My current work in progress:

Merveille Du Jour, designed by Alice Starmore, knit from Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2-ply and 3-ply, using 3.0mm, 3.5mm, and 4.0mm needles.

First Project of 2018

While I started this in 2017, it’s my first work in progress for 2018.

WIP010718 500x389 First Project of 2018

This is Merveille Du Jour, a poncho and beret set designed by Alice Starmore. I purchased it as a kit from Virtual Yarns, here.

I’m working on the poncho, which is made in 4 separate panels, which are worked flat. You sew them together, then put live stitches at the top of each panel back on a needle and work the yoke in the round.

The bottom ribbing and the yoke are both made using Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2-ply, while the solid-color body is worked in the heavier 3-ply.

I have the front and back panels done, and am working on the slightly smaller side panels. I did the ribbing for both side panels first, so I’d not have to face 2-color ribbing again for the poncho!

WIP Sides010718 500x284 First Project of 2018

The bottom edge of the poncho is curved. This is achieved with short rows and strategically placed decreases. I’m thoroughly enjoying this project. Even the “boring” plain color portions are fun because of the decreases — there’s always something new going on.

Loki is being a big help, keeping tabs on my pattern!

Loki010718 375x500 First Project of 2018

New Year’s Eve

2017 is drawing to a close and not a moment too soon. Not the best of years, but things could always be worse, right?

Loki is getting in some extra naps in preparation for staying up to ring in the new year.

Loki123117 500x375 New Years Eve

I finished my Corrugated Shawl on Christmas Eve. Here it is, spread out full length.

CorrugatedLong123117 375x500 New Years Eve

(The only reason I was able to take that photo without feline intervention was because of Loki’s accelerated napping schedule today.)

A close-up:

CorrugatedCloseup123117 375x500 New Years Eve

And being modeled by Gwendolyn:

Corrugated123117 500x375 New Years Eve

Happy New Year to you all! See you on the other side!



There as a comment on my last blog post about the block-ability of the Corrugated Shawl I am knitting;

Love that yarn color and it does look like a fun pattern to knit but… is it really going to block out into a straight edged piece of knitting? I know blocking can perform miracles but… I’m going to be very impressed if it works.

Be impressed! 🙂 I quickly steamed my work so far and laid it out on the couch:

WIP121717 500x375 Steamed

As you can see, it blocks out very nicely.

Here’s a closer look at the texture stitches:

WIPCloseup121717 375x500 Steamed

I am a bit over half done at this point. Still very much enjoying knitting this and the yarn usage is right on target. Stay tuned!

Loki is in the middle of his usual Sunday afternoon activity.

Loki121717 500x375 Steamed

Corrugated Shawl

This past week, I started a project from Mason-Dixon Knitting’s newest field guide (#5) Sequences: the Corrugated Shawl, designed by Cecelia Campochiaro.

WIP121017 375x500 Corrugated Shawl

The piece is obviously not blocked. I am using the yarn called for in the pattern: Crave Caravan, which is a glorious mix of merino wool, cashmere, camel, and mulberry silk. It’s sportweight, with 354 yards per 100 gram skein. I’m using the Tilly colorway, a lovely chocolate brown, purchased from the Mason-Dixon Shop. I had a hard time choosing a color — the natural is beautiful, but I really wanted something darker but still neutral. I was a bit concerned that the stitch texture would not show up well on a darker yarn, but happily that is not a problem. The texture shows beautifully.

The photo above is washed out and does not show the true color. This is closer to reality:

Yarn121017 500x375 Corrugated Shawl

This pattern is addictive. It’s a sampler of 16 different texture patterns separated by stockinette and reverse stockinette spacers. I have just used up my first skein of yarn (it takes 4 skeins) and I am slightly more than 25% done, so it’s nice to know I’m right on track with my yarn usage.

The stitch patterns are simple, so it’s an easy knit. But it’s also a fun knit. The yarn is gorgeous and the texture of the stitch patterns show off the yarn to its best advantage. This will be a lovely warm wrap when completed.

Here is the Little Prince, ready to allow his subjects to approach and offer chin scritches.

Loki121017 500x375 Corrugated Shawl

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to my knitting and binge-watch something on television.

Busy Busy Busy

The winner of a copy of Plum Dandi Knits: Simple Designs for Luxury Yarns is “Yooper in Mississippi” who has been emailed. Thank you to everyone who left a comment and to Interweave for supplying my review copy and a second copy for the giveaway.

I have had an up-tick in knitting progress  this week. I finished my Land of Sweets Cowl.

LandofSweets120317 500x263 Busy Busy Busy

I used miniskeins from three different dyers, all purchased via Etsy.

LandofSweets120317a 500x375 Busy Busy Busy

I had enough yarn over to knit a hat:

Hat120317 500x476 Busy Busy Busy

I did not use a pattern — I just cast on 104 stitces, worked k2 p2 ribbing for 8 rounds, then worked in stripes of color in the same order I used them in my cowl — 3 rows per color. When the hat was 8″ from the cast-on edge, I did crown decreases. I popped a vegan fur pom pom on top and there you have it!

Then yesterday I saw Martina’s new handwarmer pattern, Tough & Toasty. While watching television last night I whipped out a one:

TandT120317 500x332 Busy Busy Busy

The palm:

Palm TandT120317 500x397 Busy Busy Busy

And then I knit the second one:

Pair120317 500x339 Busy Busy Busy

It is a very fast knit, and a very fun one, too/ The construction is genius! I used a skein of Buachaille in the “Haar” colorway and a U.S. size 3 (3.25mm) needle.

So my needles have been a blur lately! Loki has retreated to his tote to stay out of the way of flying needles!

Loki120317 500x368 Busy Busy Busy