My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

State Names

This weekend the KOARC and I were discussing movies that have the names of states in the title — like “Blue Hawaii.” This started me wondering — does every state in the U.S. have a movie with its name in the title? Some, like New York, have multiple movies, of course, but is there a movie with, for example, Rhode Island in the title?

Yeah, I wonder about stuff like this.

So, just for fun, if you can think of a movie that has a state name in the title, please leave it in the comments to this blog entry. To reward you for your diligence, on Thursday afternoon I’ll draw five names at random and those five people will win the WendyKnits pattern of their choice. Oh, and the first person who can name a movie with “Rhode Island” in the title will win 5 patterns. 😀

Leave your comment by 4pm Eastern time this Thursday, August 20, to be entered in the drawing.


I had as nice chunk of knitting time yesterday so made some good progress on the Sandvik shawl.

Shawl081609 240x160 State Names

I’ve got 33 more rows to do before I work the bottom border. I weighed my ball of yarn after taking this photo. The original weight was 230 grams, and the ball now weighs 127 grams, so I’ve used less than half of it. The yardage was 1300 yards, so I’m guessing I’ve used 600 or so yards so far.

Progress will slow down during the week because I’m working on a stealth project for my commuter knitting. But I’m hoping to have this done by the end of next weekend.

Lucy Sez:

Lucy080109 240x150 State Names

“Put down the knitting and look at me!”

Slower Than Cold Molasses Running Up Hill

That’s something my mom used to say. Well, she probably still says it, but I haven’t heard her say it lately.

It is a good description of my knitting progress this week, though. I knit exactly three rows on my shawl last night before I was too tired to think straight. Here you go:

Shawl081309 240x160 Slower Than Cold Molasses Running Up Hill

Looks pretty much the same as yesterday, yes?

The title for my blog post got me wondering about the expression “slower than cold molasses running up hill” so I started a-googling. Here we go a-googling among the leaves so green! Come on, sing it with me.

The search returned 13,000 results.

One of those results was a site on how to speak like a Canadian. Go figure. My maternal grandfather’s family was Canadian, so perhaps how the phrase insinuated its way into my mom’s vocabulary.

But I also found it listed on a website of old Southern slang. Well, now.

And more specifically, I found it referred to as Tennessee slang. Hmmmmm . . .

But no matter where it came from, it is designated as Worthless Saying #67.

What’s your favorite worthless saying?

(Did you see what I did there? I have almost no knitting content to speak of so I quickly diverted your attention away from the knitting.)

Lucy Sez:

Lucy081309 240x160 Slower Than Cold Molasses Running Up Hill

Most worthless expression? “You’ve had enough Wildside Salmon Treats.”

Highlighter Tape

How ’bout that?

Tape081209 240x160 Highlighter Tape

A bunch of you indicated in the comments that you didn’t know about highlighter tape. And here I thought I was the last person on earth who was in the dark about the glory that is highlighter tape.

I got a few emails asking where to buy it. Well, as I mentioned in my last post, Karen at Needlework Unlimited gave me mine, so if you are in or near Minneapolis, hie thee over there asap. Everyone else? Google it. 😉

You can indeed lift and reposition this tape multiple times and it retains its stickiness. In the comments, Colleen shared an excellent tip to aid in placement:

I found it very hard to pry up the ends, quickly, so I learned to put a fold (hem) on each end, so that I can just grab the flap and unstick it to move it up.

So brilliant, and yet so simple!

So, the lace knitting continues.

Shawl091209 240x160 Highlighter Tape

The answer to the many many questions I have been getting is: No, I am not writing a lace book. See, I can’t work full-time, promote my sock book part-time, and write a new book all at the same time. Just thinking about it makes me wanna take a nap.

Lucy sez:

Lucy081209 240x160 Highlighter Tape

“This does nothing for me.”

Checking In On The Pink Blob

I did get a bit of knitting done on my pink blob over the weekend.

Shawl081109 240x150 Checking In On The Pink Blob

I’ve still got a fair amount to go on this but I’m not sure how much — I’ll know when I get there.

Before I left for Minneapolis, I took my chart off the magnetic board and instead marked the rows with carefully trimmed slips of post-it notes.

I do own some of those “pattern tamers” but I don’t like them for use on a single sheet of paper. I can’t easily slide the thing up as I complete a row — I need to pul it apart and reposition it.

Anyway, when Karen saw me with my makeshift post-it note strips on my pattern charts, she gave me a roll of highlighter tape.

Tape081109 240x174 Checking In On The Pink Blob

Oh highlighter tape! Where have you been all my life?

By the way, I am pleased to announce that the pink blob now has a name. I’m calling the design Sandvik. Sandvik is the name of a town in the Faroe Islands and translates to mean “sandy bay.” As good a name as any, eh?

By the Way . . .

Did you notice that all WendyKnits patterns are on sale over at The Loopy Ewe? Just sayin’ . . .

Lucy Sez

Lucy081109 240x160 Checking In On The Pink Blob

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . “

Hot Monday

The temp shown in my Firefox weather app:

weather081009 Hot Monday

I think the heat index was supposed to make it feel something like 105 degrees. But right now it is a chilly 96 degrees. Brrrrrrr!

I returned home last night from a great weekend in Minneapolis. Karen, the owner of Needlework Unlimited picked me up at the airport on Friday afternoon and we proceeded to have huge amounts of fun all weekend.

My classes at Needlework Unlimited on Saturday were great and I got to spend some quality time fondling yarn. What’s not to love?

Saturday night after classes, Karen took me out to dinner at Salut Bar Americain, a great restaurant with delicious food and a touch of whimsy. And late Saturday night, when we were back at Karen’s house, sirens went off in the distance. Something I have no experience with in my east coast life — tornado sirens! A tornado touched down not very far from us. It was all very exciting, since it wasn’t close enough to be really scary.

It was a great weekend — a fabulous yarn shop, good company, good food, and knitting. And kitties. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Since I got home fairly late last night I had arranged to take today off from work. A good thing too, because my respiratory crud returned last week and I haven’t shaken it yet. And the air quality today was bad, so I was just as happy to stay inside.

What knitting I did was on a stealth project, so no photos of that.

Hey, remember my Tilli Tomas bleeding yarn? It went to a new home with Sarah W. last month. Well, right before I left for Minneapolis, this came in the mail.

Elsie081009 160x240 Hot Monday

Sarah made this from the Tilli Tomas yarn. Isn’t it lovely?

Inside the pretty little pouch is a jar of apricot preserves. YUM! And thank you so much, Sarah!

Lucy Sez

Lucy081009 240x154 Hot Monday

“Can you make me some salmon preserves?”