My current work in progress:

Geigerย by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway,ย using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Manly, Yes. But I Like It Too.

I’m pleased that y’all like the Ribs and Cables Sock that I’m working on right now. And as many of you pointed out: it does not necessarily have to be a guy sock. I am sizing the pattern for 4 sizes ranging from a 7 – 10-inch diameter foot, so it will cover a variety of adult sizes. And since so many of you indicated that you’d like to have the pattern, it will be available for sale when I get it done.

At this point I have the gusset increases done and am embarking on turning the heel. Excitement abounds!

sock032509 240x160 Manly, Yes. But I Like It Too.

When the first sock is done, or near done, I will try it on the KOARC’s manly foot, for he is the intended recipient.

Apropos of Nothing . . .

Hey, don’t let me forget these two numbers: 54 and 78. Okay, thanks.

Excitement Really Does Abound

Can you guess what is in this box?

box032509 240x160 Manly, Yes. But I Like It Too.

I’ll give you a hint:

books032509 240x160 Manly, Yes. But I Like It Too.

I got my copies! I got my copies!

bookstack032509 240x160 Manly, Yes. But I Like It Too.

In celebration of this event, I’ll give a couple or three of them away. Want one?

Leave a comment on this post by noon EDT on Sunday, March 29 and the random number generator will go to work once again.

Lucy Sez

lucy032509 240x152 Manly, Yes. But I Like It Too.

“Can I have the box?”


  1. Oh, Oh, Ohโ€ฆ pick me!
    I love your sock patterns, and to have a whole book of them would be fabulous!

    Andis last blog post..YPF or FO Fridayโ€ฆ

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Lucy can have the box if I can have one of the copies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

    Ivy Maes last blog post..Okay, things got worse.

  4. Yes!! I want one!! It’s great to see the actual books isn’t it?!

  5. It’s very generous of you to offer — of course I’d love a copy!

  6. Ooh, I’d love a copy!

    Rennas last blog post..Gettin’ Things Done

  7. That is so cool! Congratulations on your book and it would marvelous if I could win a copy!

  8. Luv that sox pattern! And I REALLY want to win a copy of your book.

    tammy pells last blog post..Sam Says:

  9. Linda from Kansas says:

    Why not? Just add me and remember my birthday is on Friday, But as I said please do not let that influence you in any way. :-))
    Thank you for your consideration.

  10. I have been anxiously awaiting your new book. I would love to win a copy!

    Lynns last blog post..Overloaded

  11. I can’t wait to get a copy…

  12. Who wouldn’t want one?!?!

  13. Minsiemom says:

    Yes, yes, I want one! My kitties love boxes too…but sometimes they try to eat them.

  14. Beautiful cover! I bet that what’s inside is even better… mazal tov!


  15. I’m a big fan of your socks, manly shaped or other wise.

    hope I win!


  16. Marianna says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book!

  17. I have a friend that needs a get well gift. This would be great!

  18. I love your sock designs and would love your book!

  19. Patricia says:

    i love the cover shot n your new book – must have been so exciting to open the box! Maybe the RNG will choose me ๐Ÿ™‚ If not, I’ll have to put it on my wishlist.

    btw, I made your cat bed for my Mom’s ragdoll cat at Christmas.. But my princess cat aka “Darcy” found it, ripped open the package (I had put catnip in it) and stole it for her own never to give it back so now I have to get another one made for my Mom for Mother’s day.

  20. Your book looks great, I’d love a copy!

  21. Congratulations on getting the copies “finally”. I bet it seems like all your hard work stays in limbo forever!

    Give Lucy the box – she needs toys LOL!

  22. That’s about the same expression my cats wear every time something comes in the mail! Add me, please!

  23. Socks! Sock books! love them! crossing my fingers…

    (and my kitties love empty boxes, too.)

  24. Congratulations! I’d love to win the book

  25. So exciting! I’d love to win a copy ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I would love a copy of your book – your designs are beautiful.

  27. ooo oooo oooo OOOO please pick me Sir/Lady Random Number Generator, I’m broke right now and really really really want Wendy’s book, PLEASE. Thank You oh gracious Generator that you are.


