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Newlyn Jacket, by Jane Gottelier, knit from Rowan Original Denim, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.

Beyond Toes

In yesterday’s mail I got Judy Becker’s new book Beyond Toes: Knitting Adventures with Judy’s Magic Cast-on, which is due to be released on September 30.

I actually got to see a pre-release version of this book a few months ago, because Judy asked me to write a blurb for the back cover (and blurb I did — you can read my blurb on the Amazon page I linked to above).

I am so pleased to see this book: so many sock designers (me included) have been using Judy’s cast-on in their designs for years, so it is particularly nice to see Judy get some much-deserved recognition.

The book has a very detailed techniques section, complete with illustrations for (you guessed it) Judy’s Magic Cast-on:

Not just the “plain vanilla” cast-on, but several variations for different situations. Very cool.

And there are 23 patterns from many different designers (including Judy) — and I know you’ll recognize some names when you see the book.

The first section of patterns is for hats:

Next we have neckwear:

And I have to show you a picture of what I think is the cutest, most insane project in the book:

A sock scarf! 😀

Next in the book are mittens:

Then socks. (How could there not be socks?)

Garments and wraps:

Bags and cozies:

And comfy things!

I love the little pigs!

There is of course a reference section in the back as well.

Bottom line, this is a great book with a whole lot of very cute patterns.

Judy actually sent me two signed copies of this book, one for me and one to give away. Who’d like it?

To be entered in the drawing for this book, leave a comment on this blog post by noon Eastern time next Tuesday, October 4. I will select the recipient via the Random Number Generator and announce said winner in next Tuesday’s blog post.

Lucy sez:

“It’s autumn! Kitty bed season!”



  1. This book sounds like it has a lot of ideas in it which I could put to good use.
    nannyjean´s last blog post ..Sammy Jo

  2. Me! Me! Pick me! Memememememememe!

  3. Ohhh I LOVE the cute sock scarf. The book looks wonderful. Pick me! Pick me!

  4. Maria Neill says:

    Awesome book! Please pick me!!!

  5. I love that sock scarf!

  6. im just lori says:

    Oh, how lovely! I would love a copy. I hope you pick me. 🙂

  7. The book looks great!

  8. Looks like a fun book to add to my library!!

  9. ME! ME!! ME!!! I would want that book just for the lovely cover! The patterns are gravy. 🙂

    Come on, number generator. . . !
    Mary Lee´s last blog post ..New Kid on the Block…er, Blog!

  10. ListenMaudy says:

    That sock scarf is hilarious! This book looks fantastic.

  11. Enter me please.

  12. Just discovered Judy’s Magic Cast On. Love it; love the book. Thanks Wendy!

  13. Looks like an awesome book. I’d never have thought of using Judy’s magic cast-on for anything but socks either. I love books with an assortment of projects for some reason. This would be a fun addition to my collection.
    My kitty has started sleeping in the dog’s bed for some reason – after 3 years of having absolutely nothing to do with it. Wierd. 🙂

  14. What a cute book. Love the sock scarf!!!
    Deirdre´s last blog post ..VKL Was AWESOME! True Story

  15. HelenaHandbag says:

    Lucy sez: “Pick this one, pick this one.”

  16. I love it!

  17. Oh Please – I would love this book!

    Thank you

  18. That book looks amazing!

  19. Feeling very random, hope your generator is too! The book looks awesome. By the way, downloaded your lace book onto my iPad, loving it!
    Milly´s last blog post ..Hat and cowl

  20. That looks like a really nice book that anyone would be proud to own.

  21. What a nice book! The sock scarf is hilarious.

  22. Those piggies are so cute! 🙂

  23. Helena Dias says:

    The book looks fantastic – terrifict pattern preview. I would love to be the winner (hoping at least). Can hardly wait for the publication.

  24. That is a cute picture of Lucy. Of course, it would be hard to get one that isn’t cute.
    I would love the copy of the book.

  25. This looks like a great book! If I don’t win will probably have to purchase.

  26. Looks like a great book. Just bought your lace book this weekend and can’t wait to dive in!

  27. Oh, I so would love to win this book. I’ve been waiting for it to come out for over two years — ever since I heard she was writing a book at Sock Summit 2009. This time I took Judy’s Magic Heels class at Sock Summit., and she mentioned the release date for this book then. I know this book will be a great addition to any knitter’s library, and I definitely want to add it to mine.

