My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.


Twas a bright and sunny day today, but rather cold. Still, most of the snow has been pushed to one side so it is business as usual. And it is supposed to be back up into the 50s this weekend — crazy weather.

Some of you have asked from time to time if I’ve turned my heat on. I’ve shoved the thermostats way down and was surprised on Sunday night to hear the heat kick on. Well, yeah, it was pretty nippy so I did let it run a bit. 🙂 It has kicked on a few times over the past couple of days, but when the outside temperature goes up later this week, that’ll be the end of that.

A couple of you mentioned having problems with how my blog was displaying in your browser the past couple of days. The only change I made was to add the LYS map in the sidebar. So I have temporarily removed it in hopes that will fix the issue.

My blog often doesn’t display properly for me in Internet Explorer. But I always figure that’s down to the fact that Internet Explorer is the Spawn of Satan.

Not that I have strong opinions about that or anything.

Pencil Cases for Sudan Update

Lifted shamelessly from Lumia. 🙂

The Darfur group at Ravelry has been moderating the Pencil Cases for Sudan KAL/CAL since the beginning of the year. The results are great – by the end of January we had about 50 cases done and sent to HELPSudan, I don’t even know how many we have now!

But the KAL is not over yet. It will end on the 31st of March, so now’s the time for the last push (or better said knit).

To give you all a little extra incentive to finish your pencil cases, or cast on just a few more, there’ll be voting on the most beautiful pencil case in the KAL’s Flickr group with some lovely prizes!

Here’s how it works. To participate you just upload your photo to Flickr and share it with the group (there’s guidance on the group forum). To vote, just comment on the picture! Doesn’t matter what you say, maybe a little compliment, the number of the comments will count. Which ever photo gets the most comments will win! And — whichever photo gets the second most comments will also win!

The first prize will be a gorgeous Swift knitting bag in Cocoa/Pink from the big-hearted Andrea (Ravelry link). The first runner-up will get a $50 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe, generously donated by Wendy (that would be me). There might even be a surprise for the second runner-up!

So please get knitting/crocheting and share your photos! The voting will end on the 12th of April 2009, so you’ll have time to post your pictures as well as comment.

You can find more information on the KAL/CAL as well as the list of available pencil case patterns at or the Ravelry Darfur group.

An added note: For those of you attending the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling in April, there is a knit-along for Spring Flingers for these pencil cases going on, spearheaded by Timmie (Ravelry link) — this is described in the Spring Fling Forum on Ravelry here. Every pencil case knit and brought to the Fling will earn you one raffle ticket, and I am donating a new Canon Powershot SD790 IS camera as the prize.

Hey, Look!

kneesock030309 240x132 Aftermath

I finished one kneesock!

kneesock030309a 139x240 Aftermath

I had a comment recently (and I’m too lazy to look it up and see who it was from) asking me if I do a gauge swatch for different sock yarns or always use my size 0 needles. The answer is that I always dive right in with my size 0 needles. Every fingering weight sock yarn that I’ve run up against I’ve found I can knit at a gauge of 8 st/inch. I do think I subconsciously adjust my tension to compensate for differences in the yarns, though.

The brain is a scary thing sometimes.

lucy030309 240x160 Aftermath

Lucy agrees.

Snow Day

First of all, I realized that I neglected to put a link to the LYS map over at — it is here. On that page you can view the map in a new browser window and it should be pretty easy to add a LYS to the map from there.

We did have a fair amount of snow overnight and this morning, and some very high winds today. The flag outside my condo is really flapping in the wind:

flag030209 240x153 Snow Day

The snow was very pretty while it was falling:

snow030209 240x160 Snow Day

Though these two guys were probably not too thrilled with it:

car030209 240x172 Snow Day

It stopped snowing by noon but remains cold and windy. Brrrrrrr!

I’ve added a new item to my 2009 Completed Work, but it was completed in January, the River Grass Socks.

rivergrass 157x240 Snow Day

I designed this sock for Three Irish Girls‘ Sock Yarnista Club, and the pattern is now available for sale to anyone on their website, here. The Ravelry pattern page is here.

Speaking of socks, here’s a glimpse of my new sock-in-progress:

sock030209 160x240 Snow Day

More on that tomorrow!

I think Lucy is practicing for the Feline Sleep Olympics again.

lucy030209 240x160 Snow Day

In Like a Lion

Happy March! We’ve had a dusting of snow this morning and the WeatherDudes are telling me that we are getting some decent snow tonight. They are claiming between 6 – 10″ for my area overnight, depending on who you listen to. I am madly doing my snowdance so that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, and Lucy is doing this:

lucy030109 240x160 In Like a Lion

I think she has the right idea!

Something New

If you’ve been looking closely at my blog, you will have noticed that I added something cool to the far right sidebar (scroll down to see): a map of LYSs.

This is the brainchild of Tracy, who emailed to tell me about it last week. She said:

I started this map of LYS over a year ago, and lots of people have added yarn shops to it all over the world. I do work for the website where I made the map, but I’m also really a dedicated knitter and sometimes designer.

The map can be added to any website, sort of like a Youtube video. If you register at Platial, you get extra options for what kind of map you want, but even without logging in, you can get the code by clicking on the embed link in the header. I’d like to share the map with other knitting bloggers, because I think it helps support local yarn shops, and maps are cool.

I moderate the map closely so junk or spam can’t get onto it.

Tracy, first off, I am in complete agreement that maps are cool. I’ve always loved maps. One of my favorite childhood activities was taking my dad’s huge world atlas (published by the Times in the UK in the 1960s) and opening it at random and dreaming about far-away places. I remember browsing through a map of the United States and seeing De Smet, South Dakota marked on it and realizing that yes, the place where Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family lived was real. Wow!

Pardon the digression. 🙂

So I got the code for the LYS map and plunked it down in my sidebar. you can too. And you can add your own LYS to the map if it is not there already. How cool is that?

In Other News . . .

I started a new sock, from The Sanguine Gryphon’s Eidos sock yarn in the Minos colorway.

toe030109 160x240 In Like a Lion

Teddy grudgingly agreed to model the toe. You know, he’s getting harder and harder to work with. You wouldn’t believe the demands he is making these days! He wants a cut of Lucy’s Wildside Salmon, hot and cold running honey . . .

Models. Whaddya gonna do with them?