief!

    Monicas last blog post..Top 10 Reasons to Knit Socks

  31. Air conditioner,
    How I long for your breezes,
    Cooling ragdoll fur.

  32. It is warm now, spin
    knit when arms wear their sleeves
    spin now, arms are free

    Rosemary in Colorados last blog post..Spindles! Great Western Alpaca Show! Spinning Cotton! OhMy!

  33. Korea is hot
    Another humid classroom
    Wrong season to come.

    Leahs last blog post..The First Day

  34. Besweatered and socked
    This cold and blustery May,
    So glad I can knit.

    Alternative ending : Global Warming sucks.

  35. Summer is year round
    When Florida is your home
    Welcome to my world 🙂

    Debis last blog post..Video killed the radio star….

  36. iridescent wings
    flit here, there and everywhere
    elusive dragonfly

    I love sitting outside in the summer and watching the dragonflies zoom around. Of coarse, I’m knitting.

  37. red canoe on lake
    birch trees hide among the pine
    cottage life serene.

  38. blue sky above me
    birds serenading–joy
    a sweet summer day


    fireflys last blog post..Baby’s got skills

  39. Wendy Knits us socks
    So thankful we are for her
    Beautiful patterns

  40. We recently moved to Wisconsin from Texas so summer is not what we are used to:
    Wisconsin summer
    What a joke. I knit, so soon
    cold, snow, nice mittens.

  41. Morning dew garnish
    On vine- ripened tomato
    BLT breakfast

  42. Beach knitting
    What is cool to the touch?
    Soy, Corn or Cotton?

  43. Janette says:

    Children’s laughter wafts
    On the breeze, summer music.
    Knit and remember.

  44. Summer. Sounds and smells
    beckon me outside after
    I knit one more row.

  45. Warm breeze, cool water,
    making footprints in the sand.
    Lake Superior shores.

  46. Wendy, what did you do – got my creative juices flowing…

    Want to share one for the Summer of Socks:

    Summer Bliss

    Celebrating the
    Summer of Socks with
    luscious yarns and slim needles

    This is of course just to share, and not for the contest. I’m really overwhelmed about all those Haiku you all came up with. Keep writing, I enjoy this tremendously.

    Chris 😎

    Chris 8-)s last blog post..Total versponnen vom 17.05.08

  47. Pine green and fuscia
    summer’s colors never clash
    nature’s harmony

    melanies last blog that words cannot recall

  48. Calendar says hot
    the thermostat says not hot
    where is summer ?

  49. So sorry I left out a word !!!!

    Calendar says hot
    thermostat says not hot
    where is THE summer ?

  50. Cotton, Bamboo, Silk
    Cool fibers flow through fingers
    Knitting doesn’t stop

    Michelles last blog post..Pink Lemonade

  51. Sun, swimming, cookouts.
    All the finest things in life!
    Summer rocks my boat!!

    Juanitas last blog post..Teeth, Indy and a little knitting…

  52. Winter coat too hot!
    See kitty wash her long fur…
    Hack up hairball now?

    Yes, we love the start of the warm weather and the official beginning of the winter coat shedding season!
    Purrs and headbonks to Lucy from the Six Pack + 1.

  53. Steamy time of year
    Mugginess reigns in Dallas
    Soon, “It’s a dry heat”

  54. Afghan? I love Socks!
    High school done. Grad gift not.
    Hope summer is cool.

    Jolenes last blog post..Let’s Play Catch Up: part 1

  55. Ice cold lemonade
    Condensation on the glass
    Quenches heat and thirst

  56. While the sun watches
    lambs and sheep dotting the green
    I knit yarn just spun

  57. While the sun watches
    lambs and sheep dotting the green
    I knit yarn just spun

  58. sand between my toes
    breathe in the salty sea breeze
    knitting on the beach

    Trishs last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  59. jeanette says:

    lazy summer day
    our hammock swinging slowly
    as we laugh at clouds

  60. We had frost here last night, no summer in sight so here goes:

  61. We had frost here last night, no summer in sight so here goes:
    Summer where are you?
    Are you behind that budding
    tree? Or – OH! Hello!

  62. Cat lies in the sun.
    Why do you do that kitty?
    It is summertime!

    Jos last blog post..Mission Maybe 2008

  63. This is a fun contest!

    Here is my Haikuu, and I am not TS Elliot nor Keates either!

    Last night’s beach knitting,
    victim to umbrella drinks.
    To frog or not to frog?

    Cheers! Christina

    Christinas last blog post..This post is brought to you by…..

  64. Longer days, shorter pants.
    Sun screen floweth, burns no fun.
    Road trips and Picnics.

    Heathers last blog post..Off to Wooster!!

  65. Katrina says:

    Here is my shot.
    Heats here demanding
    Fabrics feathery light cool
    Sad, knitting mittens

  66. After numerous starts, stops, crossings out, changes of topic (some of the rejects are going on my blog), here is my entry–based on scenes from a trip on I-10 across southern Arizona in August:

    Black monsoon curtains
    dust devils spin to escape
    enfolded, drenched, gone.

