My current work in progress:

1. pour moi, designed by Lori Versaci, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the "Stella Polaris" colorway on a 3.75 mm (U.S. size 5) needle.
2. Outlander MKAL Shawl, designed by Rachel Rodin, knit from Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport in the "Beauchamps" and "Fraser" colorways on a 3.75 mm (U.S. size 5) needle.
3. Myriad stealth projects.

Notes From Camp

My Camp Loopy project is coming along very nicely.

WIP060814 240x131 Notes From Camp

Here it is, spread out on my dining room table, which is 48″ across. For a shawl that is 60″ along the top edge, the pattern directs you to knit Wedge D a total of 28 times. I currently have 35 repeats of Wedge D. I think it is pretty close to how large I want it, so I plan to start knitting an applied i-cord edging along the live stitches and across the top edge soon, using the solid color.

And Loki is still cute. icon smile Notes From Camp

Loki060814 240x186 Notes From Camp

That is all.


I will confess to you that in my head, I am calling this project “Nympho.” Much easier to remember and to spell.

I think that it is interesting that when I Googled the word “Nymphalidea,” rather than get hits about butterflies (in the pattern description the designer explains that Nymphalidea is named for one of the largest families of butterflies, with varieties found in every corner of the world), the first page of hits were all for the shawl.

Anyway . . .

I am making nice progress on this piece. The pattern is easy to memorize and fun to knit . . .a win-win situation!

WIP060414 240x134 Nymphalidea

As I usually do when knitting a pattern that is not my own design, I hopped on Ravelry to check out the gallery for the pattern. This pattern has 707 projects listed in Ravelry! I filtered the projects by the ones that have helpful notes, and read all the notes. One project offered a very useful suggestion:

The main complaint appeared to be that the original shape, particularly the ‘peak’ on the top edge, made it difficult to wear. Therefore, after knitting Wedge D for the 18th time, I changed the welt rows and knitted them as follows:
Row 1: P2, P2tog, P to end
Row 2: as per pattern
Row 3: K2, K2tog, K to end
Row 4: as per pattern

So after my 18th time knitting Wedge D, I am doing the welt decreases as she describes.

I am thinking that when I finish, I’ll work an applied i-cord along the top edge to give it a nice finished look. I’ll have plenty of the solid welt yarn leftover, as the pattern uses double the amount of yarn for the wedges as for the welts.

Today, June 4, is “Hug Your Cat Day.” And I think I will do just that!

Loki060414 240x158 Nymphalidea


It’s June 1st, and that can mean only one thing: It’s the first day of Camp Loopy 2014!

So this morning (well, actually in the wee hours after midnight) I set aside my Array cowl temporarily. Here’s what it looks like now:

Array060114 240x135 Camping

It is 7″ deep, so a little more than halfway there, since I want to knit to 12″ deep.

I got out this yarn, which I purchased specifically for my first Camp Loopy project:

Yarn060114 240x135 Camping

This is Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball in colorway #2081 and Malabrigo Sock Yarn in the “Alcaucil” colorway. Here is the start of my project:

WIP060114 240x135 Camping

This is Nymphalidea designed by Melinda VerMeer, and it appeared in a recent edition of Knitty.

I actually started a different design and quickly decided it didn’t really work in these yarns, so switched over to this. I had two different patterns picked out as possibilities, so there was no fuss, no muss!

Because I am a loose knitter, I went down one needle size from what was recommended in the pattern, so mine is being knit with a U.S. size 5 needle.

Meanwhile, Loki has gotten into taking selfies while he lounges in my lap.

Loki060114 240x135 Camping

Slow and Steady

First things first, the winner of one of Gusler Design’s awesome knitting posters is Lolly, who has been emailed. Big thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and big, big thanks to all who have backed Beck and her husband’s Kickstarter project!

Meanwhile, I am knitting merrily along n my Array cowl. I knit and knit and knit and progress is SLOW because this stitch pattern has an incredibly compressed row gauge. Still, I have hit the 4″ mark!

