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Almost Too Cute for Words

Today I have another book review for you, this one for Knitted Wild Animals:
15 Adorable, Easy-to-Knit Toys
by Sarah Keen.

Book102810 219x240 Almost Too Cute for Words

Published by Watson-Guptill, it was released earlier this month.

**Warning: This book is almost unbearably cute. Proceed at your own risk.**

The book has a full-color gallery at the front with photos of each of the 15 wild animals in the book. They are: an elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, giant panda, tiger, crocodile, monkey, snakes, hippo, rhino, warthog, koala, moose, and penguin.

While it is hard to choose, I think the warthog is my favorite.

Book102810b 190x240 Almost Too Cute for Words

How could you not love that guy?

There are a couple of group shots of all the critters together:

Book102810a 206x240 Almost Too Cute for Words

Adorable photo-styling!

The next section has all the patterns for the animals. Each pattern starts with a fun tid-bit of information about that animal, followed by complete instructions for making it.

Book102810c 240x151 Almost Too Cute for Words

Every pattern in the book calls for “any light worsted weight yarn” (a dk weight) and all call for polyester fiberfill for stuffing (but of course you could stuff with something else.

In the back of the book, the techniques section, it advises you that an acrylic yarn is a good choice for washability. All of the patterns are knit on 3.25mm needles at a gauge of 26 stitches and 34 rows to 4″, so it’s a good form gauge, appropriate for toys — you wouldn’t want a loose gauge here so that stuffing would leak out.

My first thought upon seeing these designs was “Cascade 220!” because of the amazing color range, but of course if you want a toy that will be machine washable and dryable, that wouldn’t do. But I think Encore and/or Encore DK would work great. If you go into Ravelry, you can do an advanced search of yarns that have acrylic in them and are DK and/or worsted weight and come up with lots of choices.

I estimate that the animals in this book range from about 8 to 12″ inches in size, so if you wanted to make a larger one, you could conceivably use a bulkier yarn and bigger needles. Just make sure you use the same type of yarn for all parts of the animal (if it used more than one color).

In the Techniques section of the back of the book there are step by step instructions for pretty much everything you need to know to make these animals, including casting on, and forming a knit and purl stitch, increasing and decreasing, working intarsia, binding off and assembling the pieces, and working embroidery and tassels that are needed for some of the critters.

One-stop shopping for everything you need to know.

I had a long talk with myself about how it would be much nicer of me to give this book away instead of greedily keeping it since I do not have children to knit for. My inner child screamed “But I want it!”

Lucky for you all, my inner adult won out, so I’ll give away my review copy to one of you lucky readers. (But my inner child is pouting. I want a warthog!)

Book102810d 214x240 Almost Too Cute for Words

Leave a comment to this post and on Tuesday, November 2 at 4:00pm Eastern Time the Random Number Generator will draw a name to receive my review copy.

Lucy sez:

Lucy102810 240x160 Almost Too Cute for Words

“Why would she ever want one of those stuffed animals when she has me?”


  1. Heather K says:

    I don’t have children, per se, but I do have grandchildren and soon to be great-grandchildren and those animals are too cute for words. I would love to knit some of them or even ALL of them.

  2. The book looks adorable. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  3. OMG–those little knit animals are too cute. I don’t have kids of my own yet, but plenty of friends children to knit for until it’s our turn! Would LOVE the book.

  4. And I have the perfect recipient for these toys – my 18 month old granddaughter would LOVE them!

  5. Adorable! If I win it, I will definitely make you a warthog. (Er. I will make you a warthog for you. I cannot transform you into a warthog, nor would I if I could.)

  6. Melissa Baulkwill says:

    Yes, Please

  7. It would be worth it just for the Warthog.

  8. What a cute book! I have 21 nieces and nephews but most of them are now too old for stuffed toys but the next generation of grandnieces and nephews fit the bill. As if I need an excuse to knit something so cute. Thanks for your ever entertaining blog and pictures of Lucy.

  9. Lucy is right, you only need her. LOL Although the wart hog is cute.
    Judy´s last blog post ..Why me

  10. Trust me, you don’t need kids to knit toys. I just finished fish and an octopus for a baby and gargoyles for Halloween. I think the warthog would be just what I needed!

