My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Gloomy Day

It was a strange weather day today. This is what the “sunrise” looked like this morning:

sky121008 240x180 Gloomy Day

Mauve clouds. Seriously. But they very quickly turned grey. The weather is freakish. High in the 60s and very windy. And rainy. Dude, where’s my winter weather? On the radio this afternoon they reported that it was “creepily warm” today.

Hanging Garden Stole

Did a few rows last night, but not enough so you can really tell the difference. 🙂

stole121008 240x160 Gloomy Day

Roseann asked:

How would you compare the Hanging Garden Stole to the Midnight Lace Stole? The Hanging Garden Stole looks like it is more fun to knit, though I’m not sure why.

The Hanging Garden Stole is an easier pattern, I think, due to the construction. The Midnight Lace starts with the wedge-shaped center piece, then you pick up stitches on each side and work out, then do short rows at each end and apply a knitted-on edging. Hanging Garden is a straight rectangle.

Yes I think I’m enjoying knitting it more. Generally speaking, I find the more complex constructions more entertaining because I don’t get bored. But the lace pattern on the Hanging Garden is a lot of fun to knit so it keeps my attention.


What better thing to do on a grey day but give away a book?

book121008 187x240 Gloomy Day

This is the new book Knitting Noro by Jane Ellison — publication date was November 4, I think. If you are familiar with and liked Jane Ellison’s previous designs for Noro yarns, you’ll like this book. There are more than 30 designs using a variety of Noro yarns, from tanks to pullovers to cardis and jackets to wraps. A couple of my favorites are this cardi:

book121008a 240x191 Gloomy Day

And this pullover:

book121008b 188x240 Gloomy Day

Would you like my copy?

Leave a comment to this blog post telling me that you would, by midnight this Saturday, December 13, and the random number generator will choose a recipient on Sunday.

Lucy sez:

lucy121008 240x160 Gloomy Day

It may be creepily warm outside, but I still love napping on my cozy cushion!


  1. I’d love your copy! :cD

    Jennifers last blog post..It’s good to be home!

  2. JulieThePurpleChick says:

    Me, me, me… pick me!

  3. Creepy today here in Charlotte today too. The sky looked like snow but it was warm and drizzly. Really bad hair weather. Anyway, I would love the book if you happen to randomly generate my number.

  4. I would totally like your copy of Knitting Noro.

    Kats last blog post..Christmastime is here

  5. I would love to take Noro off your hands!!!

  6. I’d love it! Anything to keep me from making fingerless mitts with my noro stash 🙂

  7. I want your noro book because i want to be as happy and carefree as the model in the book.

  8. Oooh a Noro book.. send it on over!

  9. Sounds like everyone is having some creepy, warm, rainy weather this week. That sky is exactly how the sky outside my apartment looked this morning too.

    And of course I’d love a chance to win that book 🙂

    Melissas last blog post..‘Tis the Season

  10. I would so love the book -please pick me… We are having strange weather here – it was raining when I got out of bed and a blizzard when I left for work.

    Sharons last blog post..Linky and just a little note

  11. After a week in the low 30s I’m happy for a little warmth. But it will be back to winter tomorrow night around here.
    I’d love the book, I just haven’t used enough Noro.

    Sarah-potterknitters last blog post..Bump

  12. creepily, I couldn’t see any photos in this post. But I’d still love the book. 🙂

  13. We’ve got your winter weather right here, baby, just come on over (up? down?) and partake in some of the snow and ice we’ve got going on…
    And it’s weird, but I was just looking through some Noro I seem to have amassed and thinking I should invest in a pattern book – so here I am…..

    Deirdres last blog post..Home Away From Home, Part II – The Road Trip

  14. Weather is just plain weird here. They’re calling for possible tornadoes and thunderstorms which means I’ll have to hug the dog rather than knit.

    Please put my name in the drawing for the book.

  15. I would love the book…and anything you dont have to pick up stitches on is good by me….:)

  16. If I could send you some of our cold, I would! (And I’d be happy to take that book off your hands, too.)

    jannas last blog post..Recap

  17. Sure I’d love to see the book. And the weather is only going to get weirder. We had the warm stuff here in Ohio yesterday.

  18. Yes, I would luv a copy of the Noro book. “May the Cosmo” select my name for this lovely book. Thanks ahead of time…smile

    tammy pells last blog post..Kicked Back

  19. I would be happy to adopt your book. I have 2 skeins of Noro, the color that reminds one of the Starry Night painting, and have not decided what to do with it. This might help. N

  20. I’d love that Noro book. Inquiring minds want to know (and I hope I didn’t miss it) but have you turned on the heat yet? lol

    Kays last blog post..Christmas Fun

  21. Thank you for answering my question. Both shawls are beautiful and I can’t even tell you how many lace patterns I have purchased after reading your blog. There is something special about Hanging Garden, and I will be adding it to my collection as I happen to have a bit of lace yarn in the stash.