WIP052514 240x160 Slow and Steady

I want my cowl to be 12″ deep, so I a one-third the way through. I am making mine 60″ around, which at my stitch gauge is 420 stitches. So each round takes a fair amount of time. But it is a very satisfying project to knit. The madelinetosh Pashmina is a lovely lovely yarn and I keep thinking about how wonderful this cowl will feel wrapped around my neck next winter.

WIPCloseup052514 240x160 Slow and Steady

I am also working quite a bit on some secret knitting, so that cuts into my time with this project. and I am going to set the cowl aside in a week to start work on my first Camp Loopy project.

Still, I won’t need this cowl until next winter, so there is no hurry!

I also take a lot of breaks from my knitting to do this:

Loki052514 240x180 Slow and Steady


One of our knitting buddies, Beck, known on Ravelry as Lemonhalf, has with her husband launched a Kickstarter project: Knitprints! by Gusler Designs.

I am a long-time fan of Beck’s work — she has crearted the graphic for my summer mystery KALs for the past couple of years (and she agreed to create a graphic for it again this year!) and is a talented graphic artist. The Kickstarter project, in her own words:

We’re doing the Kickstarter as a way to meet minimums for printing and purchase some much needed equipment (like a 2nd computer) to get setup for a more full-time business. It gives us an opportunity to set up a shop to sell some of our designs at shows and online but also to work more easily with LYSes. A lot of them can’t pay to print 100 exclusive bags for their own shops, but if we partner them with a shop in a different region we can make it work. There’s no reason for knitters to not have awesome printed items like so many other hobbies.

Take a look at their Kickstarter page — there are a lot of clever, cute items displayed there. If you are so inclined you can back the project and get something awesome.

And because Beck is awesome, she has offered up one of her posters for a giveaway here on WendyKnits. Leave a comment to this post by 11:00am Eastern time next Sunday, May 25, 2014 to be entered in a drawing to win one of the following three posters (the winner gets to choose which one he/she would like):

The classic Knit! poster:

KnitPoster 240x240 Knitprints!

The Knit! Big Softee poster:

KnitSofteePoster 240x240 Knitprints!

Or the Blockout poster:

BlockOutPoster 240x240 Knitprints!

So please take a look at the Knitprints! by Gusler Designs Kickstarter page and add your support — be it monetary or simply the sending of good vibes! Gotta love a small American company, particularly when the people involved are awesome (and have taken in several rescue animals, I might add).

Current WIP

I have some top secret knitting I am working on but also wanted something fun and mindless to knit when I’m not working on that, to decompress. I took a look through the cowl patterns on Ravelry since I am currently obsessed with cowls. I found Array, a free pattern from Shibui Knits. Cowl? Check! Two-color? Check! Pretty? Check! Check! It met all my requirements so off I went to the stash room to find the perfect yarn. I decided on this:

Yarn051814 240x160 Knitprints!

This is Madelinetosh Pashmina in the Water Lily and Malachite colorways. I had two skeins of each, so this seemed perfect.

The original is knit from worsted weight yarn and my yarn is sportweight, so I quickly winkled together a swatch and adjusted the number of stitches I needed to make a nice big cowl — approximately 60″ around. I cast on 420 stitches (!!!) and got to work.

The pattern is simple and fun to knit. It involves slipping every other stitch so you are only ever knitting with one color at a time. The downside is that all those slipped stitches makes for a very compressed row gauge. After a lot of knitting, this is what I have:

WIP051814 240x160 Knitprints!

Just over 1.25″ inch! But the fabric it is creating is gorgeous:

WIPCloseup051814 240x160 Knitprints!

I can tell that this is going to be one of my favorite cowls next winter. And right now, it makes a great “fill-in” project. Definitely a long-term project, but I am in no hurry. Because it is such a simple pattern I can pick it up and put it down in between other projects. And I’ll just knit until it is wide enough. I have plenty of yarn so I’m thinking I can knit to 12″ wide.

Loki sez:

Loki051814 240x158 Knitprints!