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Rose Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Wollmeise Blend, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.

Knit Local

I have right here a review copy of Knit Local by Tanis Gray.

Book102011 240x226 Knit Local

As it states in the press release for the book, “Knit Local celebrates American yarn companies and showcases their efforts to produce yarns sustainably.”

The Table of Contents is divided into geographical regions.

BookContents102011 240x196 Knit Local

In each region there are pieces on local yarn producers, with a pattern accompanying each piece.

I love this little cardi:

Book102011a 240x144 Knit Local

That is the pattern that accompanies the piece of Kollage Yarns.

I also love this scarf:

Book102011b 240x153 Knit Local

That pattern is in the Buffalo Gold piece.

Throughout the book there are handy tips and tricks and how-tos, accompanied by illustrations. One of the nice features in the resource section is a list of fiber festivals in the U.S.

BookFestivals102011 240x153 Knit Local

All told there are over 30 patterns for adults, children, and items for the home: hats, scarves, gloves and mittens, sweaters, wraps, and an afghan and pillows. A very nice assortment of projects, from a number if designers whose names you will recognize.

I’m going to give my review copy away because even though there are quite a few patterns I really like in this book, I know I won’t get to knitting any of them in the foreseeable future.

To be entered in the drawing for this review copy, please leave a comment on this post by noon, eastern time, on Tuesday, October 25, 2011. At that time I’ll use the Random Number Generator to select the lucky recipient from the comments.

Okay, time for me to go knit. And Lucy is about to hunker down for a nap.

Lucy102011 240x160 Knit Local


  1. Wow, thanks for the opportunity!

  2. That book sounds AMAZING. Holy wow, I want it. 😀

    Also, totally stoked to see how your current WIPs turn out!

  3. That’s a neat idea for a book. Love the cover hat!

  4. I enjoy telling people that the local knitting economy is the unrecognized force that supports and stabilizes the whole local economy and keeps us happy at the same time. There are many of use knitting economist out there and this book really supports my theory. Mission Accompished!

  5. Looks like a great book!!

  6. I would love to add this book to my library. Please include me in the drawing. Thank you.

  7. Connie G. says:

    This book captures a wonderful spirit and something I wish more of us would do (and be able to do). And it would make a great birthday present to me.

  8. sounds like a really interesting book, and thanks for the give-away!!

  9. I think I may purchase this book even if I’m not the lucky winner. I love that it lists the fiber festivals and focuses on local yarns.
    Shilo´s last blog post ..Two Coast Collaboration

  10. Charlotte-Ellen says:

    Wow, 408 comments – one more from one of your fans.

  11. Love the had on the cover! Really would like the entire book, I’m sure.

  12. Oh pick me!!! Just love that scarf pattern!

  13. I saw this book recently and loved it. Was planning on buying it. Would love to, instead, WIN it! But with 412 comments already, will have to cross all my fingers and toes!

  14. Sure hope your random number generator picks me. I looks like a wonderful book!

  15. Would love to win this book. Looks like some fun patterns!
    Michele Ross´s last blog post ..My Living Will

  16. tracy van wormer says:

    Please enter me in the drawing. The book looks great. I love your book….Wendy Knits….by the way.

  17. Please enter me in your drawing for Knit Local. I would love to knit something from this book!

  18. Looks like it has many beautiful ideas! I would love to win.

  19. Local yarns…Would love to read the book. Include me in your random drawing..

  20. Thanks for giving this away! 🙂
    Kimberly´s last blog post ..Early mornings

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this magazine in Canada. I was just looking for new magazines this week and discovered that there are not many available here…ciao
    Rositta´s last blog post ..Packing

  22. I would love to win this book. Thank you for offering it.

  23. Me, pick me!

  24. Fabulous idea! Thanks!

  25. Laura in MD says:

    I would love a copy of that book. I think just the list of festivals makes it worth it!

  26. I would love to win this book. I’m very interested in finding locally produced yarn in the southeast

  27. Would love a chance to own this book! In the mean time I think I’ll join Lucy in a cozy nap! 🙂

  28. Looks like a great book to add to my knitting library. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. suncatcher says:

    Thanks for offering the chance for this interesting book.

  30. Looks like a great book. You and Lucy have a nice Knit/nap.

  31. Looks like a great book. If I’m being honest, I probably don’t have time to start any of the patterns either, but that never stops me from wanting a new book!

  32. Love it! I’m all about local:)

  33. Nilda Caamano says:

    Please random number generator pick me!!!

  34. what a great idea for a book!

  35. Yea Lucy, nap time! but RNG is promise no nap for me if you choose me in the drawing —

  36. What a great book! I had not heard of it coming out, so I would love to win a copy! Thanks!
    Niki´s last blog post ..Pushing Daisies…Where have you been?

  37. Yea Lucy, nap time is the best except when Wendy offers interesting things for the RNG to award — please I promise no nap.

  38. Claudia Collier says:

    Well, since I can’t buy yarn locally in my town, the next best thing is to buy domestic yarn. Thanks for holding a drawing!

  39. This is such a great idea! And the patterns look pretty good, too. 😉

  40. Thanks for giving us the chance to win. It sounds like a great book! I always look for local spinners and dyers, as well as festivals when I travel. This year I made it to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.