  28. I love Judy’s magic CO and use it always for toe up socks. It is the best thing ever.

  29. Robin Pearce says:

    Oooh, I love that bag!

  30. Trisha (tgknits) says:

    Looks like a wonderful book

  31. I do love that cast on–so unobtrusive.
    E. Engman´s last blog post ..EVENING CRAFTERS AUGUST 2011 PROJECT

  32. Jane (aka Scarlettcrafty) says:

    Wendy & Lucy,
    I always enjoy your opinion on new books and websites. Seems you know what I enjoy reading and learning about. If I’m not picked by the number generator to win a this copy… I’ll pay cash for this book! Also, love your new lace book, it arrived on my doorstep just a few days ago!

  33. Please let me be the lucky one. I love Judy’s cast on and taught some of my friends at guild how to do it. The book sounds great too.
    Thanks Wendy for all you do for us.


  34. I like the pigs too.
    Lori´s last blog post ..Day 268 – Texture and Color

  35. Ooooh wow! Pick me please! 🙂 Yup, just up and begging! 🙂
    turtle´s last blog post ..I know I know

  36. I would love to have this book. Judy’s cast on is my favorite cast on for toe-up socks!
    A very nice assortment of patterns.

  37. Alissa barton says:

    Hurray fornJusy! I would love to win.

  38. I’ve “exploded” several sock patterns to make scarves or neckwarmers, altho’ I’ve never felt the need to turn the heel or make a foot. So many wonderful textures — love cables — and of course, being in the round, they’re twice as warm with no wrong side to the muffler.

  39. Sarah Stevens says:

    How cool are these ideas!! Thanks for the chance for a great giveaway.

  40. Paula Sigman Lowery says:

    Love Judy’s Magic Cast-on! There’s more? Hurrah!!!

  41. I agree with you, Wendy. We have been using Judy’s cast-on for so long, it is great she now has her own book.

  42. I would love to learn more ways of casting on. 🙂
    Lilie´s last blog post ..Paris Green Scarf – DONE!

  43. elaine pohl says:

    I would love a copy and those pigs are cute!

  44. Judy aka lamazeteacher says:

    I would be thrilled to receive Judy’s book! Thanks for the offer.

  45. Kathy in Alaska says:

    Judy’s caston IS magic, though I’ve only ever used it for socks. Pick me for the book, and broaden my horizons! Thanks.

  46. Love it; would love to win; thanks

  47. I love the new book. The sock scarf if wonderful!!! Here is hoping that the random generator picks me 🙂

  48. Uh, looks like another winner!! Count me in please.

  49. Pick me! Pick me!
    That book looks like it’s full of stuff that I would love to knit 🙂
    Helen´s last blog post ..Where on earth did Wednesday go?

  50. I use Judy’s cast-on for all my socks. I have taught many knitters how to do it. I would love a copy of her new book!

  51. Looks like another great book. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  52. Looks like a “have to have” book!

  53. How could anyone not love this book? The sock scarf is SO creative and fun!

  54. This book looks great, I can’t wait to see it.

  55. Elaine in NYC says:

    It would be a splendid addition to my library!

  56. WOW!!! It’s not even released yet! What a scoop! 🙂
    steph´s last blog post ..Ta-Dah Tuesday

  57. Always love a new challenge – the book looks amazing.

  58. i’m actually stoked for this book.

  59. Beautiful book. I love the little pigs!

  60. The book sounds like a winner!

  61. What an amazing book! Would love to have one, but a signed copy would be extra special. Thanks for sharing.

  62. This looks like a wonderful book! Thanks for another terrific drawing. Jo

  63. Love the look of the book!

  64. My local book store Vromans in Pasadena, ca had this great display with socks and your book was right in the middle of it! Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone or I would have taken a picture.

