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Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

A LYS Visit and a Contest

Hey, guess where I went today?


If you said Fibre Space, you are right.

Fibre Space is a new-ish (opened last summer) yarn shop in my hometown — Alexandria, VA. And I finally made time for a visit. It’s located on North Fayette Street in Old Town. Great location — there was plenty of street parking within a block of the shop, and there is a Five Guys across the street. 😀

Here are a few images of the shop. The street view:


They just decorated their front window for the holidays:


They have excellent taste in the books they have for sale:


They have a great classroom off the main room:


And they’ve got lots of yarn!




The owner, Danielle, kindly allowed me to photograph her behind the counter:


I’ll be doing an event in conjunction with Fibre Space in a couple of months (more on that next week) so it was about time I stopped by to check out the shop.

A Contest!

Y’all remember that I did a sock design for the Dye Dreams Four Seasons Sock club — right? What you may not know is that the lovely ladies at Dye Dreams have also started a Four Seasons Mitten Club — and they asked me to do a mitten design for the first club offering — the winter mittens.

And I need your help.

I’ve created the mitten pattern and love it but I have one problem — I can’t for the life of me think of a good name for the pattern. Here’s the mitten design:


Another view:


We want a winter-themed name. Any ideas?

Leave your suggestion for a name in the comments to this post by noon eastern time this Sunday, November 29. We’ll pick a name from the suggestions and the person who suggested the winning name will win a kit to knit the mittens!

Lucy sez


“Those of us with floofy feet don’t need mittens.”


  1. I immediately thought of ‘Cathedral Window’ when I saw them. They are beautiful!

  2. Garden in Winter or Icy Trellis. That cable pattern looks just like the trellis my mum had in her garden in upstate New York, and it always ended up covered in ice and snow every year.
    .-= Genny´s last blog ..Teeny tiny stitches… =-.

  3. Celtic Arch Mittens

  4. dawn in NL says:

    Snow Bridge

    The cables and the arch remind me of a cathedral window or the arch of a bridge.

  5. How about “Vintersaga” (Winter Tale)?
    It should be pronounceable (sp?) in English, I think.
    .-= Malin´s last blog ..Update of sorts =-.

  6. Gorgeous pattern! Looks Celtic to me, but also made me think of “triple diamond ski run”.
    Hugs to you and Lucy from down under 🙂

  7. I think the design looks like a Celtic dagger myself. So one suggestion is “Celtic dagger” mittens and mt other is “Winter Plaits”. xxxxxx

  8. The cables remind me of the tracks of figure-skating. So my suggestion is:

  9. Icicles. They remind me of the intricate details that form in icicles here in MN.

  10. What beauties!!!! In our lovely country we have a mountain called Cathedral peak, that often has snow on the top. It is in the drakensberg (dragon mountain) range. The mittens remind me of cathedrals in winter and on this mountain mittens are very useful. So I suggest Cathedralpeaks.

  11. Shetland Mittens.
    Alexandria has become quite a yarn store destination. Must keep that in mind if we ever pass through.
    Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Karin´s last blog ..Growing body =-.

  12. Doris McCoy says:

    I love the design. How about Alain geimhreadh, pronouced ( aw-lin GEE-ruh). It’s gaelic for beautiful winter.

  13. “Jack Frost”
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..November =-.

  14. Winter Solstice

  15. I will toss out the name “Twisted Sickle” Everyone has been super duper creative!

  16. They remind me of stained glass windows in a cathedral, but I can’t think of a winter title for it!

  17. I love the beautiful color and pattern, can’t wait for it to be available! How about Snow Queen’s Mitts from Hans Christian Anderson’s story? Or, being Irish I love Celtic Christmas Mitts.

  18. Looks like a cathedral window to me b/c of the ” arch”. Really pretty Wendy.

  19. saxon’s blue winter

  20. Stephanie P says:

    Those are beautiful!

    How about: Solstice or Winter Solstice

  21. I crossed my icicle fingers for this one.

    Icicle fingers cure

  22. Hmm… I think frostbite or blizzard. Whatever the name they are beautiful!

  23. I went to Fiber Space last month. It might be worth mentioning that the store is “bag free”. Bring your own bag or you could be forced to buy a $5 bag from them. It is reusable and can be used as a project bag but I was visiting from out of town, had no idea about this and was a little ticked off I had to buy a $5 bag just to carry my purchases out.

