My current work in progress:

Kenmare, by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softknit Cotton, using 4mm and 4.5mm needles.

Diamonds and POK

Yesterday I finished my Diamond Gansey and carefully laid it out to photograph it:

As you can see, my little helper is on the job.

To recap, I knit this from Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton in the “Gravel” colorway, using a U.S. size 5 needle.

Here’s a close-up of the shoulder seam, joined with a three-needle-bind-off:

I may or may not write up the pattern for this at some point.

Now, lookie what I have:

This is a review copy of the newly revised Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt, which is scheduled to be released on February 14, 2012.

The revision/reprint has been in the works for a while now, so I am delighted  to actually have physical proof of this in my hands.

What can I say about this book? The original edition from 1989 has been out of print for ages and copies of it would sell for insane amount of money.

This edition has been revised and updated. Since I have never seen the original, I can’t tell you how different this version is from that. But I can tell you that this version is pretty darn comprehensive. It’s kind of hard to do a review that covers the whole thing.

I picked a topic — picking up stitches.

There is a whole chapter devoted to this — 23 pages worth. And it includes pretty much everything you need to know about picking up stitches, with lots of very clear illustrations.

And also very clear photos.

I note that an e-book version is being released as well as the hardcopy. I tend not to get knitting e-books, but I think this is one I will get. I think it will be very handy to have all this knowledge readily available via my electronic devices I always have with me. The hardcopy book weighs over 4 pounds so it will stay at home. 🙂

Because I am pushy, when the publisher contacted me to offer me a review copy, I asked for two., one for me and one to give away.

Who wants it? 🙂

To be entered in the random drawing for a copy of Principles of Knitting, leave a comment on this blog post by noon on Thursday, February 2, 2012. At that time I will use my WordPress plugin app to randomly select a winner.

Leaving a comment on this blog post is the only way to enter.  Do not use the “contact me” link directly below the header — that sends me an email. Do not leave a comment on a different blog post — the plugin app will select only from comments on this entry. The link to enter a comment is right below the title of this post, which is “Diamonds and POK.”

Lucy sez:

“What? It’s my job to help!”



  1. Aly - KelticKarma says:

    Thanks for the great review. I’ve heard th buzz, but have wondered if the book was really that good. Glad to hear they’re doing an electronic version too.

  2. oh my, that book just seems so incredible! being relatively new at knitting, it would be so great to have so much info in one place!

  3. Carol Ware says:

    pok plz

  4. Wow, 4 lbs! Definitely a home use book, it sounds fantastic. Great job on the modeling Lucy!

  5. I would like to see you (or Lucy), modeling your work!

  6. What a wonderful looking book. I’ve only been knitting for just over 2 years but I’m addicted and I know that book would be so helpful. My knitting habit is so bad that when my husband and I are coming home from somewhere I wear a miners light tilted down on my knitting so I can knit in the dark car. Thanks for thinking of your blog readers.

  7. It looks like a great resource. Thanks for getting the second copy to give away.

  8. Rowanfalar says:

    This would be a fantastic addition to my crafting library. I’ve always had problems with picking up stitches when knitting socks (and other projects) and I’d want the book for that alone!

  9. POK looks like a great resource. I’d love to win. Thank you for giving away a copy.

  10. Cats or so much more helpful than dogs. My little dog likes to scuff up knits then lay down on the lumpy mass.

  11. i have been waiting and waiting for this to come out again!!! nice job scoring two!

  12. The jumper looks amazing – so much work! I am a relatively new convert so the book looks amazing – if I don’t win a copy I think I will have to hunt it down anyway. Thank you.

  13. I would love to win. Thank you so much.

  14. In the words of my 3-year-old…I neeeeeeeed this, pleeeeeeeease?

  15. Add me to the queue!

  16. Beautiful sweater! I would love to add this book to my collection.

  17. Your sweater is fabulous – you always seem to knit at the speed of light even though you do work full-time. I’m so glad the new revised book is finally ready to hit the shelves. I’ve been patiently waiting for months so I would love to be included in your giveaway. Thanks Wendy!

  18. Our metro library system used to have several copes of this book. Borrowers “lost” them one by one, paying only a minimal fine. Meh.

    I already have a copy on order. If I win I will donate it to the library.

  19. Thanks for sharing Wendy–both your knitting adventures and books like the new POK.

  20. Okay, totally commenting for a chance at the book. (I feel like such a stalker at times…I’m of the just read and no comment style of blog reader usually.)
    Mary´s last blog post ..It Happened Again

  21. Yes, please enter me!

  22. Ooo, I’d love to win a copy of this book and would definitely put it to good use since I’m always taking the older edition out through interlibrary loan.