    Roseanns last blog post..Lace Rib Watch Cap Completed

  22. That book would make me a lovely Christmas present. Oh, random number generator, pick me! Pick me!

  23. I’d love to give your book a home!

  24. Put me in the drawing!!! 🙂

  25. i would love to take that book off of your hands. lots of love from where we got a lot of ICE!

  26. I would love a copy!

    Lauras last blog post..Aunt Susan’s surgery is today

  27. I would love to win that book! By the way, I love your cat. Don’t tell her!

  28. Tuesday in Houston the temp was about 75 degrees, and today Wednesday at 2:00 it was 37 and snowing, so I understand that freakish thing very well. I could use a sweater today!

  29. I would like this book.

  30. I’d love it! 🙂

  31. Sure, why not, I’ll throw my hat in! Looks like a fabulous book.

    marissas last blog post.."Oh, That?"

  32. Ooh, noro! Last year I made entrelac shawl and vest from Noro Aurora, it was so pretty! I would love to be able to put that book to good use! 🙂

    Cyds last blog post..Spinning challenges

  33. Sure that book would be great. Maybe the number generator will have favor on me this time.

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Tuesday- Take My Blood Please

  34. Yes, I would love a pattern book based on Noro yarns!!

  35. It was creepy warm today outside Philly. So weird. I even got weird-springlike-rained-on. And, I’d like to go into the drawing for that book!

    Elinors last blog post..oh dear

  36. Me! Me! (hand in air)

  37. missmarymary says:

    I’d love to be in the random number drawing for the noro book too, please!

  38. I would love the Noro book. I was finally brave enough to try Noro, but only made a scarf. I love it and would love more patterns!

  39. Oooh, cool book, I’m definitely going to have to check that one out.

    We had bizarre weather here in Austin yesterday. The high was 81. I was walking around in flip flops. A few hours later, we had snow!!! I posted a few pics on my blog. Snow in Austin, even just baby flurries, is a very big deal, but that kind of temperature drop is truly bizarre.

    Beckys last blog post..My Orange Santa

  40. I would most definitely like that book!

  41. I would be honored to give such a lovely book a home!

  42. Please put my name in the drawing for the book, too!

  43. Aren’t you sweet! I would love that book. 🙂

    Kimberlys last blog post..What I’ve Done

  44. OH OH OH OH! I need this book. I just found a great sale on Silk Garden and bought a buttload. I haven’t found a pattern that is exactly right. Maybe there’s one for me in this book! Take pity on me, please. I haven’t won anything in years. boo hoo

  45. Please put my name in the random number hat for the book. The lace is looking beautiful! Would you like some of our weather? It’s unusually cold here in So Cal. 🙂

  46. Meant to ask you on monday, but late as usual. On animal planet, they have a show called Dogs 101.
    Well last saturday, they did Cats 101, feature a few breeds every week, and for the first show they had a Ragdoll on their.
    Funny, I never met you, but told my husband, “oh that’s Wendy’s cat”
    He said, I didn’t know you had a friend named Wendy!! I said “she’s virtual”
    No he didn’t get it..
    Anyway, loaned this book out of the library. Needless to say it is overdue
    Great book.

    sherrys last blog post..Some knitting to show

  47. Would love a chance at that book! Thanks!

  48. I just happen to have a Noro stash to go with that book! I would love to win it!

  49. Would love to be entered in Noro book giveaway. I’m a major Noro ho and can always use new patterns!

  50. Yes, I’d like the book – oh please, oh dear Random Number Generator thingie

  51. I am a huge Noro fan and love Jane Ellison’s designs. I’d LOVE to win this book!

    Debs last blog post..Doing the Math

  52. oh I would love the Noro book!

  53. Margie from Maryland says:

    oooh Noro book – I’d like it!

  54. Ooooo…I’d love to have that book! I have multiple lots of Noro in the stash, just waiting for inspiration!

    Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)s last blog post..Decisions, Decisions

  55. Melissa Jennings says:

    I would love a copy of that book. I love Noro yarn. Thanks!

  56. I love books almost as much as yarn!

  57. Oh yes please!! I would love this book!
    (Thank you Wendy for another book give-away)

  58. Yes, please, I would love to have the book.

    By the way, winter weather is now in South Louisiana. Seriously! They are predicting mixed frozen precipitation for early morning. What a hoot! It may not accumulate, though, because the soil temperature is 53.

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..Gifts of gratitude

  59. Just when I think Noro patterns have become blah, out comes Jane Ellison to save the day. That V-Neck is lovely!

    Please enter my name in the drawing. And thank you for being so generous Wendy!

  60. I would love to have this book!!!

    Jamies last blog post..Post 179-Obsession

  61. I’d love a copy! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    staceys last blog post..Free Shipping Day!

  62. Yup, the world definitely needs more Noro books. 😀 And speaking of books, I SO have to thank you for recommending Barbara Bretton’s latest!!! OMG, that was a fantastic read! I’m sad that it’s over, and want very badly to go back to Sugar Maple. Any chance of a sequel??

  63. Would love a copy of the Noro book!

    And yes it was a weird weather day. Its started rainy and balmy here in Ohio and quickly turned cold and nasty. Weird.

