My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width

If you know to what the title of this blog post refers, you get extra credit today. Possibly even a gold star.

And it’s a total non sequitur for this blog — I just happened to be thinking about it.

I’ve been having lots of fun knitting on my Chevron Stole because I keep falling asleep while knitting it, then I wake up and continue merrily on to the end of the row. Then a few rows later I notice that I dropped a stitch while knitting in my sleep and have to fix it — whoopsie!

It’s been a tiring week, so I’ve had lots of knitting entertainment of this sort.

I’m estimating that I am approximately two-thirds done with the stole, so assuming I can stay awake long enough to finish it, finish it I may. In the not-too-distant future.

WIP031110 240x160 Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width

Book Give-away

I awoke the great and mighty Random Number Generator from its slumber to choose a winner for a copy of Rachael Herron’s How to Knit a Love Song. The winner is Kendra. Kendra, I have emailed you. Thanks to everyone who left a comment to enter.

Hey, Look

check031110 240x92 Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width

I won the lottery.

checkamt0311110 240x105 Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width


This Weekend . . .

It is supposed to rain and rain, and then rain some more. Could be worse, could be snowing. And I might manage to get some knitting done.

If I can stay awake, that is.

Lucy031110 240x160 Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width


  1. Take care of yourself. Sleep knitting could be hazardous to your health.

  2. I do a lot of sleep knitting and have decided that it’s best to knit totally mindless stockinette projects after about 10 pm. However I still continue to knit more involved projects which require frequent trips to the frog pond or crochet hook “fixes” the following evening.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..Visiting the frogs =-.

  3. Take one jewish man and one Irish man and put them in a men’s tailor shop. What more could you want!

  4. Don’t tell me you fell asleep watching Brit TV…

  5. A show from the year I was born 🙂 Mom and Dad had us watching these shows as kids – love Brit TV!!!!!
    .-= karen´s last blog .. =-.

  6. My first thought was, “That could/should be a line from Spinal Tap…” LOL – same vein of wit, even if I don’t get a gold star… 🙂
    .-= PlazaJen´s last blog ..Facebook Win… and Facebook Fail. =-.

  7. anne marie in philly says:

    don’t spend that $4 all in one place now…go out and stimulate the economy!

    or just buy cat treats for sweet lucy!

  8. Four bucks will buy a lot of catnip. Just sayin’…
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..At least she wasn’t wearing a thong =-.

  9. Love your kitty!

  10. Lucy has got to have one of the prettiest bellies on the blogsphere!
    .-= Valerie´s last blog ..What’s in a name? Part Two! =-.

  11. When we get off night shift and it’s cold and raining, we let out a “Clingon” cry: “Today is a good day to sleep!” I know, but nurses are silly after night shifts.
    .-= LoriAngela´s last blog ..White Flowers =-.

  12. fibercrone says:

    Congrats on the big lottery win! Does it count if I looked up today’s blog title?

    Today I was at my daughter’s house, my daughter who has a dog, not a cat, and there on the floor was a stuffed fluffy sans tail. The tail was some distance away from the body. I was just wondering, has Lucy been on any trips lately?

  13. Wow. Four whole dollars.

    That reminds me of when I was working as a transcriptionist. I had $10 taken out automatically from each paycheck, because I wanted to make sure I had adequate taxes taken out (and if you don’t earn enough in a single paycheck, then no taxes would be taken out otherwise). This resulted in a paycheck for $1.13. I still have that thing somewhere.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..quickie not quiche =-.

  14. My siamese cat Skeeter likes to sleep like that.
    Congrats on the lottery “win”!

  15. myra Harrell Fleming says:

    I love the lavendar color of your stole…don’t spend all in one place!

  16. You are worrying me> I do hope you are feeling okay! Is your back feeling better after the procedure? I do hope so. Hope you get lots of rest this week end!!

  17. Love the $4. Got the Gold Star! Moo (my cat) brought me my shawlette-in-progress last night after I went to bed. I heard the “merrooo” sound he makes with yarn in his mouth and sure enough, there it was on the bed. No dropped stitches or damage, just a little kittie slobber. He scares me some times.

  18. Pam from Kansas says:

    Good fluffy stretch – look at how the legs line up. 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!

  19. jo morgan says:

    Don’t spend it all in one place!

  20. Rainy weather is perfect for sleeping so knitting progress may be slow. 🙂

  21. I covet that stole!

  22. Helen Wyld says:

    ” The Rag Trade ” ? It’s a phrase I use a lot – remembered from childhood telly watching here in UK.

  23. sleep knitting is something I just can’t do. The amount of drops and incorrect stitches I end up with is obscene. I’m jealous you get away with just that small amount of mistake!
    .-= pmoys´s last blog ..The Big Snow of 2010 =-.

  24. Valerie Woodworth says:

    You have a really stressed out cat ;o) and congrats on the Lottery win! You could get three items off McDonald’s $1.00 breakfast menu, cover the tax, and still have change left over!

  25. fibercrone says:

    Just saw the new sock patterns on Ravelry – awesome!

  26. Gold star time – love BBC comedy! Lovely Lucy and Lucky Lottery – must be an L of day! Glad you’re feeling some better now – take care!

  27. Wow, really? Can’t believe you got a check for $4 in lottery winnings. In Illinois, the lottery agent at the store would just give you the cash (which I probably would use to buy another ticket since it’s just $4).

  28. Okay, I cheated and had to Google it. A nice British comedy. Do I least get a silver star for initiative. Looking it up and all……………..I am so anxious to get your new book!! I am getting impatient. Hug Lucy she looks so darn cute!!

  29. Lucys coat is always so beautiful…how much time a day do you spend brushing her??? I have a big ole boy kitty and he hates being brushed.