My current work in progress:

Moth Cardigan, designed byAmy Christoffers, knit from Rowan SoftYak DK in the Plain colorway, using U.S. size 3 and 5 needles.

Classic Knit Shawls

I was recently sent another lovely book for review:

Cover062117 379x500 Classic Knit Shawls

This is Interweave Presents – Classic Knit Shawls: 20 Timeless Designs Featuring Lace, Cables, and More published in April by Interweave. It’s a collection of 20 shawl patterns from past Interweave publications. You can view all twenty patterns on Ravelry.

The book has a nice variety of different shawl designs, from a lot of different popular designers, worked in a variety of shapes using a variety of construction techniques — a little something for everyone.

Some of my favorites:

PurpleShawl062117 415x500 Classic Knit Shawls

The Purple Shawl by Andrea Jurgrau is a cresent shawl worked from fingering weight yarn. The pattern states 430 yards, so it can be made from a single skein of sock yarn, if it is a larger sized skein. I like the shape of this shawl — it looks like it would stay on the shoulders nicely.

ReturnJourney062117 500x408 Classic Knit Shawls

The Return Journey by Lisa Shroyer is a shallow triangle, cabled and with i-cord edging that you work as you go. It’s a lovely thick piece knit from worsted weight yarn and it is worked sideways.

IlmeTriangle062117 472x500 Classic Knit Shawls

Ilme’s Autumn Triangle by Nancy Bush is a lovely triangle shawl knit from laceweight yarn. It’s modeled after traditional Estonian lace shawls for which Nancy Bush is famous.

Ennid062117 467x500 Classic Knit Shawls

Ennid Laceweight Shawl by Lucinda Guy is another triangle shawl knit from laceweight yarn, this one worked side to side. It’s quite plain — garter stitch — with a lovely little edging. While I love intricate lace, I also love large plain cozy shawls like this one.

That’s just a sampling from this great collection. Who’d like to own a copy of the book?

Leave s comment on this blog post telling me your favorite design from the book (you can see them all on the Ravelry link above) by noon on Sunday, June 25, 2017. The Random Number Generator will select a winner at that time.

Loki says:

Loki062117 500x375 Classic Knit Shawls

“All those shawls look like they’d be great for me to sleep on!”

Camp Loopy Project One

I finished my June project for Camp Loopy last night:

Cowl061817 500x458 Camp Loopy Project One

The pattern is “Love and Happiness” designed by Amy Christoffers. I used Hedgehog Fibres Merino Singles in the “teacup” colorway. I had three skeins and I knit til I ran out of yarn. I haven’t measured the cowl, but I estimate it to be 63 – 66″ around. Big enough to comfortable go twice around the neck.

Cowl061817a 302x500 Camp Loopy Project One

The yarn is delightfully light and soft, so I predict this is going to be a favorite cowl next winter. Cowls are hands-down my favorite winter accessory. As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as too many cowls.

By knitting a cabled design in a soft single ply yarn in a speckled colorway I was taking some chances. A soft single-ply is not the best choice for cables — it can be difficult to work the cable twists without splitting the yarn and there’s a good chance the resulting cables won’t have that nice crisp look. And a speckled colorway can really obscure a texture pattern. But this design had strong fairly simple cable motifs, and the yarn’s speckles were rather sparse, so I decided to chance it. I think the results are great.

Loki says:

Loki061817 500x375 Camp Loopy Project One

My MacBook!”

Love and Happiness

My Love and Happiness Cowl is coming along nicely.

WIP061117 384x500 Love and Happiness

I have three skeins of the yarn (Hedgehog Fibres Merino Singles in the “Teacup” colorway) and I just started the third skein. Using my razor-sharp math skills, I have figured out that puts me at two-thirds complete. This is my June Camp Loopy project, so I am in good shape for finishing by the end of the month.

WIPCloseup061117 500x375 Love and Happiness

I plan on concentrating on knitting until this project is done. But I did sneak in a sewing project this week before declaring a temporary stoppage on sewing.

MaxiDress061117 298x500 Love and Happiness

Julie is wearing a 70s maxi dress made from 4 different batik cottons, and some embroidered trim.

I have to go — Loki says it is snuggle time!

Loki061117 500x430 Love and Happiness


Camp Loopy 2017

Hard to believe that it’s June and that means one thing: Time again for Camp Loopy. Here is my Camp Loopy project:

WIP060417 500x375 Camp Loopy 2017

This is “Love and Happiness,” a cowl design by Amy Christoffers. I am using Hedgehog Fibres Merino Singles in the “Teacup” colorway, using a U.S. size 7 needle.

A rather loosely spun single spun yarn in a speckled colorway is not what one would first think of for a cabled design, but I think it is looking very nice.

Here’s my sewing for the week:

DollClothes060417 286x500 Camp Loopy 2017

And here’s the Little Prince:

Loki060417 500x375 Camp Loopy 2017


Here it is! Finished!

Coat053017 190x240 Aspen!

As planned, I set in the sleeves of my coat Sunday night and then inserted my sewn lining.

Lining053117 238x240 Aspen!

After sewing the lining together (with sewing machine) I pressed down the seam allowance on each side front and around the back neck. I handsewed that (using regular sewing thread) to the little “ridge” that was created on the wrong side of the coat where I picked up stitches for the front bands and collar. That gave me a perfect edge to sew the lining to, without having to worry about stitches showing on the outside of the coat. So the front bands (and of course the collar) are unlined. I left the bottom of the lining free — I had hemmed it up with the machine, and did not attach it to the bottom of the coat. The bottom of the lining hangs at about the top of the bottom ribbing of the coat. I also just tacked the hem of the sleeve lining to the sleeve seam right where the cuff ribbing ended.

Here’s an in-the-mirror pic of me trying on the finished coat.

AspenOn053117 189x240 Aspen!

I am extremely pleased with the coat. Having a lining sewn into the coat gives it some much needed stability, so the shoulders stay put and I don’t have that feeling that it is going to slide off my shoulders that I often get with heavy knitted sweaters and coats.

Now I have to put it away until next autumn.

In other news . . .

My mom had her 90th birthday on May 30! Happy birthday, Mom!

Momat90 053117 240x162 Aspen!

We should all look so fabulous at 90, am I right? I’m lucky to have such good genes flowing through the family tree!

I can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by. Here is my blog post on her 80th birthday! Coincidentally, her 90th birthday party was at the same restaurant where I took her out to lunch for her 80th birthday.

Loki says:

Loki053117 240x206 Aspen!

Look at me! look at me!