My current work in progress:

Merveille Du Jour, designed by Alice Starmore, knit from Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2-ply and 3-ply, using 3.0mm, 3.5mm, and 4.0mm needles.

Merveille du Jour


FO012118 396x500 Merveille du Jour

This is Merveille du Jour, designed by Alice Starmore, which I purchased as a kit from Virtual Yarns.

Yoke012118 500x290 Merveille du Jour

The kit includes a matching hat, and I do plan to knit it, but I’m starting something else before I make it, just for a change. Stay tuned!

We are art the beginning of a government shutdown, so I am temporarily unemployed.We could re-open tomorrow, or we could be shut down for weeks. However long it lasts, I look at it as extra knitting time.

Loki thinks it’s extra snuggle time.

Loki012118 414x500 Merveille du Jour

First Project of 2018

While I started this in 2017, it’s my first work in progress for 2018.

WIP010718 500x389 First Project of 2018

This is Merveille Du Jour, a poncho and beret set designed by Alice Starmore. I purchased it as a kit from Virtual Yarns, here.

I’m working on the poncho, which is made in 4 separate panels, which are worked flat. You sew them together, then put live stitches at the top of each panel back on a needle and work the yoke in the round.

The bottom ribbing and the yoke are both made using Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2-ply, while the solid-color body is worked in the heavier 3-ply.

I have the front and back panels done, and am working on the slightly smaller side panels. I did the ribbing for both side panels first, so I’d not have to face 2-color ribbing again for the poncho!

WIP Sides010718 500x284 First Project of 2018

The bottom edge of the poncho is curved. This is achieved with short rows and strategically placed decreases. I’m thoroughly enjoying this project. Even the “boring” plain color portions are fun because of the decreases — there’s always something new going on.

Loki is being a big help, keeping tabs on my pattern!

Loki010718 375x500 First Project of 2018