    LizEs last blog post..THREE TAMS–TAM B

  67. In three weeks or so
    My brother goes to Japan
    He wants an iPod 🙂

  68. Summer sizzling
    Wool feels too hot in my hands
    Cotton soothes my soul

    susie hewers last blog post..Yummy yarn

  69. Watermelon seeds
    Spit from your mouth find their way
    Into my clean hair.

  70. Summer barbecue!
    Messy fingers. Not on yarn.
    Lick them off. Yummy!

    Can you tell I am hungry and eagerly waiting the first barbecue ribs of the season?

    Deb in central CAs last blog post..Finally back online!

  71. May has been so fine
    But soon it will be August

  72. May has been so fine
    But soon it will be August
    In River City

  73. Intense desert heat
    No school, bored kids, less knitting
    Mom driven crazy

    Tammys last blog post..Happy Birthday! And Sock Stash

  74. Kathy D says:

    Summer of Socks begins
    beautiful yarns surround me
    I cannot choose one

  75. Summertime is…

    Optimism that
    someday it will cool down, and
    I can wear sweaters.

    Kates last blog post..She Won’t Leave

  76. I would rather be
    Sipping a cool martini
    Toss the bikini!

  77. There must already be an “Anne”. This was my 1st Comment (not 242nd)! I added an initial this time. Thanks!

    I would rather be
    Sipping a cool martini
    Toss the bikini!

  78. Tracy Cochran says:

    My haiku: (I love the smell of cut grass!)

    Cleaving the wet blades
    Tall lonesome stems wave softly
    Aroma of green

  79. Karen in Baltimore says:

    Summer’s here, then gone . . .
    My stash is overflowing!
    Time waits not, knit on.

  80. Ginsy Hudson says:

    Summer Haiku
    by Ginsy Hudson
    mowing green at dusk
    thunder rumbling distant drum
    sweat trickles down face

  81. I’m not a poet
    But I’ll make an exception
    Good? Oh yeah, summer

    Sharilyns last blog post..In which we speak of knitting…..

  82. It is hot outside
    Inside the a/c is on
    Now I am freezing

  83. summer at the pool
    children, sock knitting, pizza
    another glass please?

  84. Summer is too warm
    For heavy wool and mohair.
    Cotton. Linen. Yum.

    Those socks are stinkin’ amazing. I love them. Remember when you said you almost never even wear your socks? Wonder if we’re the same size? Just kidding. 🙂 They are gorgeous.

    Jills last blog post..Have I mentioned I never win anything?

  85. Summer makes me look
    to fall’s respite, time to knit
    until then, it’s socks

    OK, so a poet I am not. But it was fun to try.

  86. dininsky says:

    Swimming pool opens
    Jump in! Get wet! Have fun!
    the season is short

  87. Summer knitting’s here
    Which one; linen or cotton?
    Wool. I have a/c

    RobynRs last blog post..The Problem With Monogamy

  88. Fresh watermelon
    Chlorine smell, suntan lotion
    Finally, summer.

    Astabeths last blog post..I Can’t Believe It’s Been So Long

  89. Mary G. says:

    Hot humidity.
    Smokey, sizzling burgers call.
    Ice watermelon.

  90. Teresa C says:

    Colorado days,
    With it’s clear blue summer skys,
    Make me yearn for rain.

  91. Sun’s high in the sky
    Long, lazy summer days
    Come daydream with me

    jill loves last blog post..May Socks are Finished!

  92. Colleen says:

    Here is my salute to summer via haiku

    Roses in summer
    Perfume in the midnight air
    Delights the senses

  93. A WARNING:

    I lost track of time
    while knitting in the sunshine
    please, knit in the shade

  94. Cotton, hemp, and silk;
    bamboo draped like waterfalls;
    summer knitting sooths!

    Valerie in San Diegos last blog post..Ugly sock almost has a friend!

  95. Crap, I typo’d. Should have been:

    Cotton, hemp, and silk;
    bamboo draped like waterfalls;
    summer knitting soothes!

    A nice gin and tonic would probably soothe, too. Sigh.

    Valerie in San Diegos last blog post..Ugly sock almost has a friend!

  96. Tina Rose says:

    her long fur whispers
    in the summer breezes
    as she lays in shade

    Inspired by my long hair Torbie – LC who often hunts for breezes while laying under an Arizona swamp cooler! (she could easily be a cousin of Lucy (esp. since their names are similar) Her current pleasure is making sure her three furbrudders know that she is queen! The two youngest boys enjoy playing with my yarn… acck!!!

  97. Kids are out of school
    Now I have no free time left
    School starts again when?

  98. Summer knitting joys:
    cotton and linen, lace and …
    Itch! Darn mosquitoes.

    SaraJoans last blog post..Um … right


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