    Angels last blog post..strep-tastic

  64. I would lerve that copy of that book …

    margarets last blog post..Isn’t It Romantic?

  65. I would love to receive this book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. We have a warmer day here at the East Bay of SF after few cold days. I saw the full month when I left for work this morning in the dark!! Froggy days as well. I love anything with Noro yarns. This is going to my Xmas wish when I won………Thanks

    Esthers last blog post..Little, little flower sock, so purple and pink

  67. Dear Wendy,
    I would like to have your Noro book.

  68. Oooh, I would love a copy! Hopefully, luck’s with me…

    Cristi-Laels last blog post..K, I’m So Late With This…

  69. I would love a copy of the book. Love Noro, making a scarf and a hat. It’s so beautiful. Love your cat too. Wish I had one Thanks Pat

  70. I’d like to win that book. I think it would be a great addition to my knitting library.

    Lynda Hitts last blog post..Unconscious Mutterings

  71. I love Noro, and this book would be a great addition.

    Sallies last blog post..

  72. Ann in Montreal says:

    You can add my name to the hat for the Noro book, please and thank-you. I would be more than happy to swap your “creepily warm” weather for the 8 plus inches of snow and freezing rain I spent the day digging out of. More snow to come Friday,I could do with a new book to curl up with.

  73. Looks like an awesome book!

  74. I’d love to win that book. Also wanted to say that the stole is lovely!

  75. Every time I see the picture of those clouds, I keep wishing that I could dye yarn to match. I think it’d make a lovely laceweight! (Cloud-weight, maybe?)

    And just for gits and shiggles, I’ll enter the contest too. It does look like a very cool book!

    Rias last blog post..A slight hiatus.

  76. creepily warm is the only way to put it. our weather is so crazy.

  77. Diane in Northern CA says:

    Wow a whole book dedicated to the wonderful color combinations that are produced by Noro; think it would be a beautiful book and I would enjoy adding it to my collection.

  78. I’d love a copy of Knitting Noro, but it looks like I am comment 5,260,501 so I have little faith. Fun contest, though!

    Pandorasslaves last blog post..FO: Mom’s Baudelaires

  79. Peggy Taylor says:

    Hey, so glad you are having this contest. I just finished a Noro scarf and would like to do more.
    Peggy T

  80. I would love a copy of Knitting Noro. I need a good reason to buy some Noro.

    We had some creepily warm weather yesterday combined with buckets of rain.

    Sydneys last blog post..The Post Thanksgiving Edition

  81. Wendy, please add my name to the draw – I’d love the book too!

  82. I’m sure I need a reason to buy more yarn, so I hope I win this book!

  83. Yes, I’d love the Noro book! But I also love today’s picture of Luc….very, very pretty!

  84. A sweet gift, Wendy! And yes, please do count me in…thanks!

    carolines last blog post..Walking in my foooootsteps…

  85. Theresa in Italy says:

    Ahem. I have located your winter weather. It is visiting me. We had a freakishly (for us) heavy snowfall yesterday. Hope it goes back home soon—it’s very pretty outside but I can’t get out of my driveway!

  86. Noro Noro Noro. Yes please. Thanks!

  87. I would love the Noro book, I am going to need to unravel my cardi fronts in Noro and this might get me started.

    Karins last blog post..Tribute to Dewey the Blogger

  88. OH, Yeah! Is it possible you have too many books? There’s a concept I don’t get… (No offense intended…) Put me among the random numbers. Please.

    PainterWomans last blog post..

  89. iIwould love to go into the random number generator….thanks! Your weather shots are amazing….like many, I agreed with the comment about creepily warm…it is, after all, December…

    Michelles last blog post..Whew!

  90. are you kidding me? of course I would love that book! I love Noro and all books I have seen so far using that yarn are just gorgeous.
    best wishes from Iceland

    Fríðas last blog post..Nyt projekt / New project

  91. I love Noro, so a book of patterns especially for it would be very useful.
    That’s a really weird sky, too – you are right!

    Gennys last blog post..It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  92. I’ve been looking at this book because I love Jane Ellison’s designs, so, of course, I would like the book.

  93. Yes, I’d like that book 🙂

    Tom Kitten from my blog says hallo to Lucy…

    Helenes last blog post..Hallo Tom, farvel Tom…

  94. I’d love the copy of Jane Ellison’s ‘Knitting Noro’. Such gorgeous designs!

  95. Mary Ellen says:

    So strange… it was creepily warm in North Dakota yesterday, too. After a few days of “minus degree” temps, it got to 40 yesterday!

  96. Yes please. I would love to get my hands on it!

  97. I’d love a copy!

  98. I have an addiction to Noro Yarns, so the book would help me with my stash…

  99. OMG so many comments.. I’d like the book too 😉

  100. Lucky 200! I would love the Noro book. Love the photos of Lucy, we have two ragdoll kittens.

    Lisa W.s last blog post..In Case You’ve Got Too Few Projects in Your Queue