  23. Looks like a great book, and I’d love to win. Either way, I may buy it digitally as well. Thanks, Wendy. I think Lucy’s job is to land on your knits every time one is placed on the floor.

  24. Freya in Californeya says:

    Thanks for being “pushy” 😉 I’d love to have your extra copy!

  25. I would love to have the extra copy. I used the original from the public library to do research.
    Beverly´s last blog post ..Out with the Old and in with the New

  26. jenna mcgw says:

    What a great book!

  27. I can’t wait for POA to be released. It’s on my Amazon wishlist. I’ll have to treat myself on Feb 14.

  28. Would love a chance to win,please enter me in.Love the sweater.

  29. I really could use a book like this! What a time-saver it would be!

  30. The gansey looks fantastic – great work!
    Thanks for sharing about this book – it looks like something I could use, as I often need those “very clear illustrations” when I’m attempting an unfamiliar technique…

  31. I’d love to win a copy of POK, I’ve been waiting for it to be republished!

  32. I love, love, love how the sweater turned out! And, of course, I’d love to win the book! I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading your updates.

  33. So happy the book is back in print!
    Maud´s last blog post ..Finished Bunny mittens

  34. This would be perfect for having a more full formed base for technique!
    emi love´s last blog post ..31st Birthday & “I et it” says Fayvor

  35. I just had the first version out from the library. I think this would be a valuable addition to my personal library.
    RLJ´s last blog post ..Somewhat an Obsession

  36. A fabulous book! Thanks for asking for a giveaway copy. (Plea to the random number generator: pick me! pick me!)

  37. Love the sweater! Great job!

  38. Karen Brelsford says:

    What a great resource, and a lovely sweater too!

  39. I would really like to own such a comprehensive book about knitting! Thank you for offering it! I am a loyal fan of yours and enjoy reading about your projects and Lucy.

  40. The book sounds great. Pick me o’ random number generator!

  41. Tina Russell says:

    This looks like a great resource.

  42. Aunt Colleen says:

    Wow, another beautiful sweater. Thanks for the book give-away.

  43. Thanks for the chance to win this book. Your sweater turned out beautifully!

  44. Lovely sweater and that book looks fabulous!
    LoriG´s last blog post ..Curl Up With a Book

  45. The sweater looks great!

    And that book looks like a totally awesome resource to have!

  46. Love the gansey. I just started one but in wool. Hope it turns out as nice as yours. Please enter me in the giveaway drawing. That book has been on my wish list for years!

  47. ThT book looks great!

  48. I checked out the original edition from the library once, and it’s indeed shockingly comprehensive. It would be an excellent edition to anyone’s library.

  49. I would love to win this book. I have had in my Wish list for months – checking regularly for release date! Would be a wonderful reference book!

    OH…yeah. Beautiful Sweater – lovely work.

  50. Wow that sweater looks nice. The book is exactly what I would need. Being a knitting bookworm I love knitting books. I would love to win
    Cleo´s last blog post ..Is it a swatch or somthing more?

  51. Looks like a great reference book!

  52. I love the newest sweater. The Principles book would be a much used resource in my library.

  53. I’d love to win a copy! I find it frustrating when there aren’t really clear photos in a tutorial.

  54. I have been awaiting the release of POK and appreciate a chance to win a copy in this giveaway. Thanks for all that I learn reading your blog. And thanks for the giveaway. Hugs to Lucy.

  55. The Gansey looks great, and kitty too. The book looks very useful.

  56. Can’t win if you don’t enter. Maybe this book will be the one I remember to turn to when I need to find a thinking spot.

  57. martie K. says:

    A whole chapter on my least favorite thing to do?! I may just have to get the ebook as well.

  58. Patti Lochner says:

    I’d love to have a copy of this book!

  59. Wow, Wendy! This looks like a fantastic book. Thanks so much for the review. I would love to win a copy.
    ChristineG´s last blog post ..My Sides Hurt.

  60. Cats are so cute but mine rarely ever helps, more likely he is a hindrance, but I love him anyway. This book would be such a great addition to my library. The topic you picked is one I really need help on so this would be so great to win. Thanks for offering us the chance.

  61. ladydisdn says:

    I want to win!

