My current work in progress:

Rose Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Wollmeise Blend, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.

Love is All Around

Here it is the last day of June. Where did the month go? For that matter, where has the year gone? It seems like it was just January.

My little scarf/shawlette thingie is done, see?

Scarf063011 240x108 Love is All Around

It’s really more of a scarf than a shawlette.

ScarfBack063011 240x160 Love is All Around

It used about 250 yards of fingering weight yarn.

ScarfFront063011 160x240 Love is All Around

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in the Creme de Menthe colorway, to be exact.

ScarfTiedA063011 240x197 Love is All Around

I’m very happy with it!

ScarfTiedB063011 240x163 Love is All Around

Using the same construction technique and lace edging, I plan to make another one that is more of a shawlette — it’ll have a deeper “body” so it is longer from top to bottom. More about that on Sunday. I’ll offer the two versions together in one pattern.

Gotta love a two-fer.

Other things to love . . .

We Love Lynn Zimmerman

My buddy Lynn Zimmerman is doing her second annual Make A Wish fundraiser — all details are over on her blog. If you donate $5.00 via her donation page (linked to from her blog with detailed instructions), Lynn will send you a copy of Laura Linneman’s beautiful My Wish Shawl Pattern. You have until August 26 to make donations.

But wait, there’s more!

For every $10.00 you donate, you will receive an entry in a drawing for some wonderful prizes! Check out Lynn’s prize blog post for details on what you could win. There are some wonderful prizes!

Actually, I think I am being very altruistic mentioning this because if I didn’t, fewer people would know about it and I would have a better chance of winning one of those amazing prizes. Of course, the fact that the Knitgirllls talked about this on their last podcast means it is already out there. So I’m not being so altruistic after all.

We Love Vogue Knitting

Because they always send me wonderful books to review, and because they authorized me to give away free tickets to the upcoming VK Live market in Los Angeles to two of my readers. These two lucky readers, chosen at random from the comments, are Brenna D. and Cathie Jones. I have emailed you two and have sent your email addys to Vogue Knitting and they will be in touch with you.

We Love Potter Craft

A couple of weeks ago I got two advance-advance copies of my upcoming book (to be published August 23) Wendy Knits Lace from my publisher, Potter Craft. (I get a box of copies next month, but the printer sends a few on early and I always get a couple of those).

I kept one copy of course, and sent the second copy to my awesome tech editor L-B because after all the work she put in on this book, she deserved to be one of the first to have it.

Yesterday Potter Craft told me they are sending me another copy so I can do a blog giveaway now!

Who’d like it?

WendyKnitsLaceCover 240x240 Love is All Around

To be entered in the drawing for this advance-advance copy of Wendy Knits Lace, leave a comment on this blog post. I will draw a winner from among the comments using the Random Number Generator at about 4:00pm EDT next Thursday, July 7, so be sure and have your comment in by then!

Last But Most Certainly Not Least

We love Lucy!

Lucy063011 240x182 Love is All Around


  1. On my third Summer Mystery Shawlette!!!! Love the pattern, but am anxious to see all the patterns in you new book!

  2. Jessica Peled says:

    Pick me!!

  3. I love this little scarf, and am looking forward to seeing the shawlette to come — and Tge pattern for both!

    And I would really live to have that copy of your new book! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  4. Fran Wheat says:

    This book looks like a real treat… my fingers are crossed!

  5. oh great random number generator, choose me! i have a fear of lace, but really want to knit it, and i have a stash and needles ready to go!!!!

  6. Your shawlette is lovely – I’d make mine blue but green for you is wonderful! I’d love a chance at your lace book – although I’ve already ordered my copy, it would give me one to share! Thanks! I love Lucy too!

  7. Please enter me in the drawing. I would love to have the book. Thank you!

  8. Maybe this time I’ll be the lucky one…fingers and whiskers crossed!
    Barbara-Kay´s last blog post ..A magnificent cat

  9. Please pick me! I’d love a copy of your ‘Wendy Knits Lace’ book!

  10. Oh my….I love your sock books. I love your patterns. I can’t wait to get this lace shawl book! ANd I love Lucy’s comments!!!

  11. Jennifer Y says:

    I have your 2 sock knitting books! Must get this one and add it to my collection!

  12. Ooh, book giveaway, what fun. Love your patterns so of course I would love to win your book. Your Lucy is a cutie!

  13. I can’t wait for your book! I have had it on my wish list. Love your patterns.

  14. I’d love to win a copy of this book. I just finished your Summer Mystery Shawlette – what fun!
    Thanks for leading that one and all your great designs.

  15. I love your shawl designs and would be delighted to to win the book. Keep up the exciting work!

  16. I’d love to have the book.
    Kathy In Georgia´s last blog post ..Green Apple Lace

  17. Jennifer Collard says:

    Oh great knitting Goddess, let ythy random number generator pick me. This is one time I wish my number was up! Seriously, you are a wonder, and not just in knitting.