  11. The animals are all so cute – I would love to win the book!

  12. Way cute! My grandkids would love these.

  13. Daphne McGuire says:

    I think these are too cute!!! I make stuffed bears, bunnies and mice for the kids in the family. I would love to win this book and be able to give them something new. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Denise in Ohio says:

    I usually think that knitted toys are sort of blah, but those are too cute. I’m going to be a great-aunt again. Pick my number , please.

  15. Those are really cute. My teenage kids would love to have them. I may have to put this book on my Christmas list if I don’t win.

  16. That is too adorable! I would love to win it! Thanks Debbie in Alaska (where we now officially have snow on the ground)

  17. Janet Lewis says:

    I’ll throw my name into the mix. I’d enjoy this book very much.

  18. Aussie Rosemary says:

    I have lots of grandchildren!

  19. Luckily, when it comes to knitting books, I have no inner-adult. And Cascade 220 does indeed sound perfect, especially as it now comes in a superwash version!

  20. I seem to be picking up some honourary grandkids – I’d love this book! (My inner child wants it, too.)

  21. Beverly (db81971) says:

    Too cute! Monkey see- monkey do!!!

  22. My Goodness!! These are too cute. My nieces and nephews would love them. May I be entered, please?

  23. I would love this book. Hope I win. Thanks.

  24. I would love to win that book! Those animals are just too cute!!

  25. There’s even a giraffe! Fabulous! I keep looking for good things to knit for/make for/buy for my youngest sister, who is obsessed with giraffes. Cute cute.

  26. audreayoda says:

    Well, I would love the book and If I win I will knit you a wart hog I think it is cute.

  27. Helen Chase says:

    My inner child is yelling MEEEE. I love stuffed animals. I have been collecting them for years.

  28. The warthog is adorable! I would love this book.

  29. How adorable!!!
    This year I became a great-aunt, and the next grandniece is due in December!
    Diana Troldahl´s last blog post ..Falling in Love Again

  30. My nephews need a warthog. And maybe a hippo.

  31. Too too cute is right!!! I love this and I have yarn that would be perfect for many of the animals, so now all I need is the book!

  32. A whole book full of cuteness!! Guaranteed fun for this knitter! The warthog is adorable, and I’m smitten with the koala, also. Someone will be mighty lucky!!

  33. OMG–the cute! Heading to my wishlist now!

  34. Barbara S says:

    I have a new granddaughter- and two new step-grandsons all under the age of four who would love those as Christmas gifts.

  35. Even if there isn’t a pattern to knit Lucy, I think the book would still be fun.

  36. What a cute book! My kids would love them. Thanks for sharing!

  37. I have 6 grandkids and those animals will make a lovely zoo for them. Thanks for reviewing the book!

  38. That is almost unbearably cute. Like the 434 commenters ahead of me….I would love a copy. Though it would make me feel guilty if I won, because you kind of still want it!
    Cathy-Cate´s last blog post ..Twilight Eye Candy Friday

  39. So cute! I must ask the library to buy this one for me to borrow.

  40. I couldn’t decide which ones I liked better so I’d probably knit the all for my little grand daughter…she loves knit toys from her Oma…ciao
    rositta´s last blog post ..Im Sick!

  41. What a lovely book to share. Here’s hoping…

  42. Too cute! My nieces and nephews would love some stuffed animals!

  43. Beth in Ohio says:

    Thanks! I’d love to win. I want the Warthog too!

  44. Dr. Jackie says:

    Good question Lucy! But if I win, I’ll knit you something….

  45. OMG – these are adorable. What about knitting them from sock yarn using smaller needles – they’d turn out smaller, but they’d also be washable…..
    I’d love to win this book. Thanks for sharing, Wendy!

  46. Ashley Solomon says:

    Those animals are too cute!

  47. I would love to have this book! If I knit a warthog for the random number generator would it help?
    Pog´s last blog post ..Spindies Paint Box

  48. I’d love to have a copy of this book – I want a tiger!

  49. I’d love to have a copy of this book. I like the warthog, too.

  50. I would make you your very own warthog if I win!

  51. pam schmidt says:

    I would love to use this book to knit a couple of baby shower gifts for two co-workers who are new, young mothers!!!

  52. The warthog for sure.

  53. OMG – so cute! Yes, please put me in the lottery. And thank you for being so generous (and adult).

  54. Rona Smiiiith-Coburn says:

    Wonderful, I’ve been looking for knit animals. These are just perfect. The great-nephews will be getting those toys yet.

