My current work in progress:

Kenmare, by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softknit Cotton, using 4mm and 4.5mm needles.

New Issue of Knitcircus

The Spring 2011 issue of Knitcircus is up!

In this issue you will find my article: “Do-It-Yourself  Aran Design.” I hope you enjoy it.

This is a spectacular issue — lots of beautiful patterns! And be sure to check out the scarf contest.

As usual, the extremely generous editor-in-chief Jaala Spiro has authorized me to give away two one-year subscriptions and ten pattern collections from this issue. Want to win one? Leave a comment on this blog post by noon eastern time on Sunday, February 6 to be entered in the drawing.

I have no knitting content for you here because I have done no knitting. So all you get is a photo of Lucy.

I think she’s a little confused about the concept of Groundhog Day and is trying to avoid seeing her shadow.


  1. Great article!

  2. Pick me!! I’d love to win!

  3. Andrea in Tn says:

    Hope your hand is well soon. Count me in for the contest!!! Andrea in TN

  4. I would love to have some free patterns! Also, I hope your hand feels better!

  5. Susan DeBettignies says:

    Oooh, Wendy, I like that cover scarf. Feel better soon. Miss your knit-ventures.

  6. I’m anxious to go view the new Knitcircus. Hope you pick me as the prize winner!

  7. Stephanie Reynolds says:

    Oooooo!! A prize would really warm me up on this Feb. evening!!

  8. I can’t wait to really look through this issue! Feel better! Holly

  9. Beth Gray says:

    Am missing your regular blog posts. Hope you are healing well.

  10. Hope you are well soon. Lucy looks so cute and warm. The heat must be on!

  11. Hi Wendy, I’d love a subscription. Hope your hand heals soon; miss the knitting updates.

  12. Ooh, ooh, meee, meee! So sorry your hand is broken. I’m just getting over carpal tunnel surgery. Being away from the things we love to do is sheer torture! Hope you heal quickly.
    Lynneth´s last blog post ..Ribbit

  13. Katy Sullivan says:

    My birthday is on Friday and I would love to win a subscription to Knitcircus! Please enter me in the drawing.

  14. I’d love a subscription!

  15. Congrats!! Yes I want in.

  16. Lucy, the reluctant groundhog, –why do cats “stand on their heads” to sleep??
    ah, been through the whole issue once and now to study and learn.
    We miss your posts but don’t try to come back too soon, wait until it is totally healed. any and all patterns and prizes accepted here.

  17. Comment…

  18. A) hope your hand is on the mend!
    B) thanks for the opportunity to win
    C) Lucy has the right idea

  19. Yes, please! 😀

  20. Hope you are doing better. On Lucy’s photos, I sometimes have a hard time figuring out where her head is.

  21. knitting Suzanne says:

    Wishing you a quick recovery!! I can’t imagine not being able to knit! It must be tough to do your work as well. rest and mend!

  22. I hope that healing is progressing…I miss hearing about your projects. Would love to have your article – I’ve been thinking about working up my own aran pattern. Thanks for what you share.

  23. mary anne says:

    I hope you are feeling better.

  24. Would love to win the subscription. Miss your blogs every night and the photos and comments from Lucy. Make sure your hand is totally healed before trying to knit again. I started back too soon after carpal tunnel and had pain longer than necessary.

  25. Thanks for the opportunity to win such great freebies! Love your blog. Heal up soon!

  26. We miss you, Wendy! : ( , but we enjoy seeing Lucy. Heal up fast.

  27. OOh, I’d love to win. Lucy looks like she got her winter coat.

  28. Exciting giveaway!
    Lucy looks like she’s been perfecting her cat nap!

  29. Where have I been? I haven’t heard of Knitcircus!!!

  30. Marcie Marugg says:

    I never win anything. Please prove me wrong 🙂

  31. Wow, that is a generous editor! 😀 *fingers crossed*!
    Heather N´s last blog post ..Busy- in a good way

  32. I hope your hand heals up quick. I miss your blogs and the opportunity to see your beautiful projects.

  33. Dear Wendy,

    I am interested in this magazine.
    I am hoping that you are reading something else you love.

