My current work in progress:

1. Sous Sous, designed by Norah Gaughan, knit from Rowan Calmer in the "474 Khaki" colorway on U.S. size 6 needles.
2. Myriad stealth projects.

Progress You Can See

I actually have progress you can see on my Chloe sweater. The collar is done!

Collar020815 240x135 Progress You Can See

I elected to knit the collar before the sleeves. I did the three-needle bind-off for the shoulder seams and picked up the stitches around the neck. It’s a very deep collar and you increase two stitches at the center back of it every other row, so it was a lot of knitting. I finished it last night.

Then I picked up stitches along one side for a sleeve.

WIP020815 240x187 Progress You Can See

I am making my sleeves bigger than the pattern directs. As written, the sleeves are rather tight-fitting, but for me, that defeats the purpose of a big loose comfy sweater. So my sleeves will be nice and loose. I am knitting mine in stockinette stitch instead of reverse stockinette stitch as directed. I am not crazy about how reverse stockinette looks in this yarn. 

As you can see, this project is no longer very portable!

WIP020815a 240x198 Progress You Can See

Meanwhile, Loki has perfected the art of relaxation!

Loki020815 240x180 Progress You Can See

More Cables

I have here for review a very handy booklet:

Book013115 184x240 More Cables

This is First Time Cable Knitting by Cari Hammett. This is a 32-page booklet with nicely detailed instructions for how to knit cables. There are step-by-step instructions with nice clear photos, charts, and sample swatches.

HowTo013115 240x140 More Cables

In addition to the how-to information, there are stitch patterns for 7 different cables. The instructions are charted and written out.

StitchPattern013115 240x140 More Cables

And there are 2 patterns for projects: a laptop cover:

LaptopCover013115 240x171 More Cables

And a pillow:

Pillow013115 236x240 More Cables

This is a handy resource for anyone who is new to cables, I think. Rather than do a giveaway on the blog, I am going to pass my review copy to my new knitter I taught last summer. She hasn’t done cables yet. icon smile More Cables

Meanwhile, I am still at work on the back of Chloe.

WIP020115 240x145 More Cables

And Loki is resting up for Superbowl viewing later.

Loki020115 240x195 More Cables

A Break From Cables

I’m not actually taking a break from cables. I finished the front and am knitting along on the back of my Chloe sweater. See?

WIP012815 240x161 A Break From Cables

But I was working on something else at the same time: Valentine dresses for Dottie and Inga!

BunnyDresses012815 240x134 A Break From Cables

They were so excited when they saw them that they insisted on putting them on immediately, even though I pointed out that it was not yet February.

Bunnies012815 240x206 A Break From Cables

They look pretty pleased with themselves, don’t they?

The dresses were knit from Julie Williams’ Seasonal Dresses pattern and I used “Solid Series” fingering weight yarn from The Loopy Ewe. I worked on these exclusively during my lunch break at work.

I used the same two colors for each dress but reversed them. Because Inga has a very fair complexion, she thinks that the pink dress flatters her best. And Dottie, with her olive complexion, looks lovely in the ivory dress.

I’m not sure I can keep up the pace of knitting them new dresses every month, but this was sure fun!

Loki always knows how to pace himself.

Loki012815 180x240 A Break From Cables

Still With the Cables

I had mentally set myself the deadline of finishing the front of Chloe by the end of the weekend. Here is where I am with most of Sunday still to go:

WIP012515 240x212 Still With the Cables

So I ought to be able to finish the left side front, cast on for the back, and make some good progress on the back ribbing.

And Loki is here to help me!

Loki012515 240x175 Still With the Cables

Cables Cables Cables

I, of course, have a new project on the needles:

WIP012115 240x125 Cables Cables Cables

This is Chloe, designed by Amy Miller.The pattern is written for aran weight and I just happened to have a lot of Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran in stash. That’s a 50/50 wool/cotton blend aran weight yarn that has been discontinued. I have a vague memory of purchasing a boatload of it for half price at the time it was discontinued. Yay! Stash yarn!

The colorway is Peacock and it is not as dark as that photo would have you believe, but the lighting in the evening at this time of year is not the best. Here’s a far more accurate photo of the color:

Peacock012115 240x240 Cables Cables Cables

The Chloe sweater is a hugely oversized pullover with a lovely deep cowl neck that is heavily cabled. For reasons that escape me, it is designed to be knit in the round to the armholes, then split and the front and back knit separately from that point on. I think knitting a heavily cabled oversized aran weight pullover in the round might lead to insanity*, so I am knitting mine in pieces, and that’s the beginning of the front (which I decided to knit first) shown above. I’m using a size 8 needle and am happily cabling away!

*Why would knitting this in the round lead to insanity? First off, dragging such a huge piece of knitting around would be very bulky and cumbersome. Second, it would be very hard on the circular needle and could very likely damage or break the cord (ask me how I know). Third, a sweater of this weight will benefit from the structure that side seams will give it.

I’ll close with a photo that shows you why I don’t/can’t put anything on the end tables in my living room.

Loki012115 240x134 Cables Cables Cables