My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

Big Foot Knits

I have in my possession a review copy of the e-book Big Foot Knits by Andi Smith. It is available in both e-book and hard copy — the link up there is to the book on Ravelry. You can also order either version from the publisher, Cooperative Press.


The book contains twelve sock patterns for larger feet, but it is so much more for the knitter who has larger than “average” feet. It is a mathematical masterpiece of how to properly measure your feet and legs, figure out the toe and heel shapes that fit you the best, and then adapt patterns to fit your individual feet.

The book starts with a “plain vanilla” sock pattern in both top-down and toe-up versions.

Next, you are taught how to measure your feet. There are many different points where you should take a measurement, and these are all shown with illustrations.

There is a very cool chart that show different shaped feet and legs so you can choose the configuration that best matches each of your feet.


Then you are presented with a “personal measurements chart” that you can print out or photocopy depending on whether your book is electronic or hardcopy. Enter all your measurements and variables on this chart.

There is a chapter on gauge and why it is important for socks. More charts here — “cheat sheets” on negative ease and a chart where you can enter your gauge after knitting a swatch as directed.

The next chapter is about shaping your sock and includes details on many different increases and decreases, with a lot of excellent information on the rate of increase and decrease you need to use, along with detailed charts.

There’s a chapter on cuffs, one on heels, and one on toes. The toe chapter is particularly interesting as it explains how to create sock toes to fit a variety of toe-shapes.


The next chapter contains a complete, detailed worksheet for you to create your own custom sock pattern. And there is a chapter on incorporating different stitch patterns into your sock.

Then come the original patterns. As I said, twelve of them. You can take a look at the pattern photos on Ravelry — they are all lovely, and they are beautifully photographed with really cool shoes!

Each pattern is written in three different sizes (generally around 10, 11.5, and 13″ circumference but there are some variations), and if that weren’t enough, each one has charts and worksheets to help you further customize the fit. The sample socks are all made from popular easy-to-find sock yarns.

All in all, a very impressive treatise on the sock for the larger foot!

I have been authorized to give away a copy of the e-book. Who’d like it?

To be entered in the drawing to win a copy of this fantastic book, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am eastern time on Sunday, July 20, 2014. A winner will be chosen at random at that time.

Meanwhile . . .

I am working along on my Mighty Mini scarf. At this point I am on the 18th repeat. The pattern directs you to knit a total of 21 repeats, but it looks like I’ll still have some yarn left over. I’m betting I can get a few more repeats out of it.


The yarn (Blue Moon Fiber Arts Worthy fingering weight) is just gorgeous. While it is listed as fingering weight, but I think it is at the finer end of fingering. In fact, at first I wondered how well it would look knitted up in this pattern, but the more I knit, the more I liked it.

Loki sez:


“All that loud knitting is keeping me awake!”




  1. Mr. Floofy-pants is just too cute!

  2. Sherry B says:

    I don’t know that my feet are so big… sz. 8, but… legs/calves could be skinnier! This book is … please… for me! Thanks for offering it! Cute patterns! Pick Me…

  3. Socks are my favourite thing to knit and I could use some new ideas. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  4. Caitlin Gussenhoven says:

    I’m always looking for different toes to try, most of the ones I’ve found create a strange point on my rather square toes. It’s a nice change to see a sock book that takes all the differences we see in feet and legs into account!

  5. Henrycat says:

    Looks like a great sock book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  6. This book sounds brilliant, especially the toe shaping part!
    I would love to win this book!

  7. That book looks interesting, it could help me out in making socks for my siblings they both have big feet because of their heights.

  8. Hootenanny says:

    Love to see the customization for larger portionsof feet. Sounds like a great adventure in fitting!

  9. This sounds like a terrific book!

  10. I do have larger and wide feet and I’ve had problems making socks and slippers. I really hope I can win this book because I need it! Thanks so much.

  11. Oh my gosh, charts on the kinds of feet?!!! That looks amazing. And Loki looks so adorable in that pose!

  12. I need this book; as I knit socks all the time and find that the information you mentioned inside this book is just what I need. Loki looks well rested and wonderful!

  13. This big-foot would love a copy! Thanks!

  14. This big foot would love a copy! Thanks!

  15. Great book!

  16. I’d love to have a copy!

  17. My size eleven slanted toe feet need this book. When I started socks the patterns were fun but the sock never fit. In fact I plan on frogging two pairs of socks when after knitting the first sock and it not fitting, I abandoned the project. Indeed this book.

  18. Interesting book. It would find a good home here.

  19. Bethany says:

    I am DYING to know how to make toes fit. Please please please!!

  20. That book sounds awesome! I love knitting socks!

  21. I need this book My feet are huge

  22. Barb Bartelme says:

    Have been following you for several years and so appreciate your talented knitting, your relationship with your cats, and the reviews. This book would is great. I love it. Have big feet, and have had several challenges making socks for myself and others with special fitting problems. Sounds like it will be very helpful. Have a brother with one ankle messed up and larger to fit, a grandson with square toes, and another person with heavy legs. Must have this. I would hope to win, but am planning to get it. The big decision, do I want it on ebook or hard copy. Thanks again for your sharing with us.

  23. Patricia says:

    I would love to win this book. I have large feet and a narrow heel so many socks and shoes do not feel right on my feet. I will put this book on my list to buy if I don’t win it. It looks like a great book and my sons have very large feet also so I know this will help me make their socks. Hi Loki!