    In Wisconsin we have lots od snow…..too much.
    many of us have had a snow day today.


  34. cureuskitte says:

    Hope your hand is healing fast!

  35. Would love to win, thanks for the chance!

  36. Thank you for a wonderful blog and the pictures of the elegant Lucy. I hope your hand heals with all due speed.

  37. Healing prayers wafting your way. How’s the Weather?
    Lorraine´s last blog post ..Eureka! I have seedlings!

  38. Oh, winning would be a great birthday gift for me! (especially since I’m pretty sure nobody else will give me anything knitting related tee hee!)

  39. Would love a subscription. Hope your hand is heaing quickly.

  40. It was a lift to be able to look through the latest issue of Knit Circus on this cold wintry day. I think Lucy has the right idea for staying warm. She’s a very smart cat.

  41. April from SD says:

    I hope I win! But more importantly, I hope your hand gets back to 100% soon. I miss your beautiful knits!

  42. My cat has taken up residence on the heat vent. I have to give her credit for finding the warmest spot in the house.

  43. Thanks for the chance!

  44. New inspiration is always welcomed.

  45. Hoping that your hand heals asap, and thanks for the chance to win some great prizes too 😀
    Matthew C´s last blog post ..Another Sweater Finished

  46. They are so nice! If they keep it up, eventually every one of your readers will win!
    Emily´s last blog post ..Bah- another disappointment

  47. What a nice giveaway! Thanks for offering that, and I hope your hand is getting better every single day. Sending positive hand health vibes your way!
    Christina Bieloh´s last blog post ..Now We’re Cooking With Gas!

  48. Hope your hand is healing quickly. Are you amazing yourself with the things you can do, and cannot do, with just one hand?
    Please do enter me in the drawing.

  49. Another chance to win…or not. Hope your hand is healing.

  50. I hope you’re able to get back to knitting soon – breaking your hand is just tragic! Especially when you knit and write. I have been missing your posts.

  51. Lucy probably thinks that ‘petting the cat’ would be a wonderful rehabilitation exercise for your wrist. 🙂

  52. More giveaways? Amazing! Maybe one day I will win… (It’s my birthday today, does that help me? lol)

  53. thank you for all you do…

  54. Monica Cortada says:

    Sorry you are not well. I hope your kitty is keeping you warm. Thanks to your Socks from the Toe Up I’m a happy wearer of socks that fit well. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  55. This issue is beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win! Hope you are able to get back to knitting soon.

  56. I would love this! It looks marvelous!
    Edna Tanner´s last blog post ..This is why Ive been away

  57. The scarf on the cover is beautiful!
    Marushka´s last blog post ..Work-In-Progress Wednesday 23

  58. Love this issue and hope your healing is going well.

  59. Pick me !! Pick Me!!

  60. So sorry to hear about your injured hand. I have never seen Knitcircus and would love to give it a look. It sounds wonderful.

  61. I would love to be entered into the contest! Hope you will able to start knitting again in the near future!

  62. I love the new issue and your article. Please include me in your drawing. I hope the KOARC and Lucy keep up with their very important nursing duties to keep you well taken care of during your recovery. May it be as speedy and painless as possible.

  63. Lucy is so cute. Hope your hand is better soon.

  64. This is such a gorgeous issue! Here’s hoping the random number generator is kind!
    Donna B.´s last blog post ..After all you’ve done for me

  65. I would love anything… subscription or pattern.
    Get better. I miss reading your postings.

  66. Sure hope your hand is all better soon.

  67. Yes, please enter me in the drawing. Thank you!

  68. Will have to check into the scarf contest. Hope you are doing better and not overdoing at the paying job.

  69. sure would like to have a subscription of KnitCircus or some patterns to ease me out of the depths of winter.