  24. Hi Wendy
    I’m thinking “Icy Cathedral” (sorry, if someone already chose this, I had no time to read all the comments). Those mittens look very comfortable and I think they would be perfect for some handspun too!
    Have a nice day
    .-= Daniela´s last blog ..Well, I learned =-.

  25. Saw my first choice listed already… so here’s my second.. Icicle twists

  26. How about Icey Channels.

  27. Beautiful mittens! How about “Crispy Morning”?

  28. Skater’s path?

    Also, I hopped over there and joined the club! Thanks for the enabling…

  29. Celtic Bodkin
    that’s not very wintery.
    Ice Bodkin

    the design makes me think dagger (syn. bodkin), the cable a celtic knot.
    D#*n nice mitts.

  30. December Denim

  31. How about “winter cables”

  32. Fountains Abbey Frost, based on the architecture of this great UK landmark —

  33. Ruth Schoof says:

    Winter Solstice Mittens!

  34. Its definitely celtic so how about cozy celtic mittens.

  35. Love the design and color–my suggestion for the design name is Winter Blues.

  36. The pattern of of the mittens reminds me of the Vienna Fingers cookies. So, how about “Vienna Mittens?”


  37. Ice Capades came to mind.
    Very lovely design.
    .-= Celestial´s last blog ..Great weekend =-.

  38. Melting Icicles because the cable pattern looks a bit like the rivulets of water dripping down from hanging icicles.

  39. Ice Branch Mittens (BTW – they’re gorgeous!)

  40. Luge

  41. ice blue
    .-= ambermoggie´s last blog ..Sometimes there are good things =-.

  42. They are lovely! and the store looks great!
    How about Glacier Bay Mitts? or Glacier Floats?

  43. How about Winter Weave Mitts?

  44. Skating on the lake

  45. The mittens remind me of my old American Flyer sled. How about Artic Flyer…

  46. Anne Schuldiner Patterson says:

    Here’s my entry: Ice Dream Blues

  47. Stained Glass Mittens. To me, the design looks like a window in a church.

  48. These mittens reminded me of a sword…

    Moonlit Excalibur Mittens

  49. What about ‘A Clear Blue Winter’ mittens? The yarn reminds me of the sky here in KY in the winter, after a good solid snow. The sky turns a clear blue with so few clouds you’d think you could just swim in the color.

  50. Schuss

  51. Sharon Amara says:

    Basilica Mitts (they look very cathedral-ish)

  52. The mittens are gorgeous! This may not really be wintry but the first thing I thought of when I saw them was “Cathedral Windows”.

  53. Katherine Hutter says:

    I thought of “Icicle Dreams” and “Winter Pathways”

  54. Irish Icicle Mittens
    Candle Smoke Mittens
    Frosted Pane Mittens

  55. Not sure why, but it looks like a tree (looking from wrist to fingertips) that’s covered in snow.

    Maybe ‘Snow Tree Mittens’ or ‘Snowy Pine Mittens’?

  56. Canoeski
    Reminds me of little canoes

  57. Fibre Space is such a cool store. I mean, if it’s good enough to sell Miss Babs… 🙂

    Cute mittens–how about Tracks in the Snow?

  58. The pattern reminds me of bird tracks in the snow, so I would name them the snowbird tracks mittens.

  59. Up here we like things Scandinavian. I suggest Nordic Knots.

  60. Dang. A winter themed name. There goes: “Pointing the Way to Spring”

    Another good name could be Icicle Point (yeah, it looks like the cable is pointing to me, and I cannot get my mind off of that).
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..the luckiest =-.

  61. I submitted “Ice Dancing” yesterday but this this morning thought of “Glaciers!”
    .-= Jenifer E´s last blog ..Too cute =-.

  62. Knittyknotty mittens

  63. Looks like “Crossed Trees” to me…

  64. Entwining Icicles

  65. Rachel Peterson says:

    Janus Mittens

    Wikipedia says:
    In Roman mythology, Janus (or Ianus) was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. His most prominent remnant in modern culture is his namesake, the month of January, which begins the new year. He is most often depicted as having two faces or heads, facing in opposite directions.

