My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

Up For Grabs

Okay, who wants the Sari silk ribbon yarn and the big-ass size 15 Addi Turbo needle? (I have not received the big-ass crochet hook yet, but if it comes in time, I’ll throw that in too).

giveaway040610 240x160 Up For Grabs

You can have it on one condition — I never have to see or hear about it again. 😉

You’ll have to buy your own copy of the latest Vogue Knitting should you want to make the vest. I’m keeping the magazine.

Leave a comment to this entry (see my tutorial on leaving comments that I posted last week — please do not email me) and on Thursday (April 8) at 4:00pm EDT I will awaken the might Random Number Generator (it is sort of like releasing the Kraken) to choose a lucky (?) recipient.

In other news, I am knitting a swatch.

swatch040610 240x160 Up For Grabs

Pretty exciting, no?

This is a test piece for my upcoming Cable Class, which will be taught here and there. (Picture me waving an arm vaguely).

Lucy sez:

Lucy040610 240x160 Up For Grabs

“I think I’ll play with my fluffy rat now.”


  1. Sue Johnson says:

    Sorry you aren’t happy with your project. I’d be happy to take all that yarn off your hands.

  2. I already have a copy of that magazine and I’d love to take the yarn off of your hands.

  3. Pat Whatley says:

    I’d like to try this project, thanks for the chance.

  4. LOL, I’m putting hat into the ring 🙂 Lucky Generator spin the wheel!

  5. Oh, wow! Throw my comment in, too! And I promise never to mention a word about how the yarn works! Well, maybe to say “Thank you!”
    .-= Mary Able´s last blog ..DNA Paternity Testing =-.

  6. Me, please! 15s are way smaller than the 50s I’ve used for a couple of afghans — and I promise not to send pics of any fos.

  7. Phyllis Holder says:

    Pick me!!

  8. I’m ambivalent about whether I want it, but it occurs to me that the yarn could be knitted on smaller needles and make a decent nightcap. So I guess I’m in for a chance.

  9. The Old Hippie Vest calls to me! I used to crochet similar vests back in the ‘old’ days, before I switched almost exclusively to knitting.
    And my kitties would have a great time getting hints of Lucy from the yarn.
    Of course, I may dye the yarn, tie-dye style, and will try not to mention it again….if it came out really cool, I might have to show it on my blog or somewhere, eeeek!
    Thank you for the chance to win.
    .-= Susie´s last blog ..Artsitic Bench Block Pads =-.

  10. You didn’t say they were size 15’s… those are puny compared to the ones I used for the crazy scarf 🙂
    Would love to try my hand at that vest.
    .-= funderbug´s last blog ..and we’re back =-.

  11. I’ve always wanted to try silk ribbon 🙂

  12. Kitty J says:

    I would love to give this yarn and needles a good home. I promise to not let you see it or hear about it again. I hope the give away free goodies fairy will smile fondly on me this time.

  13. Donna in Ely says:

    I would love to win that stuff you don’t want to hear about!!

  14. I would love to win this yarn. And I promise not to speak of it to anyone, so there will never bea chance that you will hear about it. Thanks for being so generous!

  15. Mimi Lawrence says:

    I would love to play with silk yarn. I thought that was a cool vest in Vogue knitting

  16. I would be more than happy to take all this nastiness off your hands. Imagine how traumatizing it must be for Lucy to see her Momma so upset!!

  17. Me! Me!

  18. Deborah says:

    I’d like to give it a try. I like big needles.

  19. I’ll make the sacrifice–I love that pattern, too!

  20. I’ll play! I dont know if I’ll be attempting that vest though, just not my style. The yarn looks fun though, and I’m sure I’ll find something to do with the “Buffy sticks”!

    Sorry it didn’t work out for you!

  21. Hahahahaha. Wendy you make me laugh. I too have a few projects that seemed like such a good idea at the time. I just don’t have a blog to give stuff away! Love the cable swatch, it is beautiful!

  22. I’ll bite–it would make a pretty summer tank 🙂

  23. Addi’s + silk!! Regardless of size, please count me in! And thank you for your generosity!

  24. I love ribbon yarns! Your loss, Wendy. :):):)
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..YTRR – Quick catch up =-.

  25. Ashley Langley says:

    That yarn looks so yummy…..and real Addi US15 needles…!! That would be a treat! Sometimes you need the gratification of knitting with something large and scary!

  26. Louise Rownd says:

    I’ve been wanting to make that and was searching my stash for the right yarn. No luck. So I’m excited to have the chance to win the things I need to make that vest.

  27. Lynda Laugavitz says:

    This is just what I want! Pick me!

  28. I’d very much like to try the ribbon yarn and big needles (or hook). Such a difference from the lace shawls I normally knit. I promise never to mention them again, even if I’m not the lucky recipient.
    .-= Mary the Digital Knitter´s last blog ..Another Ductless Air Conditioner =-.

