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Do Your Kneesocks Fall Down When You Attempt to Move?

(Sung to the tune of “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bed Post Overnight?”)

An interesting question, and one for the ages: do you have trouble keeping your kneesocks up?

Do you have problems with your kneesocks falling down?

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I for one do not have problems with kneesocks staying up. I think this has a lot to do with fit.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom bought you cotton or cotton-blend kneesocks? And after a few washings they would shrink? Then they would never stay up properly because they were a bit too small. Sure, you could tug them into place but as soon as you took 3 steps they were inching down your leg.

When you knit your own kneesocks, you really have to pay close attention to fit. You want the socks’ circumference to be a bit less than the circumference of your leg at all the crucial points for a snug fit, and (very important) you want them tall enough.

To knit ’em tall enough, you really need to try them on several times as you knit. Case in point: my kneesocks.


Lying flat, these socks measure about 21 inches from the bottom of the foot to the top of the cuff. My leg, from just below the knee to the bottom of my foot, measured along the “in-seam,” is 18 inches. Why the extra three inches? Because I have fat shapely calves. Some of that length is taken up in width as I put the socks on.

As I knit these bad boys I kept trying them on to make sure my rate on increase was working, and that they were going to be long enough. They are.


I had not really planned on writing up this pattern, as the lace is very simple and similar to other stuff I’ve done, but now I’m thinking I will, and make it a “how to knit a pair of kneesocks that fit” pattern. What do you think? Are you interested?


Lucy seems thrilled with all this kneesocks talk, no?


Just Another Stinking Monday

I see that most of us agree that Daylight Saving time is evil.

On the plus side, I did manage to get all my clocks switched over to DST. Unfortunately, those clocks I have that I acquired prior to 2007 that automatically switch over will be have to be adjusted, because the switch-over date has changed since they were manufactured.

It is as I said: evil.

The kneesock is nearly done now:


All that remains is 24 rounds of ribbing,

There was a question in the comments asking why my sudden interest in knee-socks.

And I can’t come up with a clever answer. I guess I’m just interested in working out the increases for kneesocks. Call it a form of entertainment, if you will.

It may be a stinking Monday, but things aren’t all bad. I’ve got some lovely new Schaefer sock yarns to play with:


And I’m winding my pretty green laceweight:


Yes, it amuses me to take photos of my swift in motion. 🙂

It amuses Lucy to pretend she is a 12-pack of soda:


Arizona and Hawaii Have the Right Idea

I am not a fan of Daylight Saving Time. Just sayin’. Not only does losing an hour today annoy me, but I don’t like having it darker in the morning.

And to make matters worse, after turning my clocks ahead and going to bed last night, I was apparently abducted by aliens. I awoke this morning with three inspection stickers inexplicably stuck on the inside of my right wrist.


Apparently, Alien Inspectors 24, 34, and 64 deemed me acceptable for life on earth, because here I remain. Unless I am not really me, just a decoy placed here by the aliens, said decoy having been inspected by Inspectors 24, 34, and 64.

Actually, that makes a bit more sense.

And I’m sure it has something to do with this stupid time change.

Well, whether I am the real Wendy or just a cheap alien substitution, I apparently can still knit. Here’s my second kneesock:


Still quite a way to go on this, but it is coming along nicely.

Lucy does not like the time change either. See?


Slow Thursday

Well, not really. It hasn’t been a slow Thursday — I’ve been insanely busy. But said busy has to do with that pesky day job, not with knitting fun.

So I don’t have much for you here.

I’m at the point of working the gusset increases on my second kneesock, so it’s hardy worth a photo.

So here is a shot of some lovely green wool/silk laceweight from a very generous friend:


The yarn is called “Elegant” and it is made in Finland by a company called Teetee. Lo and behold — this yarn is listed on Ravelry, here. I happily browsed through the 45 projects listed on Ravelry that use this yarn. You just gotta love Ravelry.

As soon as I laid eyes on the yarn I thought “Fountain Pen Shawl.” I sent a quick message to Susan (the designer) to ask if she thought 1000 meters (which is how much I have) was enough, as the shawl is listed as taking one skein of Helen’s Laces, which is 1143 meters. Susan confirmed, as I suspected, 1000 meters will be plenty. The shawl pictured in Interweave Knits took about 850 yards.

So consider the Fountain Pen Shawl imminent. 🙂

And here is an assortment of stuff that makes me happy.

A new 3 AM Enchantments Bag.


Dream in Color Smooshy Sock yarn in semi-solids.


Lucy contemplating her food dish.


Second Socks

Several of you have asked me if I knit the second sock to socks I show on my blog. Yes I do!

I’ve taken to not documenting the second sock process because I often cast on for a new sock project at the same time and work on both old and new. Then I just blog about the new. But as it happens, I’ve not got a second project going on right now, so I’ll blog the second sock of my current pair:


The as-yet-unnamed kneesocks. Ta-da!

Hey, look what needles are in the as-yet-unnamed kneesocks:


These are my 20″ Addis. I got them last Friday and immediately switched over to them. The needle length on the 20-inchers is exactly the same as that for all my 16-inch needles, and the joins on these Addis are superb. (I’ve actually had a couple of issues with joins on Addi Lace needles being rough — anyone else have that problem?)

The tips are indeed more rounded than on either the Knitpicks or Hiya Hiya needles but so far it’s not a problem for me.

Speaking of Kneesocks . . .

I neglected to alert you that the pattern for the Catriona Kneesocks is now available for sale over at The Loopy Ewe. Sheri also restocked the Sign of Spring pattern. As I write this, they are both still in stock . . .

And I added the Catriona design to Ravelry, here.

In Other News

Miss Lucy is angry with me. She doesn’t look angry in this photo:


Why? Because I took it before I vacuumed.

I have upset her delicate psyche.

To further casue confusion in the world, I’ve put the LYS map back in the sidebar. 😀