  24. I have wide feet! And I knit very tightly so this book is perfect! Tell Loki I said hi! 🙂

  25. Wow, would I love to win this book!! I have been knitting socks for 12 years but I still follow others people’s patterns and it is time I learned how to Do It Myself!! (I will look up this book anyway, ’cause I probably won’t win it, lol). Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. We are a big-footed family! If i dont win it, ill definitely have to buy it. Going on my amazon list now!

  27. Knitsiam says:

    Long time reader, first time in comments. This sounds to be a great addition to the Wendy Knits sock libraries for those of us with “generous”ly shaped calves that don’t translate well to the standard sock patterns.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate; love the blog. Keep up the good work – and scritch Loki for me.

  28. I would love to win!
    Leslie´s last blog post ..My Dog the Prep

  29. This book is just what I need. Not only do I have a large foot but I also have a very high arch. Thanks so much!

  30. I would love to win a copy! I have big feet, and have always had issues getting socks to fit me properly!

  31. Yes, I would love a copy of this book. Please enter my name in the drawing. Thank you!

  32. Carol Lee says:

    Random number generator, please pick me!! Thanks to Wendy and the publisher for the book give always.

  33. Thank you, Wendy, for the opportunity to win a copy of Big Foot Knits!

  34. This sounds like the perfect book for personalizing the fit of my size 10 socks! Thanks for offering it!

  35. some members of my knitting group were unable to participate in our k-a-l, because ‘i have big feet’….. this looks like just what the doctor ordered

  36. Fuego Azul says:

    How fun! I literally just finished my first ever pair two weeks ago! I can see why sock knitting is so addictive, lol. Thank you for a chance to win an awesome book! 🙂

  37. Looks like a very useful book for those of us that like to knit socks.

  38. Wow, I am always interested in customizing my knitting.

  39. What a great concept for a book! I love that it is so personalized too! Please add me to the drawing 🙂
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Up, Down, and All Around

  40. I’m just learning about socks and need ALL the help I can get. This book would be fantastic!
    Wendy Urruty
    renoscooter (ravelry id)

  41. Carolyn says:

    I’m just learning to knit socks. This would be a nice reference book. Love Loki’s comments…..

  42. Elaina R says:

    I’ve been trying to engineer a sock toe that fits my toes better than the classic wedge toe, but no luck yet. Looks like Andi Smith has already worked it out for me!
    Ravelry ID: starseer79

  43. Oh I need to know how to adjust patterns to fit my feet. Plus I can drool over all the great shoes!

  44. My size 10 foot and large calf sure could use that book It looks fantastic. Judy11 on Rav.

  45. I have several people who have large feet that I have not made socks for. This book would be a great help.

  46. Linda Hasley says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ll be adding that book to my ever-expanding wishlist, I can tell!

  47. Susan Forman says:

    I have never knit socks but will some day. Interesting book to have on hand. Thanks for review

  48. Patti/wombatknitter says:

    I love experimenting with sock patterns. That looks like a great book! Please toss me (gently) into the drawing.

  49. Bonny Horton says:

    This book will be just what my wide feet could use. Please enter me into the drawing!

  50. Sounds like a useful resource. Always enjoy you blog. Thanks

  51. I just did a search on knitting socks with emphasis on toes. I am very fortunate to find this lovely site and a book that sparks my interest! I’m bookmarking the site and crossing my fingers (and toes) for the drawing. Thank you.

  52. I have what my husband calls boats for feet, so I sure could use this took. Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. I would LOVE to win this book! I’m getting better at getting socks to fit my feet, but there is stop much I can learn. Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

  54. Yay for big feet. Finally. Thx for doing thiis

  55. This seems to be a very interesting book with a lot of usful information.

  56. Wendy P says:

    Sounds like a very useful book! My feet are average but my calves are not! Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

  57. Oh my, oh yes, oh please, this book would be wonderful for me. My DDIL and I wear size 11 shoes and my DS and DSIL both wear 13s. DH and DD are smaller feet but oh, how I need this for most of the socks I knit! Thanks for the opportunity Wendy – and lovely Loki!

  58. Debra Simon says:

    I know several people with larger feet, and would love to have this book.

  59. Tricia H says:

    Wow – that looks like incredibly useful information and I’ve never seen it presented in that way! Can’t wait to read the book!

  60. Ha! This awesome book was written for me! I have long wide feet. A high instep. Lymphedema! Sign me up for the drawing please.

  61. CaroleP (ohio says:

    This book sounds like it is so for me. While I have narrow feet, I can’t customize them to fit comfortably, so they are usually sloppy fitting. Having two gdaughters with size 10 feet is another story. Help may be on the way.
    And poor Loki, are you keeping him awake with steel needles, or worse (what would be worse)? He looks like such a cute cuddler/lap kitty. You really must enjoy him.
    Thanks for offering the book to us!

  62. I’m a sock knitter and a friend of people with strangely-shaped feet. I would love a copy of this book!

  63. What a wonderful book! My brother-in-law has hobbit feet and it looks like this book explains how to knit for them. I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thank you for your generosity.

  64. I would love to have this book! My feet aren’t big, but my ankles and legs are a bit bigger, and my sister has big feet , so I’d love all the measuring and adjusting hints!
    Lee Cockrum´s last blog post ..We cannot fix the problems of the world, but we can make our corner of it a bit better.

  65. This sounds like a great book. I am always having to adjust sock patterns to fit my wide feet. This book sounds like a great reference book to have in my library for sure.
    Thanks, Wendy for giving us the opportunity to win it.

  66. Kathleen B. says:

    What a great reference to add to my sock pattern library!

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