  41. I love books like this…thanks for sharing…

  42. Love the scarf!

  43. I would love this! I’m looking for some awesome new things to knit for the winter.

  44. Love love love the patterns I saw in the blog about the book. Would love to win it if I get lucky.
    Happy Knitting to all!!!!

  45. Wow, that sounds like a really neat book!! I’d love to be entered in the drawing!
    So kind of you to offer it up!! 🙂

  46. I would love a copy. Thanks so much Wendy! Say hi to Lucy for me. Debbie H

  47. Arlo-Ann Hobbs says:

    Please— I would love the copy of ” Stitch Heaven

  48. oooh, add me in! The book looks lovely!
    Angela Tarango´s last blog post ..Procrastination-knits

  49. Looks like a great book; would love to win!

  50. Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for deciding to share the book. Hope I’m the winner, but I know whoever gets it will love it!

  51. Thanks for the chance to win an intriguing book!

  52. What an interesting idea for a book. Thanks!

  53. Shirlucky says:

    Thanks for sharing! I follow your blog and love all your projects. Wish I had your speed!
    Sending a virtual mouse for Lucy and a scritch around the ears. : )

  54. Love this book, thank you!

  55. I love the cover hat and would love a chance to win this book!
    Thanks Wendy!

  56. Looks like it would be a fun book!

  57. The books looks very nice! I would love to win it…

  58. This looks like a wonderful book – I am learning to knit and crochet and would love to try the patterns provided. Thank you for the giveaway!

  59. I’d love to have this book! Can’t wait to see which Maine yarn producers are included!

  60. Someday, you’ll write that Lucy is going to knit, and YOU’re going to nap. LOL.

  61. Very, very cool! I’m always excited when I score local yarn!

  62. Looks good.

  63. I always try to buy a skien — or two — of yarn while I’m traveling.

  64. linda-kay says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! I didn’t think I was interested until I looked at the table of contents. It would be a great addition to my library!

  65. Please enter me into the drawing. I am enjoying your blog.

  66. Thanks for being so generous.

  67. What a great idea for a knitting book. Cheers!
    kelli ann´s last blog post ..Hallowe’en menu 2011

  68. Knit Local looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  69. This looks like a great book as I always try to do everything as local as possible.
    Brandi´s last blog post ..Beads,Baubles, and Fleece Downeast Part 3

  70. CaroleP (ohio says:

    Glad I clicked over here today – get your email and forgot to the other day. And I think it’s my turn to win something 😉 Thanks for the chance!

  71. Maria Torres says:

    Thanks for an opportunity to enter to win!

  72. Sounds like a great book! Please include me in your drawing. Thanks!

  73. What an awesome book!

  74. Thanks for offering this as a giveaway! I go to a local fiber festival here in Utah every year, but I’m hoping to one day go to the one in Estes Park, Colorado (really great town, by the way). The book looks like a fun read…

  75. Daisy Locke says:

    Thank you. I like the hat on the cover.

  76. This sounds like a fabulous book. I’m familiar with Kollage yarns as it’s local to my state of Georgia. Hope I’m the winner!

  77. I always learn about the most interesting books here. This one looks fabulous.

  78. That looks like a fun book and a great resource for buying Made in the USA!

  79. Local is always great – even when it is 40-60 miles away. Nothing like feeling the real thing.

  80. Hi. I love your blog, especially the Lucy pictures. Looks like a good book. I hope my public library gets it. If the random number generator pulls my number, I’ll donate it to the library (after I read it first, of course).

  81. I just went to a local festival a few weeks ago & loved it!

  82. Looks like a great book, full of patterns and information. Thanks for generously giving this book away.

  83. Oh, what an interesting book. Sounds like a fun thing to win!

  84. Lucy you sweet girl I bought my kitties a bed just like yours and the love to share it. That book looks very interesting. Thank you for offering it to one of us many followers of Wendy Knits.

  85. Please add me to the drawing. Thanks

  86. I tend to knit yarn from an indie dyer who lives less than 1.5 hours from my house. I think that counts as knitting local. I could buy alpaca fleece from local farmers and process/spin/knit that, but honestly, I just prefer the knitting part.

  87. I took a clas with Tanis several years ago and have paid attention to her work ever since. I would love to win her new book. Thank you!

  88. I took a class from Tanis several years ago and have been following her work ever since. I would love to win her new book. Thank you!

  89. Hi, Thanks for making this book available. I love local yarns, but they are often hard to find unless you have a very understanding local yarn store, or if you know where to look!


  90. Hi, thanks for making this book available. I love local yarns, but often they are hard to locate unless you know just where to look.


  91. American yarn companies and fiber festivals? It must be THE enabling book!

  92. I’d love to own this book. Thanks!

  93. Throwing my name in the hat!

  94. I love that scarf pattern. Please enter me.

  95. What a great idea. It’s my goal for the next year to try yarn made from other breeds of sheep besides merino. This could be a good resource.

  96. I love that it seems a lot of yarn companies are striving to be sustainable, even american sourced and made in some cases. It’s nice too, in that the smaller companies are able to make a larger impact these days.

  97. Looks like a great resource. Thanks for having the drawing.

  98. Thank you for the review of the book and the opportunity to have a copy.

  99. Michelle Bingnear says:

    Thanks for another great give-away!