    Sarah O Gs last blog post..Birthday Wishes…

  28. The sunflower sox are still my favorites……

  29. knitopia says:

    I would absolutely love to win a copy of your book!

  30. Congratulations on the book!

    Yes, I would love one to travel downunder to Oz.

  31. Denise in Ohio says:

    Want a copy? Ab-so-lute-ly!

  32. congrats on the box of books .. how exciting! Of course i would love a copy . I bet lucy can’t wait for you to empty the box. What is it with cats and boxes ?

  33. Oooooooo (over both socks and book).

  34. The KOARC will have a very nice pair of socks! How exciting to actually have your book in possession – I bet it makes it that much more real. And I’d love to win a copy, although if the random number generator doesn’t work for me, I’m sure a copy will make its way on my bookshelf anyway.

  35. KatieBug says:

    ZOMG book!!!! YAY!

    I am looking forward to seeing this “manly” pattern all written up. I think I’d like a pair in a springy colour, while DH would probably like the grey.

  36. Why, yes, of course I want a copy! I’m determined to try toe up socks and your book would be the perfect incentive!

  37. Helena Handbag says:

    I would be proud to have the random number generator choose me to own your book!

  38. Oooh – yes, I’d like to win one of these copies …!
    And your socks will be great!
    Regards, Katarina

    Katarinas last blog post..Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage 13/2009

  39. Ooh! My sock knitting mojo could do with a boost, and I think this might be just the thing. Congrats on the new release!

    chocolatetrudis last blog post..Crochet in No Time

  40. Congratulations on the publication of your book! And boxes really are the best cat toys, aren’t they?

    Lynns last blog post..New toy!

  41. margieinmaryland says:

    please- please pick me!

  42. Kym Hretz says:

    ME! ME! PLEASE! I would LOVE to win!

  43. I have been very much looking forward to the book. Congratulations!

  44. Ann Rose says:

    I would *adore* a copy! Now, how can I sweet talk that random number generator into choosing me? Lucy, do you have any tips? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Yes to toe-up socks!

    Kristens last blog post..Guild retreat ’09

  46. Oh! Congrats on getting your copies. It’s almost “REALLY real!”

    Cindy (maxfun)s last blog post..Evolution of pretty

  47. OMG, OMG!! ME PLEASE! I’d LOVE to have a copy, please!

    Anastasias last blog post..R1P3 – Not doing so great!

  48. Northstar says:

    I’m crossing my fingers and hoping the number generator will pick me! I’d love a copy of your new book. How exciting for you! Congratulations.

  49. I’ve already pre-ordered it on Amazon, but I can always cancel. Put my name “in the pot.”

  50. oooh a whole book of your sock patterns? Yes please!

    Carries last blog post..Um… since when did time just disappear like that?

  51. Who wouldn’t want one?!

    Sams last blog post..How $37 Can Save My Marriage

  52. Debra in NC says:

    OMG!!! I’d absolutely LOVE to have a copy of your book! I plan on purchasing it if I don’t win a copy………but still! LOL!

    The one thing I think I miss most with your blog’s new format is the big random picture of Lucy……..she’s just such a sweetie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Well of course I’d love one – but only after Lucy gets her turn with the box!

    Jennis last blog post..Random Wednesday

  54. I’d love the opportunity to win your newest book! That’s my next project, a toe up sock; I’ve always done top down and am now trying 2 on 1 needle. Love your man? sock…………

  55. Hooray for new books and using Web 2.0 to remember numbers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Janice in GAs last blog post..Remembering my dad

  56. Congrats on the delivery of the new book. My cats love boxes, too.

  57. I look forward to your new book.

  58. Jennefer says:

    Yay! It’s out! very exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Yes yes Lucy, tell mama to give away all the books so you can have the box!

    Jadieladys last blog post..I has an important announcement!

  60. I would love to have a copy of your book. I base most of my socks on your fingering weight toe up pattern with the gusset and heel flap.

