My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Summer in Washington

The weather report for the foreseeable future:

weatherreport061609 140x240 Summer in Washington

It’s thunderstorm season!

And here is Girasole, being worn as a hat.

girasole061609 202x240 Summer in Washington

It’s looking pretty much the same as it did yesterday — just a few more rounds done. (The color is off because of the lighting in the room.)

Meanwhile, check out this yummy yarn I got in the mail yesterday:

elsie061609 240x94 Summer in Washington

This is Tilli Tomas Elsie, which is a silk/wool/milk protein blend. I purchased it last week at kpixie — they had it on sale. Isn’t the color yummy?

I’m toying with the idea of putting together a circular shawl design. This is a worsted weight yarn, so it’ll be more of a blanket or throw than a shawl. I’ve got ten skeins of the yarn — 1350 yards, so it’s enough to make something fairly large.

And here is Lucy, looking somewhat Sphinx-like:

lucy061609 240x146 Summer in Washington

She reiterates that she loves the a/c!

Cruising Along

girasole061509 240x160 Cruising Along

I now have 640 stitches on my Girasole.

girasole061509a 240x160 Cruising Along

This is the final stitch count – no more increasing. I’m not timing myself to see how long it takes me to complete a round. Therein be the path to madness!

girasole061509b 240x160 Cruising Along

But seriously, I am not overly bothered by the long rounds. It’s kind of nice to have some mostly mindless knitting to work on, for at this point the lace pattern is dead simple and the plain knit rounds in-between are perfect for television knitting.

And at the moment, I have no socks on the needles! I am stuffing Girasole into a tote bag and taking it along for commuter knitting.

And the poor little gansey has not been touched since before I started work on Girasole.

Public Service Announcement

If you are a cat-lover and have not seen The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, I command you to go there right now! Seriously.

Please note that the human component of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is participating in the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society’s  Dog-a-Thon Walk for Homeless Pets. You can help the IBKC reach their goal of raising $5,000 by donating here.

Also note that Itty Bitty cards are available for sale here at Etsy.

I have no affiliation with The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, but I visit the blog daily and the beautiful photos of heartbreakingly adorable kittens lifts my spirits every single time.

And I’m convinced that Charlene Butterbean is a Ragdoll. 🙂

Lucy Sez:

lucy061509 240x160 Cruising Along

“Ragdolls RULE!”

Girasole Weekend

I cast on Girasole Thursday night.

girasolecaston061209 240x212 Girasole Weekend

Rather than use a circular cast-on like Emily Ocker’s cast-on, I simply did a regular long-tail cast-on on three dpns and joined them into a circle and began to knit. Because this is a lace piece, I don’t mind having a hole in the middle. Rather, I like the little ring that’s formed by this cast-on.

girasole061309 240x160 Girasole Weekend

That’s what the piece looked like Saturday morning. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see how nice it looks with the little ring in the center. I was transferring it from a 24″ circular to a 32″ and was able to spread it out nicely. I’m loving the yarn I chose to use — Indigo Moon fingering weight merino in the “MyroGreen Lite” colorway. The lighter variegation sort of look like the sun is shining on it.

Here’s what the piece looks like right now:

girasole061409 240x160 Girasole Weekend

Obviously, I can no longer spread it out into a nice circle. I’m a bit over two-thirds the way through Chart D and zipping along nicely. Said zipping along will screech to a halt at the end of Chart D, because at that point you double the number of stitches to 640. Yeah, that’ll slow things down!

I estimate (judging from the amount of yarn I’ve used so far) I’m about one-third done with my Girasole. I’m really enjoying knitting this. It’s very easy lace and the pattern is very clear and easy to follow, so if you are a lace wannabe or newbie, I encourage you to give it a try.

Meanwhile, Lucy is busy being inscrutable.

lucy061409 240x160 Girasole Weekend

Catnip Socks

The Catnip socks are finished. There is much rejoicing.

catnip061109 236x240 Catnip Socks

I am making the pattern available as a freebie and you can get it, in pdf format, here.

There is only one size — a medium. I love the stitch motif I used for it, but discovered that it does not lend itself to being either sized up or down for other sizes. I have a purl stitch in-between each repeat of the lace motif and I could  have resized by taking out one motif and adding purl stitches for a smaller size, and keeping the number of motifs just adding purl stitches for a larger size, but I didn’t like how that looked. So I’m sending the pattern out into the world in one size only.

I am still working on Finnian’s Gansey, in case you wondered. I have the front completely done.

gansey061109 240x224 Catnip Socks

The body is knit in the round and then split at the beginning of the armholes and the front and back knit separately. So I’m ready to knit the back.

So I have one of my two projects off the needles. You know what that means, don’t you?

I get to cast on Girasole.

Lucy is so excited she wore herself out jumping up and down and had to take a nap.

lucy061109 240x130 Catnip Socks

I Have No Formula

That is a blanket answer to the many questions I’ve been getting that all start with:

“Do you have a formula for [knitting pattern or technique]? ”

No, I do not.

Allow me to explain.

Many many many many (many) years ago, when I started high school, I took Algebra One. And just barely squeaked through it. Next year I took Geometry. That went marginally better.

Then came Algebra Two.

Sadly, our teacher died at the very beginning of the school year and we had a couple of months of a parade of substitute teachers who were little more than babysitters. By the time we got a permanent teacher, I was hopelessly lost.

(In retrospect, I wonder how I managed to pass Algebra Two. Because I did pass.)

Senior year of high school I took no math class.

Fast forward to my freshman year of college. In order to fulfill the requirements for my degree, I was required to take 3 credits of mathematics. I took a course called “Concepts of Mathematics” that was recommended for liberal arts students. There were pictures in the textbook. The professor who taught the course was, I believe, chosen for that duty by virtue of having drawn the short straw.

This is a long way of saying that I suck at anything that involves numbers and counting. The idea of creating a formula for something gives me a fit of the vapours and I have to lie in a darkened room with a cool cloth on my head until the mind-fugue passes. Like Mick Jagger, I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.

I know that other smarter and far less numbers-challenged people than I have come up with whizz-bang calculators for all sorts of knitting related stuff so I suggest you google for those. 🙂

Lucy Sez

lucy061009 240x234 I Have No Formula

I can’t count, either.