  29. Linda Cannon says:

    I have the magazine and think the yarn is phenomenal. What happened? I hav e the magazine and am going to reread the pattern to see what must have made you so crazy?

  30. are too kind!

  31. traceymae says:

    oh no !
    at least you have the courage to walk away !
    yayyyy for you !!

  32. I’d love to give it a try 🙂

  33. Kathie Brownlee says:

    Loving the thanks on hte sari ribbon and size 15’s….lol.

    Lucy is awake! Notify eveeryone..she’s playing!

  34. Carolyn Ross says:

    Oh, I’d love to have the comment with the right lucky number to win your despicable needle/s and lovely yarn – there’s always room for another skein or two of yarn…

  35. Nadine Lindstrom says:

    I would love to have that yarn and those needles!

  36. The yarn looks nice. Too bad it didn’t work out for you.

  37. Ooo! I noticed this vest pattern right away when I flipped through my Vogue Knitting. I would love to win 🙂 Thanks for offering it!
    .-= Rosemary´s last blog ..1 yr old and still an April fool =-.

  38. Lindsay says:

    Oooh, I totally want the yarn and needle. How do you bribe a number generator, again?

  39. I’d love to knit something on those big silly needles!

  40. Already have the mag, so would love to try out the pattern, as much as big ass needles hurt.
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..Dear Blog =-.

  41. Peggy Sands says:

    I would love the yarn and I NEED the size 15 Addi turbo. Hope I win, but regardless, thank you for your blog. Really look forward to your posts.

  42. I would love to win! I already have the magazine. I’m blonde- I forget things quickly.

    Ravelry- love2read

  43. There is no such thing as too much yarn….that’s my mantra. I’ll love to take them off your hands 🙂

  44. oh, sure; you want *our* hands to hurt…….


  45. I’d love to have the yarn and promise to never ever mention it. Already have the magazine!

  46. Working with the biggest Alpaca wool blend that Bluesky makes and loving it – knitting and crocheting same yarn in 2 different projects. Would love the rejected goodies from Wendy.

  47. Stephanie Reynolds says:

    I already have the magazine and love working with REALLY BIG NEEDLES. Would love to try out your yarn, Please Pick ME!!

  48. Love the swatch!! Love cables.
    I already have the issue of Vogue, so am ready to try making myself a hippie vest. (My mom didn’t let me have one in the first round of hippie-wear.)

  49. Sure, I’ll give it a go (another old hippy).
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..The Finish Line! =-.

  50. April Phillips says:

    I’d love to try to knit a vest with it! Count me in for the drawing. And thanks so much for all the giveaways!!!

  51. Pat Kelley says:

    I would love to have the yarn and needles! The Vogue magazine, I do have!

  52. K Knits says:

    More yarn? Yes, please. And give a smooch to the world’s most lovely kitty.

  53. Oh yes! I knit, crochet with large and small implements..I’ll take it please!

  54. Oh, oh, pick me, pick me. I need a dose of insanity. LOL
    .-= Mim´s last blog ..What’s Consuming Me =-.

  55. I Will try anything once. I saw it in Vogue and it took my eye. Jean

  56. Jacqueline says:

    What to do with size 15 needles and super bulky silk? Hmmmm.

  57. I would love them…and I won’t say or show you a thing about them 🙂

  58. Natalie Doyle says:

    Love that description of needles as “big-ass” – the juxtaposition of the two words coming from someone who knits a lot of lace gave me a good laugh. I’m sorry for you that your experiment bombed.

  59. Knitmomma says:

    I’ll throw my name in the ring – I’ve wanted to try that sari silk stuff, and I lime big needles! Changing up between socks and big knitting is good for my hands and wrists, I’ve learned.

  60. Dr. Jackie says:

    So sorry…not me. I don’t do big-ass needles unless forced to, nor big-ass crochet hooks. Nor ribbon yarns. Call me crazy. But DON’T let the random number generator pick me!

  61. Awesome treat! I would really enjoy playing with the ribbon yarn and big sticks! Thanks for sharing!

  62. Elisabeth says:

    o.k. mum’s the word: hand over the yarn and needles and we’ll just fade into the evening, humming a little lace melody.
    In an’ out an’ nobody gets hurt.

  63. Sz 15 – super score!

  64. Sharon B says:

    I’ll keep my mouth shut! 🙂 Pick me of mighty random number generator!

  65. Kitten With A Whiplash says:

    I’d love to take these off your hands, and I promise, should I win, it will be as if they’d entered a black hole as far as you ever having to see them again. In fact I’ll just say Thank You now if you like. .

  66. I’m guessing it was a more unfortunate purchase than you had originally thought, but I really don’t want it, I just had to poke at you.
    .-= Lynda Hitt´s last blog ..Another Unconscious Mutterings and other stuffs =-.