    SusanBs last blog post..Lesser Evil or How to Find Motivation

  61. I like it too! And I can’t wait to see your book.

  62. OOOOH I want your book! I will buy it as soon as I can.

  63. Sarah W. says:

    I would be so pleased to receive a copy of your book. Your patterns are excellent!

  64. I can’t wait to get one…one way or another!

  65. Hello dear Wendy,

    I already have one on pre-order at Amazon and I can’t wait to get it. So, if my number comes up, if you’d be so inclined, if I could have a signed copy? I’ll send my copy your way in trade when it gets here.

    And yes, I think Lucy should have the box in celebration of its special contents. Her way of sharing the moment with you.

    TrishD in MDs last blog post..Itโ€™s Been a Year!

  66. Ooh. I would love a copy! The book looks wonderful.

  67. Oh please!!!! pretty please!!!

  68. Oh, how exciting for you. Your book looks great. Did you smell it? Seriously! I have to smell new books just like I have to fondle yarn. Can’t help myself.

    Booklassie Dees last blog post..When Your Last Baby At Home is a Dog

  69. Great looking sock, thus far. I’m surprised you didn’t rip the box to shreds in anticipation of its contents. Can’t wait to get a copy. I know it’s gonna be great! Sally

  70. Madeline says:

    Hearty congratulations! It looks wonderful!

  71. Oh, you must be SO excited to see your book and have copies in hand!! Congrats! It looks beautiful. I’d love to be in the running for a copy. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  72. I want one too!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ayumis last blog post..Little Sam

  73. Squee! I want one of them books! Even if I have to buy it myself… =P

    Elinors last blog post..Pi Day!

  74. Oh my goodness!!!! I can’t wait for your book to be out!

    leahs last blog post..So I promised you a story….

  75. Congratulations on your new book!

  76. Oh random number generator, please…Pick me! Pick me!

  77. We’re in the middle of a remodel. Winning a copy of your book would be a lovely distraction.

  78. KateinIowa says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I love the “manly” sock, but want to make it for myself and other girlfriends. REALLY looking forward to your new book.

  79. The cover looks so cool! It must be tremendously exciting to see it and hold it at last.

    ccr in MAs last blog post..Quick update, and pictures

  80. Hi Wendy! I want one a book please!!

  81. Gabriele says:

    Congratulations on your new book. Can’t wait to see it in the stores. My cats love to play in boxes too.

  82. Lucy can have the box… I’ll take a book!

  83. Now this is one prize I’d love to win.

  84. I’ve got a copy on pre-order, but who couldn’t use an extra to lend to a friend? Plus, maybe this one would be autographed…??? (hint ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Tabbys last blog post..A Day for Sumo

  85. You’ve been so generous of late!!! Put my name in the hat, too….

  86. Yes, I would love a copy! Put my number in the hat.

  87. I plan on giving my mother a copy of your book for Mother’s day.

  88. me me me! pick me! have you lost weight? you sound skinny!

  89. I would love a copy – please add me to the drawing, too!

  90. Want one? Hell yeah!

    oh and don’t forget 54 and 78.

  91. Of course I want a copy of your book. I love your socks!

  92. Margalioth on Ravelry says:

    Ooooo, I’d love one of those books!

  93. I’d love to have a copy of your book.

  94. I’ll help you get that box emptied, Lucy! Just ask Wendy to put me in the drawing!

    “Manly” socks, eh? I suppose with an appropriately dark color and a pattern without lace or flowers, about any sock could be “manly.” LOL

  95. Congratulations, Wendy! How exciting! I’d be very pleased to enter your contest. Lucy, my cat Henry is also a box-kitty. If a box is unopened, he’ll sit on it until it’s opened and then hop right in. He then looks very please with himself!

  96. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you! I would LOVE to be in a drawing for your book. How could I not?

    Monis last blog post..Whatโ€™s Going On

  97. ooh i wouldn’t mind the book i already have it preordered at amazon but getting kinda antsy. plus i never did a toe-up sock before. Remember 54 and 78!

  98. Loved your first book!!! Can hardly wait for the latest one!! Add my name to the random drawing!

  99. I love your socks and you were instrumental in my toe-up conversion. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book!

  100. The book looks wonderful. I would love to win a copy.