  65. I would *love* a copy of that book! What fun projects!

  66. That sock scarf is oh so fabulous….

  67. Lovely book. Cute little pigs. Would make the mittens.

  68. Lovely book. Cute little pigs. I would make the mittens.

  69. Well, it never hurts to try to win another book, now, does it? thanks for the opportunity to try.
    margaret´s last blog post ..Bagging the Knitting, not Knitting the Bag

  70. I’d love to win a copy of this book. Her cast on is so wonderful, I’m sure the rest of the book is amazing as well.

  71. I learned to knit socks with your generic sock pattern back in 2003. Still using the same downloaded instructions. Thanks for publishing this pattern and allowing me to enter your giveaway. I would love to learn Judy’s Magic Cast-on. M

  72. Please enter me in the drawing. When I learned that socks could be done 2-at-a-time on circular needles I stopped resisting knitting socks… and while learning I found your patterns and Judy’s Magic Cast-On. Both energized me to make socks toe up, and I now have a full sock drawer (as does my mom and husband and some others will soon get that way) to show for it. Thank you and Judy both very much.

  73. This looks like a fabulous book! I would love a copy.

  74. I would love to win the book. I am interested, however, in the “kitty bed” comment by Lucy. I thought all flat places (and some not so flat) were kitty beds, by definition. (I don’t have a URL, but since it’s required…)

  75. The book looks great. Thank you.

  76. I’m a huge fan of Judy’s, too, and I’m so pleased she’s come out with a book. I’ll be suggesting it to all my knit students. It goes without saying, of course, I’d be honored to win her book.

  77. Best Scarf Ever~ ;D

  78. Siennekitty says:

    I really like those pigs. They would make a nice christmas present. I think Ieven got the yarn for it. Needles to say that I would love to win a copy of the book.

  79. Siennekitty says:

    I really like those pigs. They would make a nice christmas present. I think I even got the yarn for it. Needles to say that I would love to win a copy of the book.

  80. *crosses fingers* Oh, me! Pick me!

    I bet it would be really interesting to calculate how much your comments increase when you have giveaways (if they increase at all–maybe people always have tons to say about your lovely projects!)

    Anyway, my email has been acting up, so other than submitting myself to win this awesome book, I would also like to thank you very much for replying to my question about purling a few months back, in case you didn’t get the email. Happy knitting!

  81. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book!
    Malin´s last blog post ..Blogging again

  82. If I don’t win the extra copy, this is so going in my Amazon wishlist. 😀
    Julia´s last blog post ..The last two weeks in photos

  83. How cool is this book??!! Cat Bordhi said to watch for more stuff from Judy and here it is! I can hope and pray that I get that signed copy…that would be WAY over the moon! So, Random Generator, please pick me!!

  84. I love Judy’s Magic Cast On!

  85. That book looks absolutely brilliant! I love Judy’s Magic Cast On, so I’d love to see what else I can use it for. 🙂

  86. Wow this is a really nice idea. I have heard of this cast on but have not gotten to use it yet! I am a sock virgin… but I am working up the courage to start a pair! However I am very into making stuffed animals so it would be nice to get some new patterns! And the sock scarf looks great!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Gorgeous book! And Lucy looks pleased it’s kitty bed season!

  88. there’s a spot in my knitting library for some magic!

  89. wow cool book! I like the idea of knitting the sock scarf not sure if I would wear it in public tho!

    Crossing my fingers and sending good tidings to Lucy for luck!

  90. This is the first book I’ve seen lately with a nice variety of projects I would knit. Judy’s magic cast-on is a technique I need to learn.

  91. What a great book! Please, add me into drawing.
    Anna Sunnyknits´s last blog post ..Моя работа на выставке "Формула рукоделия"

  92. This book is so me!! Please??!!

  93. oh my goodness! Who can’t use a whole new series of cast ons? I know I can.
    brandilionknits´s last blog post ..Focus, spin, knit, now.

  94. I’ve got a ball of yarn that I need to do toe up count me in.

  95. Would LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

  96. susan murphy says:

    Looks like a wonderful book!

  97. KathyM in SE VA says:

    I am such a fan of this cast on! Am about to finish 3 pairs of socks, all with Judy’ and all with Wendy patterns! What could be better than to get a book with enhancements of BOTH! I want a bed like Lucy’s too. 🙂

  98. Hi Wendy,

    Do you know if Judy’s book is being released in the UK? I looked on and it didn’t recognise the title of the book? If I am lucky enough to be selected I will happily pay the shipping costs for such a lovely looking book.

    Love the latest lace tunic, just lovely.

    Best wishes

  99. First, Lucy is going my cat who has also suddenly moved to sleeping in her “bed” as opposed to everywhere BUT her bed! Love the book… looking for a great new wrap to try and the yellow one pictured looks perfect! You are lucky to see books like this in advance!

  100. I’d love to win that book!