  62. But of course I’d love this book!
    Kristen´s last blog post ..Free publicity

  63. I love your sweater. Would love to win the new book. I need to learn to do that bind off. Seems so smooth.

  64. JuliePurpleChick says:

    throwin’ my name in the hat…

  65. I would love the extra copy of The Principles of Knitting.

    You’ve been doing so many cotton sweaters recently that I’m almost tempted to start my own. I guess the thing that is stopping me the most is the fear that all cotton is as hard on my hands as when I was knitting dish cloths. My hands would hurt after only a short time. Are you having that problem with any of these?

  66. That’s a gorgeous sweater! That book looks like something I’ll have to add to my wishlist and hope that somebody will buy me a copy. Lots of wonderful tips and suggestions. 😀

  67. Love the sweater, and I’d love the book!

  68. I can’t wait to see the new edition. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  69. Would love to have a copy of this book!

  70. ME, ME, ME I would love to have this book. It looks so helpful and I need all the help I can get. Love your blog!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. I have the old one, and I love it so much that if I don’t win your extra copy, I say that I totally need a Valentine’s day present. 🙂 Thanks!

  72. Linda D. (epic1313) says:

    That book look Awesome! Thanks for gett a second copy for us. 🙂

  73. Sounds awesome, I’d love a copy.

  74. Debbi Overweg says:

    Sounds like a wonderful book! 🙂

  75. Karen Wolke says:

    I would love the book and was not a knitter when the original was published. But I really wanted to say that the gansey takes my breath away–perfect color with that pattern. Will there be a photo of you wearing it?

  76. oh i would love to have this book
    Kathy´s last blog post ..On the Catwalk, It’s Haute Cature

  77. POK has always been the unicorn of knitting books. Folks hear about it, but it is rarely if ever seen. I am curious to actually see the new version!

  78. Please to enter me in the contest – this book looks very useful. 🙂

  79. Maybe your best giveaway yet. I would love a copy!

  80. I could probably use 23 pages of how to pick up stitches. Mine never looks as neat as I like.

  81. What a gorgeous helper for a beautiful sweater! Would love a copy of the book too 🙂

  82. It sounds like a great resource. Thanks for being so pushy!
    sprite´s last blog post ..foreign, storyteller, and mini people

  83. Pushy is good. Would love to get a copy of this one free.

  84. I would love a copy. Thanks for keeping us all informed on what’s out there. And inspired – I am working on my third hat from Wendy knits lace; and still looking for Socks from the toes up!

  85. Beautiful sweater and beautiful book – I’d be glad to have it! (the book, I mean). Cotton sweaters aren’t my favorite, and I marvel that you can knit a whole cotton sweater since I find knitting with cotton rather unenjoyable. More wool for me!

  86. Would love to have a copy of that book! I’ve heard so much about it and it is wonderful that it’s available again!

  87. I would absolutely love to win this book!

  88. I’d love to win the book! Thanks for entering me in the contest.
    Becky´s last blog post ..An FO!

  89. Here’s hoping the WordPress app picks me! Thanks for the drawing.

  90. That looks like a great book. I’d love to have a copy.

  91. Charlotte says:

    I’m so glad this book is going to be re-issued! I’ve been hoping to be able to get a copy for quite awhile.
    Your sweater is beautiful — a perfect back drop for Lucy.

  92. The sweater looks great! And I’m so excited that the book is going to be reprinted. I’ve never seen the original either, but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

  93. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    Re: POK ~ if you wanted to see the original, you could probably get it through your local library. I take it out of my library very frequently. My library doesn’t own a copy but is able to borrow it through the library consortium. It is probably the best kntting reference book out there! I have one preordered through Amazon but would surely love to win one! Thanks for the chance!

  94. The book looks interesting

  95. Love the sweater. I was wondering about the neckline. I would like to try a version of my own with a higher neck.

  96. Ive been waiting for this to come out! Getting the ebook too is a great idea, but I’d love to win a copy. Thanks for offering it!

  97. Pat Prahl says:

    I have been waiting for this book to come out. It looks like a good refernce book to have. I would love to get it. Tell Lucy to keep up her good work of helping you block!

  98. What a useful looking book – something that would be used all the time if I had it.
    I love they way your gansey looks too 🙂
    Helen´s last blog post ..Yikes! It’s been a while

  99. Anjanette says:

    Your sweater looks amazing and so does that book! Thanks for “being pushy” and getting a copy to give away.

  100. I’ve never read POK, but hope to now that it’s being reprinted. Sure has a great rep!