  55. Bev Watts says:

    Tiger for me!!

  56. Love love love! So perfect for all the babies being born around me (am I the only one who missed the apparent “water additive” around here?) 🙂

  57. Adorable! I’d love to knit some of these animals for my daughter!

  58. Comment

  59. Robin Diebold says:

    I would love a chance to win thanks

  60. This book is adorable! I have never knit a stuffed animal but these would definitely make me finally do it!!!

  61. This book looks adorable and would be an awesome resource to make fun toys for my new grandson due in February! Count me in on the giveaway.

  62. ACK! Those are fantastic! (And I could make a bunch of them for Christmas gifts for the niece and nephews and second-cousins…)

    And I agree with Issy – who says you need kids? : )

  63. Lestersmama says:

    Yes, the warthog is cute. But the Rhino is adorable!

  64. lovely and i’d love to win it!

  65. We lost our own “Lucy” recently and I have two little nieces to knit for so I would love this book.

  66. Thanks for the giveaway!
    And btw, Lucy is pretty cute her ownself.

  67. This book is wild enough for me!

  68. What a cute book! Penguins and monkeys?! Oh my! 🙂

  69. Wendy –

    These are the best of the knitted stuffed animals that have come out! I have a grandson who is autistic and his sister – Sammie – who would love these adorable animals. Times are getting tighter and Christmas is near. This would be ideal for making one for each of them. Oh how I wish, I wish, I wish. Now random generator do your part. Thanks for all of the offers you give us. Maybe this will be the one for me. From MN

  70. These are adorable. Coincidentally, my son and husband are visiting their real counterparts at the zoo today. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks!

  71. I’ll make a warthog for you and whatever Miss Lucy would like!

  72. Wow! what a cute book. I’d love to make some of these for my first sproglet – arriving in May!

  73. Ok, Mr. Random Number Generator, PICK ME! I would like to try some of those for my granddaughter Chloe.

  74. I want a warthog too! I think it could also be the start of a Arkansas Razorback for my grandson.

  75. With 3 DD, and one nephew and a neighbor with a new baby- Pick me random number generator.Pretty please

  76. Looks cute!
    Ann´s last blog post ..A summer away

  77. That book looks great! I’d love to win the copy!
    josiekitten´s last blog post ..Countdown to the Emerald Isle

  78. Adorable animals! Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. My kids would love the animals in this book. They love it, when Mommy knits them toys.

  80. deidre corbet says:

    Who wouldn’t knit you a warthog if they won this book? Love to Lucy and thanks for the chance!

  81. Christine says:

    This is definately a book I will purchase!

  82. Oh how cute! Love it!!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Dr update info

  83. Oh My. Those animals are too cute for words!

  84. elaine larsen says:

    Too cute, indeed.

  85. My inner child is screaming for a giraffe, and I’d name him Theodore, or Theodora if she comes off the needles looking feminine.

  86. Make your warthog, put something for weight in it and call it a bookend or doorstop. And tell RNG to pick me.

  87. SweetpeaTX says:

    I want a Warthog too! or a penguin, or a monkey. Oh, I want to make them all…

  88. So cute! I’d love to make soem toys out of this book for my kids or nieces and nephews.

  89. I’m smitten with ALL the beasties! for new niece/nephew in 2011…

  90. Ok, If I win this book, I’ll knit you a warthog…

  91. Jen in OZ says:

    Oooh I hope I win, those critters are seriously cute. And I will knit you a warthog 😉

  92. Amy Isaacs says:

    Too cute! My teen daughter wants a stuffed penguin. I think some of us never get too old for something cuddly.

  93. All of the animals are so adorable. You are so generous with all the give aways you give us an opportunity to win. Thanks ~ Phyllis

  94. Wow, would have a lot of fun with this.

  95. This is so adorable! What a great book 🙂

  96. This book looks like too much fun! I don’t know which one is my favorite.

  97. Pat Whatley says:

    I “Need” this book, Please.

  98. They are all so cute, it is hard to just try and pick one to make. I would love to have this book.

  99. Denise Cole says:

    This book has been on my wish list, with two daughters that are stuffed animal crazed I would love a little variety and such cuteness in my library!

  100. I love the hippo! and the elephant! Want!