My current work in progress:

The Throwback by Andrea Mowry, knit from Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Worsted and Spincycle Yarns Dream State, using 4.5mm and 5mm needles.


It’s amazing what you can achieve with some persistence. Well, persistence and some days off from work where I did nothing but knit.


GoldfishFlat070818 375x500 Persistence

My Goldfish Memory Shawl. (Cat added for scale.)

Knit from Hedgehog Fibres Sock in three colorways: Nutmeg, Guppy, and Copper Penny.

GoldfishWorn070818 249x500 Persistence

Here’s what I had left over when done.

Leftovers070818 458x500 Persistence

I calculate that I used approximately 1184 yards. I did extra repeats in the last three sections to use more yarn. I could have used up more, but I was afraid I’d end up with an overly huge shawl.

GoldfishonTable 500x375 Persistence

As it is, it is 104″ long by 22″ wide.

Here it is:

Goldfish070818A 500x375 Persistence


Goldfish070818B 500x375 Persistence


Goldfish070818C 500x375 Persistence


Goldfish070818D 500x375 Persistence

I think I’m all set for next winter with warm snuggly shawls!

Speaking of warm and snuggly:

Loki070818 433x500 Persistence


It’s July 1 and that means one thing:

July Camp Loopy project time! I am knitting Casapinka’s Goldfish Memory Shawl out of Hedgehog Fibres Sock:

The three colorways are Nutmeg, Guppy, and Copper Penny.

Yarn070118 375x500 July

The shawl consists of a lot of different stitches and textures in different sections. Here is the first section:

WIP070118 500x181 July

In other news, I got my copy of the newest Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide yesterday.

Book070118 408x500 July

Check it out — some cute patterns there! I love the Sail-Awat Shawl, and the cute Bodhi Leaf Washcloth looks like something I’ll need to knit multiple times. I’ve got lots of leftover Euroflax linen that will be perfect for it.

In other news, Loki still has impressive toe floof!

Loki070118 500x375 July

Plaid Cowl

Here is my Plaid Cowl, completed.

PlaidCowl062418 495x500 Plaid Cowl

My own design, this is knit from Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool in two colorways: Devilish Grin and Nostalgia. It’s 48″ in circumference.

PlaidCowlFlat062418 500x248 Plaid Cowl

I do plan to release the pattern, but I want to knit another one at a smaller circumference, in a totally different yarn. This yarn:

Yarn062418 283x500 Plaid Cowl

This is Shibui Birch, 100% merino wool. It’s a single-ply sportweight. It seems quite fine to be considered sportweight but it has a nice halo, and I think that halo will make it knit up at a sportweight gauge quite nicely. There are currently 273 projects knit from this yarn posted in Ravelry, and the reviews of the yarn are very good, so I look forward to working with it.

The Little Prince says hello.

Loki062418 500x375 Plaid Cowl

Double Fun

Upon completion of my June Camp Loopy project, I pulled out a kit I had purchased a while back: Double Basketweave Cowl.

Cowl061718 467x500 Double Fun

The pattern is a freebie by Karen Templar of Fringe Association. I purchased the kit from Fringe Association. It consists of 2 skeins of Sincere Sheep Luminous DK, a wool/silk blend. The yarn is held double and the pattern calls for a U.S. size 10.5, but I knit mine with a U.S. size 9 (5.5mm) needle.

CowlFlat061718 500x225 Double Fun

The yarn is wonderfully soft and squishy, and this cowl will be a welcome addition to my winter wardrobe. right now it’s har to think about it being cold enough to warrant such a warm cozy cowl.

But I’m working on another cowl.

WIP061718 500x375 Double Fun

Loki is helping.

Loki061718 394x500 Double Fun

Free Your Fade

Yesterday I finished my June Camp Loopy project, a Free Your Fade shawl.

FadeModeled061018 490x500 Free Your Fade

I knit this from Andrea Mowry’s pattern and used 5 skeins of Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK in the colorways (from light to dark): Typewriter, Shiver, Budgie, Dragonfly, and Wish. I used a U.S., size 6 needle and ended up using 1131 yards approximately. This is a BIG shawl! Here it is draped across my couch:

FadeOut061018 500x238 Free Your Fade

And here it is curled up (sort of) on my dining room table:

FadeTable061018 500x318 Free Your Fade

This is going to be a wonderful cozy shawl next winter. My pattern mods included doing just single yarn overs throughout. The variegation in the yarn masks the yarn overs somewhat so there didn’t seem much point in varying them.

My other mod was done on the fade into the last color. Because I was trying to use up as much of each skein as possible, I worked the 4th color until I calculated I had just enough to complete the fade to the last color, so I started the fade halfway through a plain garter section. The yarn over row is in the middle of the final fade, and I did a couple extra alternate rows of color 4 and 5 to use up the last of color 4. Then I did a plain garter section with the last color until I had just enough to do the picot bind off.

Loki seems impressed, doesn’t he?

Loki061018 500x375 Free Your Fade