  67. Hey, I love a challenge! I also liked that vest when I was looking through my Vogue Knitting Magazine. It would be perfect for summer in the hot South!

  68. I don’t have Addi, size 15’s. Hey why not try for them? The fiber looks neat, too!

  69. I would be happy to take the yarn and needles off your hands. And promise that you will never see or hear of them again.

  70. I never win anything and this would be great since it was just my birthday!

  71. I actually have that issue of the magazine and was just out to my yarn shop looking for the yarn! Here’s hoping the mighty random number generator shines on me! ^_^

    Also, i absolutely love your cables! Still working on making mine look nice and neat, and not like i’m just randomly messing up and getting angry and yanking at stitchs ^_^;

  72. Me, Me, me, I’ll take it. I just finished the Rainey Sisters’ Surrounded on 10.5 and am working on the baby blanket in 7’s. Doing anything on 15s will seem so fast. Actually, i may already have a set of size 15 circs. I love the vest and was thinking about making it for my Mother-in-Law. She works in Aquatics and spends so much time outside she already has a deep tan, even though nit just got warm in St. Louis. She likes stuff that is comfy when your outside all day and still loooks classy while she works.

  73. I love big needles!! The projects go so fast and since I have precious little time, it works great for me.

  74. Charmaine says:

    I really laughed when I seen many of us has those kind of UFO’s hiding somewhere!!! come out, come out where ever you are

  75. Oooh cables!
    .-= Jocelyn´s last blog ..Why did Alice go down the rabbit hole? =-.

  76. I’m adding myself to your list of blog readers hoping for the slight possibility of winning that which will never be spoken of again.
    Hmmm, may as well be a contest for prepositions.

  77. Patricia J. Richardson says:

    Pick me, pick me; I love Addi Turbos and with the bulky yarn, I can whip something up that you will never have to hear about.

  78. I’d take it. I’d even pledge never to speak of it to anyone. Except my BFF, but you don’t know her, so that should be okay, right?? <3

  79. I’m sad they didn’t work out for you, but hey, I’ll take ’em off your hands!

  80. Judith Strausbaugh says:


    You are too funny. Love your blogs. Would love to win the yarn and needles. Lucy is such a beautiful cat. Thank you for your sharing. My Ravelry name is jaspepper.

  81. kayebaby says:

    Love that yarn-please pick me.

  82. Pick me! Oh, please pick me! I have several things I could use that yarn and those needles for (and I promise to never, EVER tell you about them). By the way, I hate to tell you, but your swatch looks like a corset! LOL
    .-= Ruthie´s last blog ..I’m baaaaaaaack………….. =-.

  83. Rona Smith-Coburn says:

    Was it the yarn, the needles or the pattern? Well, I have the magazine, might as well have the yarn and needles, the hook too.

  84. Oh, that’d look lovely in my stash never to be spoken of again.

  85. Sue Plantinga says:

    Ooh! Me! Me! I always like to try something new!! And I promise NEVER to tell you about it!!

  86. Susan Sanders says:

    One good thing – at least you tried!

  87. I thought it was pretty when I finally got my copy…and I’d love a chance to try BIG Addis! Thanks for the opportunity…
    .-= Alynda´s last blog ..Urban Bones =-.

  88. I’m sorry that the project didn’t work out for you. The silk yarn is stunning!

  89. Well, I love silk and I love Addi’s, so I’m sure I could find a way to make use of those!

  90. Barbara says:

    I would love to try this project. Thanks!

  91. Beverley says:

    Yes please, have the mag so no problems there!

    Many thanks for the chance.

    Cheers >^..^<

  92. I’d love it!!! That vest looks awesome.
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..New Flickr! =-.

  93. I’d have to find a pattern, but that winning some of your stash would be a great way for me to branch out into actually clothing for me 😉

  94. Meeee! I even have the copy of Vogue already 😀

  95. Analisa Hall says:

    Would love to have a go at that. Have been sitting by my moms bedside for weeks now as she fights for her life with Leukemia. Would be a great distraction. Love your daily posts by the way!


  96. Yes please! I can’t turn down free yarn, and ANY Addis make me happy 🙂

  97. Ooooh, have a daughter that would sure look good in that vest. I’d love to have it.
    Thanks for another contest, Wendy.
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..FO#41 and 42 and 43 (2007) Afghans for Afghan =-.

  98. Thanks Wendy, looks like a good project to me, too bad you didn’t like it …

  99. I would love the needle. 🙂 I like whipping out the occasional large needle project, they go so fast at that size!
    .-= LittleWit´s last blog ..Sticks N Stitches 2010 =-.

  100. michael says:

    lucky comment 299 for Wendy’s throw away yarn! (i hope) 😉