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Double the Fun

Day Eighteen of the FrankenScarf and things are getting . . . long.

WIP121816 98x240 Double the Fun

I have something else pretty spectacular to look at. This:

Cover121816 240x184 Double the Fun

This is Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous, a new eBook by Alasdair Post-Quinn. You can purchase an eBook version on Ravelry, as well as order a print/download combo via the author’s website.

The book has 14 patterns, all viewable here on Ravelry, but it is so, so much more! It is over 200 pages long, and has pretty much everything you need to know about every nuance of double-knitting, including step-by-step illustrated instructions for many, many techniques:

Technique121816 240x183 Double the Fun

And if that were not enough, the patterns are awesome! My favorites:

Ferronnerie121816 240x164 Double the Fun

This is Ferronnerie, a pretty tam that is worked in double-knitting entrelac. I didn’t know double-knit entrelac was possible, but here is proof! The sample os worked in Quince & Co. Finch, a fingering weight wool.

Twice121816 186x240 Double the Fun

This necktie pattern is called Twice as Sexy, the name taken from the yarn used to work it: Buffalo Wool Company Sexy, which is a bison down/silk blend laceweight.

Warerford121816 160x240 Double the Fun

Waterford Crossing is a gorgeous geometric wrap, worked in The Plucky Knitter Oxford, a fingering weight merino/cashmere blend.

Anyway, if you are interested in double-knitting and what to make some really stand-out accessories, this book is for you.

And I have bene authorized to give away a copy of the eBook to one of my readers!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post and tell me which of the 14 designs from the book is your favorite and why. Contest closes noon this Wednesday, December 21, 2016, at which time we will select a lucky winner.


Loki121816 171x240 Double the Fun

Loki is practicing his selfie skills!

It’s the Little Things

Work continues on my FrankenScarf. Here it is, with the the Opal mini-skein for Day 11 just started:

WIP121116 240x77 Its the Little Things

It’s getting pretty long and I’m not at the halfway point yet. I could just stop when it reaches a “reasonable” length. But I think I’m going to knit until I’ve used up all my mini-skeins and end up with a very long scarf indeed. I can always wear it by wrapping it multiple times.

The stitch pattern is pretty mindless and usually mindless knitting bores the heck out of me so that I slow down. But I am really having fun seeing the color pattern emerge as I work each mini-skein. It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen from looking at the yarn in the skein. This segment was a particularly fun surprise!

WIPCloseup12116 240x135 Its the Little Things

Meanwhile, Loki is working on the art of the selfie.

Loki121116 240x136 Its the Little Things



The FrankenScarf is growing!

WIP120716 240x108 FrankenScarf

This photo depicts halfway through Day Seven. For each day there is a deep stripe of Opal and a skinny stripe of Koigu.

I am now at the point where I am obsessing over my ability to keep up and finish up each day’s yarn in a timely fashion.

I do think it looks like a fun scarf. This led me to imagine how fun it would be knit with this:

Yarn120716 227x240 FrankenScarf

This is a complete set of Mason-Dixon Knitting Euroflax Linen mini-skeins. This is available for sale in four sets of five skeins in different colors (Earth, Forest, Fire, and Sea). I was lucky enough to grab a “mega-bundle” of all four sets when MDK was offering it for sale recently. I note that the mega-bundle is currently out of stock.

Wouldn’t this complete set make an awesome striped FrankenScarf? Think about it!

That’s probably exactly what Loki is contemplating.

Loki120716 240x127 FrankenScarf

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

It’s a Franken-Scarf!

WIP120416 240x132 Its a Bird! Its a Plane!

My new work in progress: a scarf I am knitting from my Opal Advent Calendar and my Koigu Advent Calendar.

The Opal calendar has much larger skeins (63 meters each) and the Koigu calendar has wee 10 meter skeins. So the wide stripes are Opal, the narrow ones Koigu. I’m not worrying about colors — I am just pulling them out of the calendar each day and letting the stripes fall where they may.

The pattern is just a simple stitch pattern — 12 stitches per repeat. I am using a U.S. size 3 needle. When I posted a photo of my project on Instagram, it was pointed out to me that there is a free scarf pattern on Ravelry using this stitch: the Zick Zack Scarf. That pattern has you change colors every two rows for a more consistent look — very reminiscent of a Missoni scarf.

Book Giveaway

The winner of my review copy of Nicky Epstein Enchanted Knits for Dolls: 25 Mystical, Magical Costumes for 18-Inch Dolls is Jen R., who has been emailed.


Loki is busy being fabulous!

Loki120416 240x180 Its a Bird! Its a Plane!

All Stealth Knitting Makes for a Dull Blog

And that’s what I’ve been up to lately: all stealth knitting, all the time.

But that is coming to an end in a couple of days,and I am pleased to report that the second article about my creative process for my colorwork jacket is available for your reading pleasure over at Mason-Dixon Knitting. (In case you missed it, read Part One here.)

And I have a book for review/giveaway. This is one I’ve had for a while and it slipped through the cracks.

Cover113016 182x240 All Stealth Knitting Makes for a Dull Blog

This is Nicky Epstein Enchanted Knits for Dolls: 25 Mystical, Magical Costumes for 18-Inch Dolls by, not surprisingly, Nicky Epstein.

You can view all the patterns on Ravelry, here.

Now, I don’t very often knit doll clothes, and I haven’t knit any of these patterns, so you can take my review with a grain of salt.

I read the reviews of this book on Amazon (linked from the title, above) and they were mixed. Mostly positive, but some people said the patterns were confusing. Looking on Ravelry, I don’t see many projects knit from the patterns, so it’s hard to get a feel for the patterns. It’s possible the negative reviews are because these are not beginner knits. They are small fiddly pieces with, in a lot of cases, a good deal of finishing work required.

What I can say is that the patterns are adorable! Some of my favorites:

Madame Vampire 113016 186x240 All Stealth Knitting Makes for a Dull Blog

Madame Vampire is knit from light fingering weight yarn held double. There are a lot of fine details in this outfit — sequins edging the front of the dress, a detachable collar. And there are instructions for creating the little crown.

Whimsical Witch 113016 186x240 All Stealth Knitting Makes for a Dull Blog

The Whimsical Witch is knit from sock yarn, and uses a self-striping yarn for the skirt. There are even directions included for knitting little witchy shoes!

Gnome Girl 113016 185x240 All Stealth Knitting Makes for a Dull Blog

Gnome Girl is knit from sport weight cotton. You can see the level of detail here in the little vest and embroidered decorations.

I think this is a wonderful book for a relatively experienced knitter who has special little ones to knit for. Any child who has American Girl or similar dolls would be over the moon to receive one of these amazing outfits.

There’s still time to knit one as a holiday gift. So who’d like my review copy?

Leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am Eastern Time Sunday, December 4 and I will chose a winner at random.

Loki is contemplating a magical outfit.

Loki113016 240x147 All Stealth Knitting Makes for a Dull Blog