My current work in progress:

Tawney Sweater,by Jenni Barrett, knit from MadelineTosh Tosh Sock, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.


Hey, who is this cute little guy?


Meet Loki, who has just come to live with me.

Loki is a 2-year-old male lilac point Ragdoll. He is 10.65 pounds of purring kitty love.

He has only been with me a few days, but I think he has told me his entire life story. Once he got over his initial shyness, he talked nonstop.

His turn-ons include playing with catnip mice, being brushed with the Zoom Groom, and rolling over so he can get tummy rubs from Momma. His turn-offs include loud noises and being ignored.

He seems to be adjusting nicely to life chez WendyKnits, doesn’t he?


Like Maine Coon cats, Ragdolls develop slowly, not reaching maturity until they are about 4 years old. This little guy has paws the size of oven mitts so he has the potential to grow into a very big boy indeed.

Book Giveaway

Carole P. in Ohio is the winner of 7 Easy-To-Knit Handbags for Every Occasion by Jill Wright, the book I reviewed in my last blog entry. Carole, your book is on its way to you.

It is book season again: I am suddenly getting craft books to review after several months of nothing. So keep checking back for more chances to win my review copies!

Camp Loopy Three Project

In my last blog post I had a photo of a skein of MadelineTosh Pashmina in the “Stovepipe” colorway. That is my yarn for my third Camp Loopy project. Here it is in progress:


I’m afraid the color is washed out, and it doesn’t look like much at this point, does it? It will become the Pomme de Pin Cardigan.

Last night I knit on it with Loki smooshed in on one side of me and my working yarn on the other side. He completely ignored my knitting. I am happy to report!



  1. Leslie F says:

    Welcome, Loki. Looking forward to “hearing” from you in the future.

    Love your cardigan, too.

  2. Loki is a gorgeous kitty! Lucky for both of you that you found each other! And ghe sweater is pretty too”

  3. Congratulations to you and Loki! He is so handsome!! I am left speechless by his awesomeness.

  4. Welcome, Loki, and purry greetings from my cats Victoria (she’s the torti point), Casper (the flame point) and Archie (the big Tuxedo cat in the window). We all look forward to hearing about your new life
    Barbara Seiver´s last blog post ..A magnificent cat

  5. Welcome to your new home Loki. I know you are going it there with Wendy!

  6. That picture of Loki on his back made me giggle- he’s sure made himself at home. 10.65 lbs and sure to grow more? He might need a saddle by the time he’s full grown. He’s absolutely Gorgeous.

  7. The sweater is wonderful, but Loki is totally charming. I’m so glad you were able to find such a sweet lovable kitty to accompany you on life’s journey.

  8. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing photos!

  9. He’s so handsome! He’s a lucky kitty.
    Cleo14´s last blog post ..Pinky (And blueish) Success

  10. He’s lovely! Congratulations on your new friend!

  11. Loki looks very happy in his new home. Love the color of your new piece. Your knitting is always beautiful.

  12. What wonderful news! Welcome Loki. I’m looking forward to getting to know him (virtually).

  13. What a sweet baby Loki is. I’m so glad you’re keeping love around. Congratulations.

  14. What a lovely kit cat!

    I’m so happy that found each other.
    Sumiko´s last blog post ..Stash Diving

  15. Jeri Weiser says:

    LOVE that cardigan and am so happy for Loki – does he know he has so many admirers?

  16. Welcome Loki!
    What a lucky kitty he is. My you bring each other many years of joy and happiness.
    We look forward to watching him grow into those paws!

    Vicky, Velcro, Inky & Toots

  17. Congratulations Wendy on your sweet boy! I can’t wait to read about all his adventures. Such a big, beautiful kitty!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Custom listing for ksxstitch by ThreeBagsFullStudio

  18. Aww, what an adorable-looking guy! I know you’ll be a good mama and he’ll fit right in. (Love the picture of him lying on his back; yeah, he’s gettin’ comfortable.)