  70. Hi Wendy, I hope you are taking good care. thanks for such a great blog, full of tips and resources. I am very attached to the Lucy photos.

  71. I’d love to win a KnitCircus subscription. I hope your hand’s healing well and that you and Lucy are staying warm and dry!

  72. Hope your hand is healing well =) Would love to be in on the drawing.

  73. I hope you don’t have to shovel with your injured hand! Take care and stay warm.

  74. Count me in, as usual. Someday I am going to win, dang it. 🙂

  75. What an issue! Love your article!! And, I wanna win!! 8*)

  76. Wait, wait, wait. There’s a knitting magazine I’m not familiar with?!

  77. we are snow bound in Michigan too! Hang in there and stay safe and warm. Lucy has the right idea….nap!

  78. You are so nice to keep blogging with a broken hand. I hand a thumb joint replaced a few years ago and I know how hard it can be!

  79. I also would love a subscription. Sissy and Mr Grey, my cats, say hello to Lucy.

  80. I really think Lucy has the correct idea! Hide your head and show up next spring. Thanks for the contests – they are lots of fun. Stay warm!

  81. Cats certainly know how to enjoy life. I have not seen Knitcircus before. Thanks for pointing me to it.

  82. I hope I get to read your article. Hope your hand is healing well.
    Mylyne´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday– 2nd Special Olympics Scarf Done!

  83. Your editor rocks.

  84. Please pick me….thank you

  85. I was sorry to read that you had broken your hand. It must a real problem, not being able to knit (or do much of anything else) while the weather is cold. Good thing you have all those warm hand-knits finished in preparation for nights with no knitting! Hope you are feeling yourself again soon.

  86. MayaMoonie says:

    Oh, I think Lucy has the right idea.
    Thank you for holding this draw. Both you and Jaala are quite generous!

  87. Oohh, I follow knit circus on twitter, hope you are getting better. Must feel weird not to knit! Lu

  88. There are definitely some lovely patterns in this issue.
    sprite´s last blog post ..after many grey weeks

  89. The wrap on the front cover is gorgeous. I would love to win a subscription. It would be heaven.
    Really feel for you not being able to do much with your hand. It must be so frustrating.
    Lynne´s last blog post ..Thankyou Quilt Threads

  90. April Phillips says:

    Please include me in the drawing! Thanks!

  91. Can hardly wait, but I will save the new Knit Circus for tomorrow. It will help me get through the minus double digits I have to get up and pretend to function in tomorrow.

    The editor is very kind to give us a shot again.

    Lucy’s so cute.

  92. Looks wonderful. Can’t wait to read your article. Hope the hand gets better fastest.
    Angeluna´s last blog post ..A Nod to the Ancestors

  93. What a beautiful coral shawl…I hope I win (sometime). Hope your arm is healing well!

  94. So sorry to hear about your hand. Since I have been iced in for 2 days – tomorrow will be the third – I really feel for you. All I have been doing is knitting my little heart out. Hope you are better soon. Oh, yeah – would love to win the contest. Cheers.

  95. That is one beautiful looking shawl. I don’t think I’ve seen that magazine in Canada, sadly…ciao
    Rositta´s last blog post ..Where Have I Been

  96. Thanks for the chance at the subscription – sending warm wishes and healing thoughts your way. Blessings!

  97. CurlyMarie says:

    Ooh, I would LOVE to win! 🙂
    Hope your hand is recovering. I know how frustrating it is to be unable to do normal activities.

  98. Elaine in NYC says:

    Hope you heal quickly!

  99. Hey hope your hand is feeling better add me to the chance of the new subscriptions thanks

  100. I always wait for the Spring & Summer issues because those have the best projects for us desert knitters!
    Glad to see you’re doing a little light blogging even if you can’t knit yet.