My current work in progress:

1. Hats!
2. Myriad stealth projects.

Azure Dragon

I did finally get around to taking a photo of my Granito sweater. Here it is!

Granito012217 174x240 Azure Dragon

Recap: This is Granito designed by Joji Locatelli. I knit it from Wollmeise Blend in the Pistazie colorway, using a U.S. size 4 (3.5mm) needle. I did not make the pockets as I figured I did not need any more bulk at the hipline!

This pattern is worked from the top down and uses short rows to create the shoulder shaping. There is a lovely little slipped stitch detail on each side down the front and the back. It was an enjoyable knit and the resulting sweater has nice fit and drape. So my first FO of 2017 is a win-win!

And I am close to having a second FO for 2017, as I am nearing completion of my Azure Dragon (a cowl design by Jennifer Kirchenbauer).

WIP012217 240x135 Azure Dragon

The designer suggests not blocking the piece to maintain the three-dimensional dragon scales. I think I will steam-block mine very slightly to make the row of large scales in the middle of the cowl lie a little bit flatter. I’ll have a better idea of what I want to do once it is off the needles, which should be within a couple of days.

Loki is as usual eager to help.

Loki012217 189x240 Azure Dragon

He’s keeping track of the pattern chart for me!

First FO of 2017

I finished my Granito sweater on Monday.

And I haven’t taken a photo of it yet. So you have only my word that it is a fait accompli. But I would not lie to you and I will have a photo eventually.

I did start something new: Azure Dragon, a cowl pattern by Jennifer Kirchenbauer. I loved the look of scales as soon as I saw it, and went in search of a yarn colorway that was appropriately “dragon-y.” I ended up with the yarn she used — Malabrigo Rios. I am using the Hojas colorway:

Yarn011117 240x180 First FO of 2017

Nice and dragon-y, I think. I have made a bit of progress:

WIP011117 240x135 First FO of 2017

That is the knit side. One of the nice things about this project is that it is reversible. Here is the purl side:

WIP011117a 240x135 First FO of 2017

I think I like the purl side better than the knit side.

Things are really crazed at work so I am dead tired in the evenings, which results in not much knitting. But I’m doing a bit.

In solidarity, Loki is napping.

Loki011117 240x170 First FO of 2017

New Year, Old Project

Happy New Year!

I’ve spent the first week of the year knitting along on Granito.

WIPCloseup010817 240x135 New Year, Old Project

But the end is in sight! I am almost done with the body and have just started knitting the bottom ribbing. I worked until I was almost out of yarn. I’ve reserved enough for 10 or so rounds of ribbing.

WIP010817 172x240 New Year, Old Project

Meanwhile, Loki is doing his impression of a hermit crab.

Loki010817 240x156 New Year, Old Project

Farewell to 2016

I’m popping in one last time this year to wish you all a Happy New Year.

I started 2016 knitting a couple of hats, and I am ending the year working on Granito:

WIP123116 240x135 Farewell to 2016

I finished my FrankenScarf on Christmas Eve:

FrankenScarf122416 238x240 Farewell to 2016

Thank you for stopping by here from time to time in 2016. Onward to 2017!

Loki123116 240x135 Farewell to 2016

Day 23

The winner of a copy of the eBook Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous, a new eBook by Alasdair Post-Quinn is Annette Schipf, who has been contacted. Thank you to everyone who left a comment and told me which project spoke to you!

If you were not the lucky winner, remember that you can purchase an eBook version on Ravelry, as well as order a print/download combo via the author’s website.

It is December 23 and that can mean only one thing: I’m coming down the home stretch of my FrankenScarf. After today, there is just one more mini-skein each of Opal and Koigu to go. Miraculously, I have kept up, and I am currently knitting the skeins from Day 23 in my calendars.

WIP122316 240x135 Day 23

On Monday a couple of my colleagues had some fun with the scarf in progress. Kate made herself a bit dizzy because she twirled into the scarf, rather than twirling the scarf around her.

Kate122316 226x240 Day 23

And Leah had the same experience.

Leah122316 228x240 Day 23

Both Kate and Leah were pleasantly surprised by how non-bulky the scarf is, considering how freaking long it is. By my calculations it will be close to 160″ long at completion! Since is is knit from fingering weight yarn, it is pretty lightweight, considering.

When completed, I’ll do my best to get a photo that shows the full length.

Happy holidays to you all, from me and Loki. Thank you for stopping in to visit. We hope you have a lovely holiday, whichever one or ones you choose to celebrate.

Loki has visions of catnip mice dancing in his little head!

Loki122316 240x185 Day 23

Now, back to my FrankenScarf!