    The only thing about naming him “Loki” is you have to wonder if it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our smallest kitty started out being called “Magic” when he came to live with us. Within a week or two, he became known as “Mischief” because, well, he was. Our older cat — who literally adopted him because he was only about ten weeks and fresh-weaned when we got him — still looks at us sometimes with an expression that says, “You do realize he’s not really mine? You’re the one who brought the crazy into the house.”

    Here’s to many happy — and sometimes crazy — years together for you and Loki.

  19. Welcome Loki! Darlin’ I do believe you have it made in the shade! Congrats on your new baby Wendy!

  20. He’s beautiful! Congratulations! And I love his name. Welcome, Loki!!!

  21. Loki is such a handsome boy! And that belly of his looks so soft and fluffy!

  22. Stardancer says:

    Ooh, he’s pretty! And you know what they say about cats with big paws 😉

  23. Janice in GA says:

    Hooray for new kitty! Long life and good health and much happiness to you all!

  24. Congrats to Loki for finding such a wonderful forever home, and to you for bringing home a new friendly face. And I think with cats it’s ok to call the males “cute”, just sayin’. My own little man (only 15 lbs) is teriffically cute, knows it, and uses it. Love that soft grey of your new project.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Two idiots & a van

  25. Loki you lucky kitty, you just won the lottery!

  26. when cats lie belly up doesn’t that mean that they feel safe and secure? That is their most vulnerable spot. Very happy for you both.


  27. Congrats – he sounds so love-y!!! Ragdolls are such sweeties…he looks like he’s settling in just fine! Welcome, Loki!

  28. Welcome Loki. Hopefully you won’t live up to your name. Just remember: purring next to Wendy when knitting is good. Shedding on the yarn is bad.

  29. Loki you lucky kitty, you have just won the lottery.

  30. Hello Handsome fella, Lucky Loki!!! Oyeah and the knitting is nice….;)
    Sandra´s last blog post ..asleep at the wheel…..

  31. Loki is sure a handsome young man! What a lucky guy to have such a wonderful Momma to love him and take care of him. Congratulations on your new ‘fur child’!!!!

  32. What a beautiful boy, he looks very happy to be home!

  33. Yes!!!! Yes!!!!

  34. CatSamalea says:

    Congratulations on your new kitty! He is lovely and I am sure he will have an amazing life with you.

    I was so sorry to read about Lucy yesterday. My heart aches for you.

  35. What a studly little doll!! He could not have found a more caring and loving Meowmy.
    Barbara´s last blog post ..My tweets

  36. Congratulations and Welcome to Loki! He is very beautiful (or shall I say handsome). He will have a wonderful home with you.

  37. What a handsome boy! And I’m glad to know he’s discussing his life with you. I like cats that talk!

  38. Congratulations to Lokit for adopting the best Mommy in the whole world; his life will now include a blog devoted solely to him (and some knitting stuff which he will have to tolerate.)
    Tummy rubs for all!

  39. Liz in Missouri says:

    Loki is a BEAUTIFUL kitty! So happy for the two of you to be getting to know one another. It will be fun to watch him grow and see how large he actually becomes. The sweater looks great. Seems that lately gray’s and neutrals have become my colors of choice. It’s one of the reasons I love your Blog, Wendy. I go looking for patterns and get overwhelmed with the vast choices – and then I see what you are making and wonder why it’s so hard. You have such good taste in designs.

  40. Welome Loki! What a beautiful boy, I hope he will bring you many happy moments
    Denise´s last blog post ..There is a Process

  41. Congratulations! A fitting way to honor Lucy, opening your home to Loki. Looking forward to seeing his picture on your posts.

  42. Kathleen says:

    Welcome Loki! I’m so glad you found a good home. I’m sure you and Miss Wendy are going to have a wonderful time together!

  43. Loki is just adorable. I am happy for you.

  44. caroline aka FiberTribe says:

    De-lurking to wish you and Loki a long and wonderful life together. He’s a cutie!

