My current work in progress:

1. Ropewalk, designed by Norah Gaughan, knit from Berroco Indigo in the "6410 Relaxed" colorway on U.S. size 6 and 7 needles.
2. Myriad stealth projects.

Cables Cables Cables

I, of course, have a new project on the needles:

WIP012115 240x125 Cables Cables Cables

This is Chloe, designed by Amy Miller.The pattern is written for aran weight and I just happened to have a lot of Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran in stash. That’s a 50/50 wool/cotton blend aran weight yarn that has been discontinued. I have a vague memory of purchasing a boatload of it for half price at the time it was discontinued. Yay! Stash yarn!

The colorway is Peacock and it is not as dark as that photo would have you believe, but the lighting in the evening at this time of year is not the best. Here’s a far more accurate photo of the color:

Peacock012115 240x240 Cables Cables Cables

The Chloe sweater is a hugely oversized pullover with a lovely deep cowl neck that is heavily cabled. For reasons that escape me, it is designed to be knit in the round to the armholes, then split and the front and back knit separately from that point on. I think knitting a heavily cabled oversized aran weight pullover in the round might lead to insanity*, so I am knitting mine in pieces, and that’s the beginning of the front (which I decided to knit first) shown above. I’m using a size 8 needle and am happily cabling away!

*Why would knitting this in the round lead to insanity? First off, dragging such a huge piece of knitting around would be very bulky and cumbersome. Second, it would be very hard on the circular needle and could very likely damage or break the cord (ask me how I know). Third, a sweater of this weight will benefit from the structure that side seams will give it.

I’ll close with a photo that shows you why I don’t/can’t put anything on the end tables in my living room.

Loki012115 240x134 Cables Cables Cables

Done and Done

Before I get into my completed items, check this out:

Stocking011815 240x86 Done and Done

This is a Christmas stocking that Linda created using my Sanquhar Cowl pattern charts. Isn’t that a great idea?

I had a productive weekend! I finished my Birka hat:

Hat011815 240x178 Done and Done

This is knit from Woolfolk FÅR on a U.S. size 6 and 7 needle. A great marriage of yarn and pattern, I think.

And I finished this:

Wrap011815 183x240 Done and Done

My Stay Awhile wrap, knit from Östergötlands Ullspinneri Visjö Karamell yarn that was a gift from my friend Johanne in Sweden. I used a U.S. size 5 needle.

I love, love, love how this turned out!

WrapCloseup011815 240x135 Done and Done

It’s a gloomy rainy day today, so I plan to stay in and knit while doing laundry, etc. Loki is on sentry duty!

Loki011815 240x135 Done and Done

This and That and Also a Hat

I am past the two-thirds mark on my shawl, as I am well into the third and last skein of yarn. I am loving how this looks!

Wrap011415 240x134 This and That and Also a Hat

I decided to start a hat for commuter knitting, so I cast on Birka.

WIP011415 240x135 This and That and Also a Hat

You start by knitting a hat band, then join and pick up stitches around the top for the crown of the hat.

I recently got my greedy little paws on some Woolfolk FÅR yarn, so that’s what I’m using. I’ve used Woolfolk Tynd for a couple of projects, the most recent being my Sanquhar Cowl. That’s fingering weight. FÅR is worsted weight and has an intriguing chained construction.

WIPCloseup011415 240x134 This and That and Also a Hat

It feels just as fabulous as Tynd does and is lovely to knit.

Loki sez:

Loki011415 240x179 This and That and Also a Hat

“I love you this much!”

Bunny Fever

The other day I took time out from shawl knitting because I felt the need to knit another bunny. Meet Inga:

Inga0111151 171x240 Bunny Fever


She is Dotty‘s new best friend! She is knit from Cascade 220 and a variety of Loopy Cakes. Like Dotty, she is knit from Julie Williams’ excellent pattern Bunny girl in a dotty dress.

I can foresee knitting little matching dresses for the bunny girls for different holidays and seasons!

I am also working along on my  Stay Awhile shawl. I am past the halfway point:

WIP0111151 240x135 Bunny Fever

I actually have negative progress. I was blithely knitting along and didn’t realize I had knit way past the halfway point of the amount of yarn I had, so had to rip back a couple of inches. Very painful. icon wink Bunny Fever But I don’t want to run out before the end!

Loki is helping me today by lying in my lap, demanding attention.

Loki0111151 240x135 Bunny Fever

I am happy to comply!

First FO of the Year

Happy 2015!

I spent the first two days of the new year knitting something completely frivolous, and totally fun:

BunnyGirlFront010415 160x240 First FO of the Year

Meet Dotty, knit from Julie Williams’ excellent pattern: Bunny girl in a dotty dress. I’ve admired this pattern for a long time because it is just so stinking cute, and shortly before the holidays, I purchased the pattern and gathered up yarns.

My bunny’s body is knit from Cascade 220 superwash in colorway #875. I decided to make her “tights” in a generic colorway, cream and black, so I could change her dress should I decide to make more.

BunnyFront010415 168x240 First FO of the Year

The black is a mystery fingering weight yarn, left over from something, and the ivory is Loopy Ewe Solid Series.

BunnyBack010415 172x240 First FO of the Year

Her dress is also knit from Loopy Ewe Solid Series, colors grape and lime. Instead of doing a button and loop at the back neck, I knit wee 2-stitch i-cords to tie in a bow.

BunnyGirlBack010415 142x240 First FO of the Year

This was such a fun knit — quite fiddly and detailed with lots of finishing, but the detail is what makes it so adorable. The pattern is 14 pages long with lots of detail and great photos. I highly recommend it if you need a bunny. After all, who doesn’t need a bunny!

I did finish my bamboo chemo cap, a half an hour before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Beanie010415 240x215 First FO of the Year

I wanted to finish so I could have a new project on the needles at the start of 2015. Here is what I started shortly before the beginning of 2015:

WIP010415 240x135 First FO of the Year

This is Louise Zass-Bangham’s clever Stay Awhile pattern. I am knitting mine with gift yarn, sent to me by my friend Johanne: Visjö Karamell from Östergötlands Ullspinneri. It’s a sportweight wool in a lovely gradient colorway.

WIPCloseup010415 240x159 First FO of the Year

I am a sucker for gradients and I think this yarn is looking great in the pattern.

Yarn010415 240x172 First FO of the Year

So . . . 2015 is off to a good start, knitting-wise. Tomorrow I return to work after extended leave for the holidays. Loki will probably be annoyed that his servant will not be at his beck and call all day, but I think ultimately he will be happy to go back to our regular routine. He has been so confused by the break in our normal schedule!

Loki010415 240x160 First FO of the Year

Here he is striking an artistic pose. icon wink First FO of the Year