My current work in progress:

Kenmare, by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softknit Cotton, using 4mm and 4.5mm needles.

Cabling Along and Thinking Ahead

It’s time for me to check in with another progress photo of Cromarty. Here it is:

I’m at the start of the last repeat of the center panel before binding off the center stitches for the neck. The end of the back is in sight!

I had mentioned that I would likely knit a band to sew across the bottom of sweater to add some length. There were a couple of questions about that in the comments. First off — why don’t I simply do another pattern repeat? Two reasons — most importantly, another full pattern repeat of the center panel would make the sweater longer than I want, and a partial repeat would not look good. Secondly, the side panels would not work out properly and they would have to end mid-repeat if I added another center panel repeat.

Another question was why I didn’t knit the bottom band at the start of the sweater. I plan to knit it sideways with the braided cable on it, so it’s easier to do it afterwards. I could have estimated the width of the body, knit the bottom band first, and then picked up stitches and knit the body up from that, but I think sewing the band on afterwards will work better. Because the body is so heavily cabled, it would be difficult to pick up the stitches in such a way that would be neat and even.

While I’ve still got quite a lot of work to do on Cromarty, I’m thinking ahead. I’ve had a particular knitting obsession for 25 years, and it all started when I bought this book in 1986 while I was on vacation in the U.K.:

I knit every gansey in that book back in the 1980s and have always had a particular fondness for gansies. I’ve decided that 2012 will be, for me, The Year of the Gansey. But with a twist.

Stay tuned.

Lucy sez:

“I think 2012 should be The Year of Lucy.”


  1. I brought that book home from the UK in 1987 and I have knit a least one sweater from each of the sections. I love it.
    Lori´s last blog post ..Day 344 – Burning Things

  2. Cromarty is looking fabulous.

    And isn’t every year the Year Of Lucy??
    Lorette´s last blog post ..November Wrap Up

  3. Well we have a summer gansey knit along? Count me in!

  4. Isn’t every year the Year of the Lucy?

  5. I’d be interested in a summer gansey KAL as well! Lovely Cromarty, beautiful Lucy, talented you. I hope your holidays are merry and bright; you brighten my days with your blog, Thank you!

  6. I found this book at the library a few weeks ago and ordered it for myself immediately! It’s a great book and I can’t wait to hear what your twist is!

  7. anne marie in philly says:

    steven and meredith say: “meow, cousin lucy, you got THAT right!”

    (steven and meredith’s mommy hums “the year of the cat” to herself)

  8. Wow, that book cover is priceless – look at that hair!! : )

  9. Sharen Warren says:

    I have that book too…think I purchased it from a shop called The British Market in Houston,TX, along with a book titled Knitting From The British Islands (1983) by Alice Starmore and Anne Matheson. I believe thatThe Traditional Sweater Book has been republished under a new title, Country Weekend Knits by the same author, Madeline Weston ( although I’m not sure the books are identical). I treasure both the Starmore and Weston books for the patterns, knitting lore, and photography. I love ganseys too, so beautiful but comfortable as a sweatshirt, so I’ll be following/ tuned to your blog with anticipation as always. Oh, and I ordered some Calmer so I can knit Deirdre from your lace book!

  10. Every year is the Year of Lucy!

  11. I love this pattern, or should I say patterns.
    This is the kind of knit that really takes one into the pattern.

    Lucy is Beautiful ! ! !

    Gerry´s last blog post ..I ♥ Purple

  12. A guernsey with a twist; my curiosity is piqued! Will you, perhaps, be spinning a special yarn for this project? Something with an extra tight twist to repel the elements? Or perhaps a fully reversible sweater?

    You do have a way of teasing us with these knitting clues!
    Linda´s last blog post ..Sunday Sock Pattern – Regatta Socks are Finished

  13. Just in case you haven’t seen them, or need a link refresher, you might like these two sites with Gansey history, plus: or then click on Gansey History

  14. Janice in GA says:

    I have that book too! I’ve always wanted to knit the natural color fair isle sweater. 🙂

  15. I also have Madeline Weston’s book, mine is called Classic British Knits, published in 1986. I notice that it has recently been re-published as: Country Weekend Knits with only 25 of the original 40 designs included.
    This is a gem of a book.
    I noticed that the new edition is avaiable on Amazon, so if Santa hasn’t completed his shopping…….

  16. I’m looking forward to seeing what the twist is. And, while I agree with the other commenters that every year is the year of Lucy – we probably should verbalize it, so she realizes it. 🙂
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Finished the cowl!

  17. Maybe to combine your intention for 2012 with Lucy’s, you could knit ganseys for Lucy!

  18. I’m joining the number saying I have the book and I love it. The publication date doesn’t matter because the designs are timeless. I love the ganseys in there, but I really want to knit the natural color Fair Isle. So many patterns, so little time!

  19. Wendy,

    I just had to say thank you. I have wanted to knit lace and chart read but everything I have read just seemed to confuse me. I bought your new book because that is what I do … buy books and drool over them… and may I say your book has much to drool over. Anyway, I began to read and it is like a light bulb went on over my head when I read “remember, a chart shows the number of stitches there will be After the row is worked”. The fog cleared and I have just finished my first lace shawl. It was Falling Water which I found on Ravelry. I will be taking on one of yours soon. Again thank you for plain english lace knitting and chart reading.

  20. Gosh, that takes me back. When I first started designing Madeline Weston had a shop in Kensington called The Scottish Merchant and she stocked many of my first sweaters. I love her book, thanks for reminding me to take another look at it.
    Jean Moss´s last blog post ..Xmas gift – easy shawl

  21. Oh Lucy, dear, every year is your year.
    CarolineF´s last blog post ..This blog is moving

  22. i have that book and love, love, love the traditional patterns in it! Cromarty is stunning and your beautiful knitting makes it even better. Jo