  45. Lynne S. says:

    Yay! It’s so nice to think of you with another little furball! Good stuff.

  46. Wendy,
    Your new boy is gorgeous. He is going to like living with you. 🙂 I hope you have a long life together.

  47. Beth Holt says:

    Oh, Wendy, he is just precious and brings tears to my eyes. May you have many years of purrs and head-butts. I know just how you feel about not having a cat around. Lucy gave you so much love that you had to share it with another kitty. Take care,

  48. Susan murphy says:

    So happy you have a new member of the family to love! he is a very lucky kitty and looks so happy and content!!!

  49. Jane Braverman says:

    Wow is he a gorgeous dude! What a lucky guy to move into to Chez Wendy, may you make many happy memories together. Go Loki!

    I love the new sweater, Wendy. My camp experience collapsed! Due to tent failure, ah well maybe next year.Jane

  50. Hello, Loki! Who’s a good, pretty boy? It’s you!

    One of my cats is the talkative sort, too. He takes turns in conversations just like everyone else, and he has very distinct tones of voice. I always feel like he’s trying to tell me something particular and not just making noise. Unfortunately, I’m often too obtuse to understand it…

  51. Wishing you many happy years with Loki. He’s just beautiful!!

  52. Congratulations on the addition of Loki to your home. She is beautiful! I look forward to reading of her adventures.

  53. Hi Loki. Give Wendy plenty of tlc ok? x
    pinkadele´s last blog post ..Appreciating Brands!

  54. Oh, Wendy, I’m so happy for you AND for Loki!! I know he’ll have a wonderful life with you!

  55. He is a beauty! I’ve got a talker too. It’s not quite as charming at 3 in the morning but I’m used to it after 16 1/2 years.

  56. I was really sorry to hear of Lucy’s passing, but very excited about the new boy. I have a Maine Coon from an elderly woman who said she couldn’t take care of him anymore. He is a big boy who had to adjust to dogs. Not easy for a past only child. He has adjusted and we love him alot. Best wishes with Loki. I am looking forward to his adventures and what he thinks of knitting.

  57. A most handsome fellow indeed!

  58. Welcome Loki, and YAY!

    I’m sure that Lucy is very pleased. 🙂
    Bridget´s last blog post ..It’s That Time of Year Again!

  59. Is Loki the brother of Thor?

  60. Maureen J (mljan) says:

    Wendy, I, too, am late with my condolences, but I’m glad to have been able to read the good news of Loki’s arrival on the same day. Lucy was so special, and I know you’ll never forget her. I have a couple of special cats still in my heart, heck, even a couple of high-maintenance cranks are lodged there somewhere. Your Loki’s pose is so like my rescue kitty Chloe, who had been in the rescue adoption facility for much too long. The first few days she looked up at the ceiling and the walls and wanted to get on high pieces of furniture. Thekitty rooms at the rescue organization have shelves with cat beds lining the walls up to the ceilings, and the all cats want to be on top where no one can jump on them. After three days, when Chloe fell asleep flat on her back with all four paws out, like Loki, I knew she felt at home.
    Cheers for rescued kitties.

  61. Congratulations to both you and Loki. He’s gorgeous. He seems to be very happy in his new home. Enjoy every moment!

  62. Hello, Loki! I’m glad you’re making yourself right at home with Wendy, because you really lucked out with her! Just keep ignoring that yarn, and life will be wonderful!
    janna´s last blog post ..Blogger Fail

  63. Dear Loki,

    You are a very handsome boy! I think it is very trusting of you to accept tummy rubs right away in your new home. My kitty loves a tummy rub, but it took her years to be trusting enough to accept them completely. You have hundreds of adoring fans here on WendyKnits!


    P.S. Your Momma is an excellent blocker of knitted items, but it’s pretty well known that her departed Lucy always helped. If you would like to help too, I know that it would result in even more pictures of you for your adoring fans. So please, please help, because your fans just can’t get enough of you!