  18. Who wouldn’t love a copy of your forthcoming book? I certainly would !!:) No doubt about that!!! Congratulations on publishing it !!!

  19. Kathleen says:

    I would love to win!

  20. Of course I’m going to win it! And of course you’ll sign it too – right? Please? Pretty please? (OK, enough sucking up. As if the random number generator would even be aware.)

    And tell Lucy to quit hamming it up!

  21. The book looks awesome. If I don’t win it I’ll probably have to buy it!

  22. Angela Econ says:

    “I WANT IT!”

  23. OMG!! I really want this book. I love your books!!! I love Lucy. I think my little Clyde has a crush on Lucy, but don’t tell Bonnie (my other little kitty).


  24. Deb in PA says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

    I seem to be on a lace kick right now and would love your book.

  25. I can’t wait for this book to come out, I was hooked just from the cover pattern!

  26. elaine pohl says:

    can’t wait for you new lace book to come out!

  27. Madeline says:

    What a pretty cover! I look forward to seeing it.

  28. I would love a copy of the book – your knit patterns are so lovely 🙂

    Oh, and give Lucy and extra pet for me!!

  29. Love your work. AND I would love to have this book!

  30. Diane Schultz says:

    We *do* love Lucy! Such a pretty girl!

    Please pick me for the advance copy of the book! I’d love that.

  31. Such a pretty little scarf/shawlette! I’d love to win a copy of your book.

  32. Congratulations on your new book! Wishing you the best for strong sales.

  33. monica b says:

    Ilove Lucy too!(and your knitting)

  34. Cindy Fuchs says:

    Hi Wendy, I love to read what you’re up to and the next beautiful lace you knit. I love to knit lace and have since I was 7. Also, I love Lucy! Hope to win.

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    Thanks for writing it!

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  39. April Phillips says:

    I would love a copy! Please add me to the pot!

  40. Please enter my name in your book contest. Thanks.

  41. Lisa from w mass says:

    A copy of your new book would be AWESOME!

    Lucy’s gorgeous … and my kitties agree!

  42. Since I just finished the Mystery Shawlette I surely do need another project! Your book would be just the ticket!!

  43. Kim Dixon says:
  44. Pick me random number generator! Pick me!

  45. I need to get my lacework up to speed; hope I can get a lovely book to help me. My Sabrina sez “Hello Lucy!”.

  46. Lucy PM’d me on Ravelry…she wants a puppy!

  47. Linda D. says:

    I just ordered some lace yarn. I would Love to have a new book to go with it. 🙂 Your book looks fantastic and I think it’s great that you are giving away a copy.

  48. Love the look of the new book. Would love to have a copy.

  49. Your little shawlette is adorable! I love how you show off a few different ways of wearing it, absolutely inspiring 🙂

    And, I would love a copy of your book!

  50. I’d love to have your book!

  51. That scarf-ette looks like a lot of fun to knit!

  52. Sarah Stevens says:

    How cool is this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. Very cool shawlette/scarf thingie. I especially love it tied up as in the last picture!

  54. I’ve been drooling over the book and can’t wait till it comes out. Unless, of course, the random generator smiles down on me. Then I can begin snacking on the yummy contents

  55. Right! July 1st already?!

    Love the S/ST 🙂 and of course would love an advance copy of Wendy Knits Lace!

  56. Oh gosh, I have to try win this book. After doing your Summer Mystery Shawlette and now working on Tracy’s Shawl, I’m hooked on your patterns.
    I’ve hunted the online bookshops in The Netherlands and they don’t even mention it as “coming soon” so I’m rather upset 🙂
    Helen´s last blog post ..WIP Wednesday

  57. Yes, yes!! I would LOVE the book!!!

  58. Oh, I’d love to get a copy of your book!!! I didn’t dare pre-order it because I’ll be on a road trip (visiting my family in Maryland) when it comes out, and Amazon is so darn good about getting things shipped. I was planning to wait till I got back to order it, but if I could get an advance advance copy . . . .!!!!! Thanks for the chance!!! Love the shawlette, also! I’m thinking it will be a great travel project.

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    Thanks so much for sharing with your readers.
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    Beautiful book and I bet Lucy participated in each project!!

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    I would love copy! I just finished the Mystery Shawlette last night and it was my first attempt at lace.

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    DEBBIE loves lace too! Can’t wait to see the new book and I would love the free copy. Have to thank you for all of the lace sock patterns – the shawls too.

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    I love your sock books and look forward to your new lace book. I would love it you pick me. I’ve been checking Amazon to see if it’s ready yet, however, an early copy would be awsome! Can’t wait.

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