My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Lucy Sez

Lucy122409 500x472 Lucy Sez

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Meow!

Today’s Achievements

I wrapped gifts:

Gifts122309 240x160 Todays Achievements

I got to the lace portion of Ishbel:

Ishbel122309 240x160 Todays Achievements

Lucy was a big help:

Lucy122309 240x160 Todays Achievements

Unpinned and Ready for Action

The Talisman shawl has been released from bondage! Here it is, being worn by Gwendolyn.

Talisman122209 166x240 Unpinned and Ready for Action

A couple of you asked when the pattern would be available. I’m working on it as we speak. 🙂

And a couple of you were spot-on about what my new project is:

WIP122209 240x160 Unpinned and Ready for Action

Ishbel, by Ysolda Teague.

Yeah, I don’t knit a lot of things by other designers, but this is my Christmas break knitting. 😉 I’m not designing, just happily following a pattern.

I am using a lovely lovely yarn from Dragonfly Fibers called Dragonsock:

Yarn122209 240x100 Unpinned and Ready for Action

The colorway is called “Green Riptide.” It’s pretty much heaven in a skein for a lover of all things green, like me.

I bought two skeins of it when I visited Fibrespace last month, with the thought of using it for a shawl or shawlette. So I’ve got 780 yards, which is plenty for the larger-sized Ishbel.

I’m using a U.S. size 4 needle and am loving the fabric that makes on the stockinette section.

Closeup122209 240x160 Unpinned and Ready for Action

In other news, I went into work today. The government was offering unscheduled leave for today, but today was my last day at work before my holiday leave — I’m off until January 4 — and there were a few loose ends I needed to tie up. The commute went fine as the streets around me are pretty much clear. The only issue was the train station parking lot. Black ice on asphalt in the dark makes me extremely nervous. I crept along and got to the sidewalk without any slipping or falling, so all is well.

And now I’m home, home, home. Not that I’m happy about that or anything.

Just for fun, here is a photo of a chair full of stuffed animals.

Chair122209 240x160 Unpinned and Ready for Action

Or is it?

A Free Day

I was pretty much gobsmacked yesterday afternoon when OPM announced that the federal government in the D.C. area would be closed today but hey! I’ll take it!

Here’s the view from this morning:

Morning122109 240x160 A Free Day

The sun was coming out. Yay!

Street122109 240x160 A Free Day

Things are looking good down on the street. I went out and ran some errands. The streets were fine. The parking lots, not so much. Very icy.

I also finished this:

before122109 240x160 A Free Day

My Talisman Shawl. It sure doesn’t look like much in that photo, does it? The pre-blocked dimensions are 48″ by 24″.

Blocking achieved this miracle:

Talismanblocked122109 240x134 A Free Day

After blocking, it’s 64″ wide by 34″ down the center back. Knit from one skein of Wollmeise, with just 14 grams leftover.

Here’s a close-up of the lace pattern:

TalismanCloseup122109 240x160 A Free Day

Here’s what I started today:

WIP122109 240x160 A Free Day

Care to hazard a guess as to what it is?

Miss Lucy slept through the blocking of the Talisman Shawl today. I’m sure she’s kicking herself that she missed out on helping me. But I turned the heat on this past weekend and she’s been happily sleeping through the most exciting events.

Lucy122109 240x160 A Free Day

Snow Day

It started snowing here Friday night. When I got up yesterday morning, this was the view out my window:

830am121909 240x160 Snow Day

By late morning, there were white-out conditions from my view on the couch:

1130am121909 240x160 Snow Day

Looking down at the street:

noon122009 240x160 Snow Day

Our building engineer and his crew kept shoveling the walks all afternoon:

245pm122009 240x160 Snow Day

And at least one foolhardy soul took a car out:

245pma122009 240x160 Snow Day

I spent a few entertaining minutes watching them push said car.

I spent the day doing this:

couch122009 240x160 Snow Day

And this morning the sun came out!

sundaymorning122009 240x160 Snow Day

I could hear snowplows through the night — they did a great job of clearing out.

Lucy is feeling frisky today, so I gave her an early Christmas gift — a straw ball sent to her from Anne Marie in Philly.

LucyToya122009 240x147 Snow Day

Boy, does she ever like it!

LucyToyb122009 240x160 Snow Day

It’s very lightweight and moves well when she bats at it.

LucyToyc122009 178x240 Snow Day

And there is a second ball, for when she bats this one under the fridge or something. 😉

Thanks, Anne Marie!