  64. Congratulations on your new addition, he looks like a perfectly lovely companion! There is nothing like the hugging of a furry little critter and feeling the purrs. Congratulations on your new home Loki!

  65. Loki is beautiful. I love that he is a talker!
    Lucy will always hold a special place for me.
    Will you keep her beautiful face on your blog header??? I hope so!

  66. Loki is gorgeous!!!! I love Ragdoll cats. I have one and he is just a huge lovie cat but he is missing his Maine Coon “brother” who passed away last month. Maybe it’s time for another giant cat in the house? I know you’ll be very happy with him. Looking forward to seeing lots of Loki in your posts. BTW, I love the Stovepipe colorway and it will look marvelous in that cardigan.

  67. Ragdolls are SO CUTE. And I’ve been eyeing that cardigan for ages, can’t wait to see how yours turns out!
    Lolly´s last blog post ..Time to Face the Music.

  68. He is a cutie…my 2 cats do not pay attention to my knitting either. Mostly they want attention and food!

  69. Linda Swenson says:

    Congratulations Loki! You probably realize this already, you have won the big, best, grand prize available to rescue kitties: a fabulous, loving home.

    And, yours is one of the very best possible.

  70. Love to lucky Loki and you. I’m so happy for you to have a new friend to ease the pain and transition to happy.

  71. He is beautiful. I am glad you found a furry companion so quickly. Lucy would approve whole heartedly.

  72. I’m looking forward to lots of pictures of Loki on your blog ^..^

  73. What a beautiful cat!

  74. Patricia Shaffner says:

    Glad to meet you Loki.

  75. Oh, he is so nice! I’m very happy for you and Loki. I wish you many snuggles for years and years.

  76. He is wonderful! And seems quite comfortable and at home already.

  77. congratulations on your new baby. I hope he brings you many, many years of happiness (and continues to ignore your knitting).

  78. Lynda Hitt says:

    He’s beautiful, Wendy!

  79. Loki is a sweetie. It’s funny how you can mourn and miss what’s lost, but it doesn’t keep you from falling in love again. My best to all three of you.

  80. Much happiness to you and your new baby.

  81. Welcome Loki!

  82. I’m so happy for you Wendy. Congratulations Loki on finding a wonderful mama!

  83. What a beautiful boy!

  84. Welcome home, Loki!

    Wendy, it seems that Lucy guided you in the right direction to find such a nice boy. He’s a lucky little guy.

  85. Wendy….I have just found out Lucy has passed away. I thank you and her for having bringing countless smiles on my face for the past ten years. I miss Lucy….

  86. I used to have a Somali named Loki and he never lived up to his name. He was the sweetest kitty and greatly missed.
    Your Loki ragdoll is BEAUTIFUL and looks totally relaxed.

  87. Jennifer in NC says:

    I love the over-the-shoulder look! He’s a very handsome kitty-boy.

  88. Beth Bentley says:

    Dear Loki, you are probably one of the luckiest cats on the planet! Your new momma will provide you with a home that most other cats just dream about. In addition, there are all of us who will adore you from afar. Congratulations on your new home and welcome to our circle of love.

  89. He is very handsome and looks right at home 🙂 Very happy for you!

  90. I’m happy you found Loki. So sorry to hear of Lucy’s passing. I know she is at the rainbow bridge happy for you and Loki.

  91. I’m so happy to hear that you have come across a new friend and companion. May Lokie be much happiness… or is that mischief. heheh well he is a ‘Loki’. Hugs

  92. Coco and Kiki send their warmest welcomes to Loki! Big boys are the BEST!!! xox

  93. Hooray for new kitties! He looks lovely 🙂

  94. penelope dubois says:

    He is right at home with you! What a little doll!!!! Perfect home for him!!

  95. What a cutie! We lost our cat a couple years ago and seeing Loki makes me want to bring a new kitty into the family 😉