  66. Heather Simoneau says:

    How about the “Hand-warminator 5000” mittens because they look powerfully warm. Or maybe you should call them the “These mittens mean I love you” mittens because anyone who gets a pair will feel very loved. They are very lovely mittens.

  67. Definitely something with Celtic. I am big into alliteration so how about Celtic Cables? My first thought was Celtic Icicles but that is already taken.

    Celtic Comfort?

  68. Ice Crystal or Mr. 10 Below

  69. What great names have been suggested! You’ll have a hard time deciding.
    My suggestion is Love Me Knots.

  70. How about Celtic Winter? Beautiful mittens.

  71. Also, Snow Miser. They remind me of the Snow Miser from Year Without a Santa Claus.

  72. Your mitten is beautiful. It made me think of a Robert Frost poem, so the name I thought of was “A bird alight” for this poem:

    Looking For a Sunset Bird in Winter by Robert Frost

    The west was getting out of gold,
    The breath of air had died of cold,
    When shoeing home across the white,
    I thought I saw a bird alight.

    In summer when I passed the place
    I had to stop and lift my face;
    A bird with an angelic gift
    Was singing in it sweet and swift.

    No bird was singing in it now.
    A single leaf was on a bough,
    And that was all there was to see
    In going twice around the tree.

    From my advantage on a hill
    I judged that such a crystal chill
    Was only adding frost to snow
    As gilt to gold that wouldn’t show.

    A brush had left a crooked stroke
    Of what was either cloud or smoke
    From north to south across the blue;
    A piercing little star was through.

  73. I think they look like loaves of bread split open. How about “Hot Crossed Mitts”?

  74. snowcrossed mits

  75. How about “Warm Hearts” as in, cold hands, warm hearts? The cable looks like intertwined hearts from the top of the fingers.

  76. SusanInStatenIsland says:

    Fjordane – refers to the county in Norway where an amzing blue ice cathedral formed in a glacial grotto. Google for images; it’s breathtakingly beautiful — just like your mittens!

  77. Twilight Sleigh Ride Mitts
    just brings up a host of lovely winter images for me, like a family album of winter memories every time you look at your cozy mittens.

  78. “Gherkins”, after the Gherkin Tower in London.

  79. or
    Celtic Knot Hand Huggers

  80. or
    Celtic Winter Hand Huggers

  81. These are gorgeous! Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    How’s this for a name: Celtic Snow

  82. I have two suggestions:
    1. S’mitten with Cables
    2. Toasty Braids

  83. Frosty Frolic Finger Warmers

  84. Kristi ~ Ohio says:

    I haven’t looked through all the postings, but thought Winter Solstice mitts sounded good. Oh and I had never heard of Five Guys before, I checked out the website and found they are close to my backyard. DH & I went to Easton Town Center (Columbus, OH) and ate at Five Guys for lunch today…it was really good. Happy Thanksgiving Wendy & Lucy.

  85. Chill-Me-Knots Mittens

  86. How bout Winter Trees!

  87. How about Twisted Icicles
    Looking forward to knitting these.

  88. Winter-Smitten Mittens

  89. What about Winter Flakes?

  90. They are lovely! How about “trails in the snow” or “ski tracks”?


  91. How about bird tracks in the snow or just bird tracks?

  92. Frio.

    It means cold in Spanish.

    I love them!!

  93. Marsha Sussman says:

    How about Heavenly Skis They definitely look like skis and are heavenly.


  94. Downhill Ski Trails
    .-= Marji´s last blog ..Home from the Big Apple =-.

  95. Lots of good names have already been submitted! I’ll just add: Glacier or Glacier Light, for the blue colored shapes seen in a glacier. Beautiful mittens.

  96. How about “Winter Windows”?

  97. Hi Wendy, My idea for a name for your blue mittens would be “Icicle Pinecones”. Best to you, Lucy and Ian.

  98. Eis Zopf
    German Translation:Ice Braid
    .-= Kerrie´s last blog ..Book Review Update =-.

  99. In honour of winter, “Ici-cable”.

  100. The cable reminds me of icicles, so Icicle Braids.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!